Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The power and the inglorius

As America’s new Potentate, President Obama and his entourage of 500 travel around the globe, let’s keep in mind the power and the inglorious. Also, let’s read some inspiring, golden gems of thought from word masters of the past reflecting upon the here and hereafter.

"Sublime sorrow, sublime reconciliation; oldest choral melody as of the heart of mankind," is Thomas Carlyle’s assessment of the Book of Job in the Old Testament.

"When I read the several dates of the tombs, of some that died yesterday, and some six hundred years ago I consider that great day when we shall all of us be contemporaries and make our appearance together," is Joseph Addison’s reflection on the tombs and epitaphs of the dead in Westminster Abbey.

"I can not help turning my attention sometimes to this subject, how mankind may be connected like one great family, in fraternal ties." ... The period is not very remote when the benefits of a liberal and free commerce will pretty generally succeed to end the devastations and horrors of war," is George Washington’s rumination about the brotherhood of man.

"The only true independence is in humility; for the humble man exacts nothing and can not be mortified - expects nothing, and can not be disappointed. Humility is a healing virtue; it will cicatrize a thousand wounds, which pride would keep forever open. But humility is not the virtue of a fool; since it is not consequent upon any comparison between ourselves and others, but between what we are and what we ought to be - which no man ever was," is from Washington Allston.

From these 4 selections we learn that only the righteous in life like Job will achieve glory after death. Heaven is their ultimate meeting place. Doing good justifies the brotherhood of men. The humble shall be recognized and honored by their God. Where are the power and inglorious? Afoot in the reign of Ubermensch Obama, they count for naught in the ultimate scheme of things.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The final four

The white horse represents pestilence; its rider carries a bow which symbolizes a victim shot down. The red horse represents war; its rider carries a sword again symbolizing a life cut short. The black horse represents famine; its rider carries scales symbolizing the balance lost between life and death. The pale green horse representing death is followed by Hades, the god of the Underworld who reminds victims to repent or they will be cast into Hell. These equines are the genuine ‘final four.’

Basketball and its ‘final four’ is to me just a useless sport catering exclusively to tall people who bounce and rebound a ball whose ultimate goal is to fall through a high hoop. I say, a pox on the inventor of this game. I say the race to the final four and the quest for the championship in the NCAA. are like war raging across the world’s TV screens. I say spectators are starved of reason and reasonableness. Death, I say, to the worship of tall, mostly black, competitors who otherwise have no ‘life’ in the real world. My method of termination of this sport has been to deny its existence. By denying the sound of thundering hooves in the distance gradually coming closer and closer bent upon my destruction, I deny its reality.

Also to prove that I am never too old to learn a new tidbit, in today’s rumination I realized that Katherine Anne Porter’s Pale Horse in her short story, "Pale Horse, Pale Rider," refers to the pale green horse of death followed by Hades in Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament also called Revelation.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

100% hero

Seen as an emancipator as well as a warrior/hero, J.W. Buel pays tribute to one of England’s shining knights. "No man has had a more remarkable career, none so distinguished, when we consider the many different flags he found under and the diversified commands that he held. His life was like a twelfth century romance, reflecting the glamor of the crusading and chivalric ages; he was a Peter the Hermit in pious devotion, a Lancelot in skill, a Barbarossa in impetuous courage. But though he was one of the gods of war if the metaphor be not too florid, he was in quiet scenes a babe of peace, and thus within him were those warring elements that, like hot and cold currents of air coming together to produce a cyclone, swept him into the most furious actions and left upon his brow the marks of heroic struggle. While nature seems to have made him a great military leader, endowing him with Napoleonic sagacity and almost unexampled courage, yet his heart was so gentle that it might have served him the most pious nun. And with woman’s sweetest sympathy there was joined the greatest charity, devotion, loyalty and all the holy attributes that belong to a truly generous nature.. Though he was a very thunderbolt in battle and was as anxious on the eve of action as a war-horse that is held under curb when he hears the rattle of musketry, yet the martial spirit that moved him to valorous deeds found satisfaction in execution, and was, enigmatic as it may appear, intensely displeased with every effort made to invest him with the mark of honor. He had no thirst for distinction, being as insensible to fame as the most rigid ascetic of olden times, and for wealth he had no desire whatever. "

And how did this great man, General George Gordon meet his death? Buel says ignominiously - unarmed at the hands of two of is own soldiers. "Unexpectant and unarmed, the brave soldier could make no defense, and hence bared his bosom to the steel of his assassins; and thus he fell, no more a hero than a martyr, for on England is the shame that she should enact such a sacrifice of one who deserved more honor than in most generous humor she could bestow." England’s hero of the Dark Continent tried to free Africa from the bondage of slavery.

Buel presents a poignant descriptions of the practice of slavery in Africa when he writes that "men, women and children were crowded into stockades, packed as closely as hogs in railroad cars, and with as little attention to the filth that became a natural consequence, as shippers give to their stock. The babe died in its mother’s arms, children were trampled to death beneath crowded feet, and yet the corpses were suffered to lie in the mass of mud, wallow and offal, the whole putrescent under a fiery sun, no one caring, for human life was cheap."

I remember another greater man who met an ignominious death over 2000 years ago. A greater man who we also remember as our God, this Easter, April 12th, 2009. A man-God who ended slavery of the human race to Original Sin and opened the gates of Paradise to those who would be shining knights presenting testament to his message.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A passing grade

Tomorrow is blog #100 into my 4th year. To attain a perfect score in life ( 100%) is to ascertain truths. Life is the quest for truth and the pleasure therein derived. I think of two men, my neighbors, each without a wife, each therefore, ‘with’ a life rather than without as some male burn victims (of women) believe. On the contrary, other males believe (as Clark Gable) that "the happiest sound in the world is that of the footsteps of the one you love (assumed a woman) approaching the other side of the door." Happy conjugal love between two souls of the opposite sex yearns for a physical and spiritual union both on earth and beyond. The Greek myth of Philamon and Baucis comes to mind in which love turns into a permanent conjunction when the god Hermes waves his caduceus and "two trees rustled up those branches met and touched when the wind blew." This paragraph has been dedicated to truth.

But not this my second paragraph concerned with liberal thought. Conservatives see liberalism associated with "profligacy, spinelessness, malevolence, masochism, elitism, fantasy, anarchy, idealism, softness, irresponsibility and sanctimoniousness. In contrast, conservatism connotes "pragmatism, character, reciprocity, truthfulness, stoicism, manliness, realism, hardness, vengeance, strictness and responsibility." To David Frum, however, "all this came undone after 2000" (when George W. Bush became President). Why? Because liberals lie to themselves and live in a world that upends truth. Conservatism is evil; liberalism good. Their life journey, therefore, can never achieve a passing grade.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hell or Hades

In the Bible, Gehenna was the valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem where offal was thrown and fires kept burning to purify the air. By extension it is known as the place of torment. In the New Testament it refers to Hell, the abode of evil spirits and a place of eternal punishment. A common synonym is the inferno. The Greek word for this Underworld is Hades or Tartarus; the Roman is Dis. Here are two modern references to this negative land of deprivation. The recent ex-Czech Prime Minister called President Obama’s economic prescription "a road to hell." America’s deceased ex-President Ronald Reagan identified Hades as "hotel room without a book to read." Obviously perspective, personality and philosophy determine one’s definition of Hell. Is the suffering experienced from the death of economic and personal freedom (seen by the Czech. Prime Minister) as pursued now by Obama equal to the pain from the emptiness of intellectual pursuit (as seen by Reagan)? The pocketbook vs. brains? Books vs.chains? It has been said that Hell is of one’s own making. If true, Oh Americans, it’s time for a consideration of our future.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Borrow and spend, save and invest - are these opposing concepts? Obama contends that Americans now must end the ‘borrow and spend’ era to enter the ‘save and invest’ era. Trouble is, the word invest means ‘spend’ to a liberal, and ‘save’ is meaningless except as a substitute for sacrifice when less discretionary income is available after higher taxes and governmental punishments and regulations. Obama does not mean what he says. No liberal means what he says; instead he means the opposite because his view of reality is inverted and his view cannot be ‘negotiated.’

We know that education is the enemy of oppression which explains Obama’s agenda for spending on a ‘failed’ public educational system that is grandly successful in its promotion of ignorance. The bliss of ignorance serves creeping socialist liberals and their leader, and Obama well.
The goal of eliminating competition also serves the liberal cause except in the sports’ arenas where we see victory is pursued rather than defeat. Just the fact that winning is the goal of a team or an individual tends to eliminate cheating because rules and watchdogs allow for a fair triumph as opposed to no triumph at all. But with liberalism’s creeping socialism, citizens are supposed to be content with shared success and sacrifice.

An American guerrilla in the Phillippines during World War II lived by the philosophy that "A man is not a quitter who, once he makes a fight his own, can be stopped only by death." Such integrity has ceased to exist in the liberal, political climate in Washington where the war on the economy is the only war they intend to fight to the metaphorical (not literal) death.

As my husband e-mailed President Obama, "If you are not a socialist, why can’t you give a ringing endorsement of capitalism that will unleash the power of individuals and companies to create wealth? Yes, why? A call to express one’s opinion over the Internet to Obama, is not a call to the public to express their opinions over the Internet to Obama; it is just the opposite - a call to identify Obama’s opponents in order to devise ways to crush them with more borrowing, more spending, more forced saving, more investing (spending). Words mean nothing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marxist, Pollyana dolt

Marxist ( belief that capitalism will be succeeded by a classless society and socialist order until communism is achieved ), Pollyanna (blindly optimistic person), dolt (stupid or dull human being). A blogger correctly pegs our new President Obama as a Marxist, Pollyanna dolt. But wait ... the dolt is clever, the Marxist conceals his agenda well and his Utopian veins have begun to bleed.

Danger lurks ahead. Unions like the Service Workers’ International Union (SEIU) and organizations dear to our leader’s heart like Acorn, violate individuals rights under our Constitution. No liberal politician backing Obama cares. Dodd and Frank served on committees overseeing the Fannie and Freddie scandals. They and family members criminally have benefitted from ‘Wall Street’ profit-taking, the banking industry and ‘corporate greed..’ No liberal Obama supporter cares. AIG properly functions as a scapegoat, and as side-step issue deflecting the poison in the air of Washington. Again not enough Congressmen, Congresswomen and informed Americans care.

Except ‘Tea Party’ drinkers. Around the country, conservatives concerned about the direction Obama is taking this country, are gathering in peaceful protest. Rallies are called ‘Tea Parties.’

Rallies matter, here and elsewhere in the world, but sometimes a picture at one of them makes me question the distorted shape of civilization. Protesters in Budapest, Hungary, for example, hold up their banner, but I don’t see the protesters or read the banner’s translated words. Instead, I admire the huge, beautiful building in the background. Why? Man’s testament to greatness has been reduced to acknowledging his past architectural accomplishments, the lessons of which are being ignored. Mankind has apparently moved on into a different order of complaint, protest and demand. The world’s great, gallant edifices serve mainly as backdrops or tourist attractions. Furthermore, what are to be appreciated like individual freedom and human accomplishment have been distorted by dependence upon a ‘leader,’ a government, an established ‘order.’ The dream, the hope, the feeling of change from a Messiah like our Marxist, Pollyanna dolt appeals to too many ‘sheeple’ here in America and around the globe.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No level playing field

No playing field - whether a yard to be mowed or a turf on which to be raced - can be flawlessly level. Or can it?

Just when I think I cannot allow another example of the death of common sense to overwhelm me, I encounter a plethora of new insanities. Middle income parents can now complain that affirmative actions and subsidies to low income families disadvantage them because they cannot afford private schools for their children. The playing field for them is not level.

The print media apparently feels compelled to cater to the wealthy to bail them out of their financial misery by repeatedly featuring information and articles about travel, travel and travel. This proves that when it comes to personal gratification, only money levels the playing field.

The FDA allows itself to be driven by the ‘global warming’ agenda as it claims a study reveals that elevated greenhouse gas levels could cause "severe heat waves with likely increases in mortality and morbidity, especially among the elderly, young and frail." Only by including the word ‘could’ as a safety net for irresponsible reporting, could a politically correct lie like this reported by the FDA exist. How does climate change level the playing field? Really! We’re all going to die unless we buy into regulatory changes that level the carbon dioxide playing field.

Speedo’s LZR at $550 and Tyr’s Tracer Light at $320 and Blue Seventy’s Nero at $395 - each suit gives swimmers the competitive edge. Each makes swimmers more buoyant and has an ultra-smooth exterior that glides through the water far more easily than skin.. Most troubling to coaches, the suits seem to help the flabby, lazier swimmers the most, because their fat gets compressed but remains more buoyant than dense muscle, allowing them to float higher in the water and swim faster. Unfortunately, the suits tend to fall part after just a dozen swims. By checking the purchase prices of these new technological wonders, you get a picture of the great inequity between rich and poor in leveling watery rivalries in the pool. Without one of these suits, you are obviously disadvantaged. A government subsidy can’t be far behind, can it?

I accept the fact that no field is level and look forward to bouncing along my acreage on my riding mower, spring to fall, asking for no racial or gender preference, no subsidy for my environmentally incorrect, liquid, hydrocarbon fuel, no substitute for my sunlit satisfactions.

Monday, March 23, 2009


However means in whatever manner, by whatever means, notwithstanding, still, yet, nevertheless, nonetheless (opposition). Whether using a dictionary or a thesaurus, the big O’s administration masters the definition of ‘however.’ No issue or edict of the big O exists without its contradiction. Also, according to the literal definition of by whatever manner or whatever means, this is how the big O’s philosophy and agenda are implemented.

Then too, liberalism etches the concept of however into Americans’ psyches. How sad. to
read a company’s ad that, "A smarter planet needs smarter food." The claims calls for an however, because we must remember people on this planet are becoming less smart, willfully more ignorant. Another example is Obama’s passing a simple rollback of a restriction in travel to Cuba. However, we need to remember, it only lasts until the 9/30/09.

With the big O’s administration, nothing ( 0 ) lasts. Rather than being written in stone, rules are writ on water. All of Obama’s promises have an expiration date. Obama’s mantras have been to hate the rich, punish the successful and regulate business and trade. However, he and Geithner now want private investors and the market to rescue the ailing economy and banks. Who would volunteer to be beaten down by regulations and publically humiliated at the whim of a Marxist, Pollyana dolt according to a perceptive blogger?

However, you feel about the big O, however you disagree with his policies, you surely hope his creeping socialism fails. However, since too many liberals and groupies still support him, you know that relief for your present pain will be a long time coming. O, God. However we humans discredit our race, please help us!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring thoughts

Carl Linne or Carolus Linnaeus describes ‘spring fever’. Note male surrenders to female.
"Love comes even to t he plants. Males and females...hold their nuptials...showing by their sexual organs which are males, which females. The flowers’ leaves serve as a bridal bed, which the Creator has so gloriously arranged, adorned with such noble bed curtains and perfumed with so many soft scents that the bridegroom with his bride might there celebrate their nuptials with so much the greater solemnity. When the bed has thus been made ready, then is the time for the bridegroom to embrace his beloved bride and surrender himself to her."

Where does man fit into the scheme of life? In the domain eucarya (characterized by a nucleus, excluding only bacteria), the kingdom animalia, phylum, chordata, subphylum vertebrata, class mammalia, order primates, family hominidae, genus homo and species sapiens.

To homo sapiens, President Teddy Roosevelt said: "Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matters not how brilliant his capacity."

Consider our big O and his associates. Our big O lied about his reason to avoid the traditional Washington Gridiron Roast, an annual affair given by the Press Corps. Our big O consciously means the opposite of what he says. Our big O is the master of misdirection. His associates in media and politics run interference for him.

The game of rating Presidents can be based upon differing criteria: 1. leadership in tough times, 2. the consequences of actions performed or future actions put into motion, 3. devotion to the Constitution, 4. devotion to the good of the country or 5. moral character.

I say our O has perverted all of the above criteria before his first 100 days in office have elapsed. I say he should be ranked now rather than later as a failure.

Give me a good man with the accents on good and man - any time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Give us Barry

Great Britain has its Palace of Westminster also called the Houses of Parliament. We have Barry. The Victorian Gothic structure on the Thames, carved and gilded with stained glass stuns the eye and mind with its magnificence. We have Barry. A draftsman and architect of the project, Pugin, before the age of 30, built 22 churches, 3 cathedrals, several schools and a monastery. We have community activist, Barry. ( Pugin died at 40; unfortunately, we still have Barry). The magnificent London palace died twice. In 1834, the old structure was destroyed by fire; in 1941 the House of Commons suffered bombing. But a masterpiece of architecture and tradition, rebuilt, embellished and expanded over time, still impresses human imagination today. We have Barry - America’s edifice to the culmination of progress and tradition. We have Barry with his incredible lightness of being. Luckily he was elected by only a quarter of the populace similarly bantam-like in their grasp of reality and the heavy issues confronting our country today. We who oppose him are the lucky ones. We hope his policies and programs fail to take America down the European road of creeping socialism. Granted we have our Pentagon and White House but America still does not have a Palace of Westminster on the Thames. We have Barry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The setting sun

When liberal government’s transparency is opaque-
When volunteer work and charity are compulsory-
When making information public is foreseen as harmful-
When our President has nothing better to do than bowl-
When natural selection and creative design are re-defined-
When a small man with a socialist mind casts a big shadow -
Then the sun is about to set on America as first envisioned.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A tug of war

A tug of war...

1. 8,570 earmarks for politicians to be subsidized by ‘rich’ Americans who pay taxes.

2. 4.3 million babies born in 2007, 40% of them to unwed mothers.

3. This is National Nutrition Month in which we are asked to "vegecate" our kids.

4. Lance Mackey just won his 3rd consecutive Iditarod, 6 hrs ahead of his competitors.

5. Ronald Reagan defended liberty and scorned collectivism (government control).

6. "How do you explain to a 3 yr. old you can’t buy him something,"asks a 30-something mother.

Let’s match up sides now for a school yard tug of war. Who will pull against whom?
The left vs. the right, liberal vs. conservative, cultural corruption vs. moral behavior, fiscal irresponsibility vs. financial discipline, political correctness vs. common sense, loser vs. winner.

Match up the opposing forces and what will be obvious is the contrast between the reason and truth and irrationality and reality re-making. There’s no need for talk or compromise. Bring on the tug of war. 1,2,3,6 vs. 4 and 5. Do the odds seem skewed? Two rights vs. four wrongs? Wrongs outnumber rights today in the new Obama administration, barely 2 months old which continues to steam roll creeping socialism across our ‘fruited plains.’ But never fear. Four wrongs don’t make a right. One wrong can never make itself right. We who are about to die do not salute those in the wrong. In a tug of war as in life, right is might and will triumph.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not 'blind indifference'

If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? Your President or your candidate for President? Contrary to what Richard Dawkins the atheist espouses, the universe did not come into being, does not sustain itself and will not continue to exist because of "blind, pitiless indifference." Neither our new President nor his vehement opponents express ‘blind, pitiless indifference’ to the world around them. Cause and effect are in play, playing opposing games. Conservatism vs. liberal, creeping socialism. Will only the fittest and most adaptable survive or does some other-worldly force guide each philosophy toward its ultimate goals? Is the goal merely the here and now or the beyond? Dawkins and his atheist friends, offer us no hope or change. Everything is temporal. Obama also offers hope for Utopian change in the present without concern for the future. Conservatives, realists all, offer hope and change for better lives here on earth and beyond. Amidst the ‘blind, pitiless indifference’ that nature often seems to display, we conservatives hold the truths of the inalienable rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ endowed by nature and nature’s God. We cover both bases of human existence - the temporal and the eternal - so to speak, and thus are better prepared for dual success.

Lions lead by donkeys

Wonder is first expressed by the instigator of the "dangerous idea." Charles Darwin’s final sentence of On the Origin of the Species reads: "There is grandeur in this view of life; with its several powers having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has one cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning, endless forms most wonderful and most beautiful have been, and are being evolved."

Wonder is next stated by author Annie Dillard about the state of the world evolved and/or intelligently designed. "The wonder is -given the errant nature of freedom and the burgeoning of texture in time - the wonder is that all the forms are not monsters, that there is beauty at all, grace gratuitous, pennies found, like mockingbird’s free fall. Beauty itself is the fruit of the creator’s exuberance that grew such a tangle, and the grotesques and horrors bloom from the same free growth, that intricate scramble and twine up and down the conditions of time."

So why in spite of the wonder of ‘it all’ was German General Ludendorff of World War I forced to describe British soldiers as " lions led by donkeys "? Because the wonder of man is that the common, patriotic citizen, endowed with free choice, courage and determination often contrasts with foolish leaders. Think of the Washington politicians and President Obama today. Think of their elitism and hierarchical (governmental) control in the present war against the failing economy. Think about how to preserve your sanity when he sends out emissaries to encourage the public to pledge allegiance to his economic program. Then think again about the beauty and wonder of life which can never be ultimately repressed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Letter to Senator

The war against savers and producers.

The ‘cramdown’ proposed by Pres. Obama in which financial institutions will have to surrender to government demands to bailout people who have irresponsibly incurred mortgage debt is another blind-eyed program that does not see the total results of such a hare-brained scheme. The savers and producers of the United States have responsibly invested their savings and retirement funds in banks and other financial instruments and we are now told that because of a socialistic whim of the President that we will have to sacrifice our savings and wealth to bailout the improvident. We savers have seen 18% of our wealth disappear since Pres. Obama has foisted his irresponsible schemes on an unsuspecting public. As a creeping socialist, Obama may cheer that the number off millionaires has declined by 27% in the last year but you should realize that the disappearance of so much wealth and discouragement of savers and producers will cause a total failure of our economic system. Obama’s claim that all can be paid for by increasing taxes for 2% of taxpayers (of which woe is we are included) and giving that money to the 98% is - pure ‘horse manure.

On March 14th we attended the Columbus Tea Party with 200 - 400 ? other concerned Ohio citizens who are watching the government lead the looting of the workers and the impoverishment of the savers. I urge you to visit some of the many sites showing photos of the demonstration. Of course, you will have to do this on the internet because of the mainstream media’s blackout on coverage of all such demonstrations. A very polite crowd expressed their opinions and only once was there a chorus of ‘boos’ and that was when the name of Nancy Pelosi was mentioned. Trust me, the voters will remember who helped impoverish the middle-class and flush retirement accounts down the drain. Pres. Obama will move on and throw you all under the Obama Bus when you become inconvenient and he will urge the gullible to blame you and not himself for the catastrophe that is happening.

Is your job to reallocate and destroy wealth or to protect working Americans? Abjure the ‘Cramdown."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not a liberal tea party

If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? Unless a man is honest, there is no need to keep him in public office. Such sentiments of Teddy Roosevelt were echoed at the Columbus Tea Party we attended Sat.3/14/. "Kick them all (entrenched spenders) out." "They all ( Washington elitists) have to go." Fliers were handed out, one of which read, "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." These words uttered by John Galt in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged were on full and frontal display at the rally. Calls for self-reliance and governmental non-intrusion and contempt for the stimulous package were loudly raised. Many signs expressing displeasure were displayed. Our sign was disallowed unless we removed the 2 wood sticks supporting it. Fear of terrorism, you know, the policeman told us. Give me a break! We’re rational people. Five - I repeat 5 - gorgeous, fit horses with policeman mounted on them appeared to block the sidewalk and observe what? A riot from rational, Republican and conservative citizens? What a waste of taxpayers dollars! The horses were as well behaved as we partygoers. Enthusiasm ran high for ousting Obama and his spending-crazed Washington elite. If a request had been made for a member of the audience to speak, perhaps I would have declared my candidacy for President. My cabinet from the local phone book would have been approved by the attendees over Obama’s porkulous politicians. No member of the local press or radio station was present (even though the local newspaper headquarters was ACROSS THE STREET. So much for liberals vs. conservatives, for those with their hands out to grab freebies from government, caring less that we who attended this rally, this tea party ( and other taxpayers like us) are those forced to pay for irresponsibility. Taking our America back is what these tea parties is all about. Two mounted men in full riot gear left the scene early; the remaining three also did not earn their pay. Since they were unnecessary in the first place, what more proof do liberals need than that somebody Democrat and liberal thought horsies would be needed for crowd control not for admiration purposes ( though no person was ‘allowed to touch the beasties on guard duty.’ Liberals typically represent trouble but they themselves are the problem.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A dangerous idea

Evolution by natural selection was called a "dangerous idea." Truly, look where Darwinism has led. Americans have naturally selected Obama as their leader. His is their triumph of the fittest. (Irony intended). Those who entered the gates of Dante’s Hell, read: "Abandon all hope, O ye who enter here!" To those who have been led down Obama’s path to governmental control and socialism’s false Utopia, I say, abandon all hope other than prayer.

Need proofs of the President’s mastery of duplicitous agendas and verbiage to divergent classes with diverse messages to his fellow Americans? The ‘Won’ admonishes and promises to punish the rich but asks for their help and entrepreneurship to re-vitalize the economy. The ‘One’ promises to help those who have been irresponsible, greedy and ‘living beyond their means’ so that they can stand on their feet again but he taxes away money and incentives from those who still have earnings and savings or who drive the engine of growth. With forked tongue our leader emphasizes parental leadership and education but offers only mandatory indoctrination and inferior learning in government-run schools (that he two precious girls don’t attend). Forget about respect for life when Obama says an unwanted child punishes a young woman rather than rewards her with a living gift. Obama’s talk about war suffers the same contradictory language and agenda. For him, the mission of our nation’s defense has always been misguided, but his populist language about supporting the troops and giving extra medical and monetary benefits to the veterans are geared to gain political support. Ear marks? He has been against them until their existence requires him to call for an examination of those that are wasteful! The Devil as a politician would find a worthy match in Obama. No true is true; no bad is bad. All is flux for a purpose. Abandon all hope for change for a better America, you who believe in the Great Deceiver.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A great general

A great general - having been furnished with a military education, a fiery imagination, a sense of dedication, a respect for humanity and political acumen - only wins by perseverence, that which keeps his honor bright. His can-do attitude in face of adversity refers not to A. peacetime, economic conditions, but to B. wartime, battle conditions. How does our One, the ‘Won’ Obama shape up in these T.E.T. (tough economic times)?
Scratch 4 of the 5 above requirements excluding political acumen. The 4 furnishings of a great general are inverted for Obama. Instead, an elitist education, a blank imagination with a tele-prompter, hedonist devotions and a disregard for responsible people’s sufferings serve him well. Regarding perseverance, pencil in his pursuit of socialism. Erase any inclination for him to suffer personal discomfort or push back against unpleasant adversities. Yes, the ‘won’ is not ‘one’ great general.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moral imperative of conservatism

If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? Locally or nationally, citizens, powerful and powerless, are buying into creeping socialism. Yet socialism is not American. A local, liberal mayor who polled a 90% disapproval rating because of the installation of red light cameras at certain city intersections to generate more revenue ( under the guise of safety concerns), now proudly announces that the recent revenue of red light violations, $91,000, will be put to use - wisely - for laptops for police to enable them to have "the right kind of equipment." Theft for spending - a liberal mandate - is alive and well. This same mayor - dictator in situ - brazenly brags about the uses to which the stimulus money from the government, in actuality theft from his constituents, will be spent. Not content with his unacknowledged hypocrisy, he applies his bragging rights to grants, funding and programs, either upcoming or now in place, paid for again by his local citizenry. When complaints are raised, from a few or from many against him, his position wins.

I quote from an author writing about a British leader, O’Conner’s, combat successes in the war in North Africa in 1940-1941. "They were the one bright star in a sky almost everywhere dimmed by twilight." I am that conservative star in today’s war against creeping socialism and moral decline. Any fellow conservative also twinkles amidst the nightfall of American liberty and self-reliance. We shine unnoticed by the media facilitating President Obama agendas. We shine in spite of the dismal conditions surrounding us. We, of course, represent true hope and change. The night sky with the north star will always prevail; we will eventually prevail with the moral imperative of conservatism.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama's Manchurian Candidate Plan

1. Since investors and the market in general hate uncertainty, have a vast array of conflicting ad hoc policy decisions so as to create uncertainty everywhere.
2. Transfer money from those who create sustainable jobs to those who create unsustainable jobs, e.g., the government
3. Promise to invest money in things that will enhance the country’s infrastructure, such as roads and internet access, but then practice bait and switch on a breathtaking scale, so the effort is swamped with pork for pet projects dear to Democrats
4. A sufficiently generous larding of pork can help ensure the destruction of bi-partisanship, so squandering the initial good will is definitely a very good move. After all, it’s hard to get things done when you’ve alienated people whose help you need.
5. Undermine the ability of those who create jobs by increasing their taxes so there’s less money available for investment.
6. While you’re at it, offer to spread the income around by raising taxes, in the process, making it clear to those who work hard, invest in their educations, take risks, save, and delay gratification that they will see their money go to those who do not do these things.
7. Encourage class warfare. Divide the populace and destroy cooperation, thus encouraging backlash and creating paralyzing polarization.
8. Talk up protectionism, since the beggar-thy-neighbor approach has such a long and vigorous history of encouraging depression.
9. Scare people with talk of economic catastrophe. You can backpeddle later, but the initial good work of helping people lose confidence should have a lasting impact.
10. Print money on a scale that will insure inflation in the future. Print it on a scale that will make people not want to hold U.S. debt without staggering interest on that debt, if they’re willing to hold U.S. government debt at all.
11. Instead of allowing hopeless institutions to go bankrupt, pour vast amounts of money into them, prolonging the pain and running up the cost while only delaying the inevitable.
12. Burden future generations with unprecedented amounts of debt so that the eocnomy you ruined today stays ruined tomorrow.
13. Implement cap and trade on fossil fuel sources to drive up the price of energy and the price of everything that uses energy.
14. Invest vast sums in wind-power and solar energy, sources which can make only a marginal contribution to America’s energy needs.
15. Put nuclear power and domestic sources of oil and natural gas off limits.

Monday, March 09, 2009


If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? Liberals have elected a black man who’s not black. Democrats have elected a socialist who denies he’s a socialist but won’t self-identify as ‘anything.’ Deluded citizens elected a profiteer, not an ascetic. Erwin Rommel the German panzer leader during World War II, when confounded with the fact that he was making an "astounding" amount of money from his book, "Infantry in the Attack," said that he didn’t "know what to with all the cash that’s flooding in. I can’t possibly use it all, I’m happy enough with what I’ve got already. And I don’t like the idea of making money out of writing up how other good men lost their lives." No problem for Obama, whose writings ( ghosted or his) partially propelled him into the White House where within 6 weeks of his ascension to power, millions of Americans have virtually lost their lives, by losing almost ½ of their life savings. Obama not only is not concerned about this catastrotphe, but he also thinks a time of loss is a "time to buy." Then there’s the matter of hedonism, about which Rommel would know little, unlike our new President. In North Africa, in World War II, Rommel learned that General Staff officers took up residences which were luxurious quarters, at which "they swiftly evolved a suave and civilized routine, which required iced lemonade through the heat of the day..." Well, Rommel soon packed the lot off to accommodations of the "ordinary soldier." Like those spoiled on ice, Obama spoils himself with heat in the Oval Office and with an elitist lifestyle at the taxpayers’ expense. You say it’s O.K. because he’s President? Fortunately, only approximately 27% of Americans elected him. If he is nothing but an elitist, why am I, a nobody from nowhere not equally qualified to be president as a nothing but his opposite? My cabinet would come from a phone book not from the ranks of liberal Clinton leftovers and young, creeping socialists who aspire to perpetuate their ties to big government at the expense of the public’s chains.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Creeping socialism

If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? The partisanship that still exists within the Republican continues to undermine its mission. It’s mission is the conservative revolution but no one but me represents it and feels compelled to lead it. Why cannot all Republicans, including of course, conservatives, embrace the right, meet, proper and just philosophy and suggested policies of a leader like Rush Limbaugh ( who has failed to note my notes, e-mails and overtures).

Obama’ new administration has the overtones and underpinnings of creeping socialism. The supremacy of the state by any means which characterizes a method of governance called fascism, also features in this Obama administration.

The result of Obamanomics and Obamanism is dependency, irresponsibility and immorality because the goal is submission to moral hazards. Rewarding bad decisions when it fits the liberal agenda creates moral hazard. Punishing bad decisions when it fits the liberal agenda strips free will of its consequences. This latter is not a moral hazard, but a deprivation of freedom. A new slave state called America dawns.

Even Ho Chi Minh, the Communist leader in Viet Nam during the decades of the 1940's to 1960's said: "Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty." A family living in Viet Nam in 1943 believed that their goals were to "study, to become good and to become rich."

Is American now becoming less free, less educated, less good and less rich than even that tiny, often invaded country of Viet Nam in 1943? You bet. Communism failed in Viet Nam. It and socialism have failed wherever they has been tried, but Obama has just begun to take us down his road to serfdom.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Creeping socialism

If not me, who? Who will tell it like it is? Obama’s new administration has overtones of each type of socialism. Utopian or Christian socialism’s method of governance works through cooperative communal groups holding all things in common. Guild socialism works through organization of the producer groups and the professions in guilds to be represented in a federal legislative body. In Fabian socialism (British Labour Party ) works through parliamentary democracy using gradualist evolutionary process. Marxist-Leninist State socialism works through revolution, expropriation and dictatorship of the so-called proletariat. Creeping socialism is anything considered as a gradual or piecemeal encroachment upon the system of private property and free enterprise through state action. The supremacy of the state (by any means) which characterizes a method of governance called Fascism, also has overtones in this Obama administration.

But the liberals play no game. A game where anything can happen is by definition not a game. Obama and his allies have set down the rules of play and they are gradually playing it out in creeping socialism. Other shades of socialism hang over the White House. The Great community organizer favors some aspects of Utopian socialism with his emphasis on cooperative living. His partiality for Unions reflects a guild socialism mentality. Under the pretense of democratic process Obama strips away American citizens’ liberties and imposes a Fabian socialism with an increasing number of restrictions and controls. The revolution of the proletariat against liberalism might occur in the future, but for now, the ‘peaceful’ coup of Obama embodies elements of a dictatorship of the elites in his version of state socialism. Obama’s Creeping socialism cannot be denied. Piecemeal, liberties and personal responsibility are being undermined with every subsidy and bailout, with every new punishment for accumulation of money and success.

Even Ho Chi Minh, the Communist leader in Viet Nam during the decades of the 1940's to 1960's said: "Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty." Also, a family living in Viet Nam in 1943 believed that their goals were to "study, to become good and to become rich."

Is American now attempting to become less free, less educated, less good and less rich than the tiny, often invaded country of Viet Nam 50 years agot? You bet. Communism failed in Viet Nam. It and socialism have failed wherever they has been tried, but Obama has just begun to take us down his road to serfdom.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Phantom revenue

To what does the phrase of double-speak right out of 1984, refer? My state’s governor
employs liberal double-speak generously in his speeches to common men and women. His gems of misdirection perpetuate the President’s socialist agenda and goal to transition America from our traditional system of capitalism to socialism. The pain is not being perceived or felt by Obama’s comrades. When my governor does speak clearly saying that 59% of the funding burden for a local school system will come from the state, his listeners, who have been trained to glaze over thought, accept another step forward into socialism without question.

You who out there do you know the definition of socialism? It’s the public collective ownership or control of the basic means of production, distribution and exchange with the avowed aim of operating for use rather than for profit and of assuring to each member of society an equitable share of good, service, and welfare benefits. It’s a system of social and economic organization planned, attempted or achieved through various methods - Utopian, Christian, Guild, Fabian or British Labour Party (more on this tomorrow), Marxist-Leninist, or creeping... Which methods apply to the present administration?

Creeping, creepy, you got it! Creeping socialism is anything considered as a gradual or piecemeal encroachment upon the system of private property and free enterprise through state action. In 5 weeks, Obama has put into play much, scarey ‘encroachment’ upon capitalism.

Remember, socialism is an economic and political system (think Obama) aiming at public (no) or government (yes) ownership of means of production, etc. The devil is in the etc. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm your candidate

I’m out here, the last, lone conservative standing. No, Rush, you are not alone! The conservatives need me as their leader to reclaim our party now misguided in its compassion and bent for unnecessary governmental spending and intervention. Free markets and entrepreneurial thinking, where are you? Morality and self-reliance where are you? My America where are you?

As President I would select my Cabinet randomly from the names of my local phone book. Yes, I would. If President, social security and health insurance would be privatized, optional. If President, welfare programs would be eliminated. Charity could served most of those truly in need. The insane waste of taxpayer dollars would be jettisoned in the forms of grants, programs, stimuli, perks, earmarks and pork. They would go down the memory hole. As the Queen of Cheap I have my standards. I’m a born and bred champion of freedom.

Something has happened to America’s four freedoms: to save responsibly, to spend wisely, to choose morally and to employ common sense in order to do what’s right for an individual’s progress and a nation’s advancement. The public perceives no difference between the two parties - elephant and donkey - due to their overspending and major detachment as elites who do not understand the common citizen. Obama was elected on the basis of mellifluous meaningless words about hope and change that actually mean the opposite of what little he says.

We need a new Republican party with a new name like the Allegiance Party, a party representing its members’ allegiance, duty, to self, to self-improvement, self-reliance and self-righteousness and to country. I’m out here as the last woman standing to defend the Constitution’s meaning, to symbolize the conservative’s raison d’etre and raison d’etat lost to the liberals attempting to transition our capitalist country to communism through Obama’s socialist state.

The list of what liberals have pilfered from our American traditions is long. We are left with a weakened national security, socialized health care, the hoax of global warming, the pursuit of alternative energies, wealth re-distribution, misguided immigration policy, multi-lateral diplomacy, political correctness, cultural indecencies, uncivil discourse and repressed rights. Yes, I might not be able to stop down America’s downfall, but I certainly would be ceaseless in my efforts to slow it down by revolutionary changes.

It’s not hopeless. I would be working with the American people - not a minority of elitist liberals and socialists - to transform, renew and preserve our country’s greatness. I have been 4 years blogging in the wilderness hoping for willing followers... Tcminc.blogspot.com

May I hear from you?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm out here

I’m out here, the last, lone conservative standing. No, Rush, you are not alone! The conservatives need me as their leader. Republicans if conservatives, need to rename their party which has strayed from basic principles by practicing misguided compassion and unnecessary, governmental spending and intervention. Free markets and entrepreneurial thinking, where are you? Morality and self-reliance where are you? My conservative America where are you?
As President I would select my Cabinet randomly from the names of my local phone book. Yes, I would. As President social security and health insurance would be privatized and optional. As President welfare programs would be eliminated. Charity could serve most of those truly in need. The insane waste of taxpayer dollars would be jettisoned in the forms of grants, programs, stimuli, perks, earmarks and pork. They belong down the memory hole. As the Queen of Cheap I have my standards.

Something has happened to America’s four freedoms: to save responsibly, to spend wisely, to choose morally and to employ common sense in order to do what’s right for individual progress and national advancement. The public perceives no difference between the two parties now due to the big spending of politicians and their major detachment as elitists from the world of the common citizen. Obama was elected on the basis of mellifluous meaningless words about hope and change that actually mean the opposite of what little he says.

A new party? A new name, Allegiance Party signifying duty to self-improvement and self-reliance and self-righteousness? I’m out here. The last woman standing to defend the Constitution’s meaning, to symbolize America’s lost raison d’etre and raison d’etat because liberals attempt to transition our capitalist country to communism through Obama’s socialist state.

The list of liberal damage to our traditions is long: weakened national security, socialized health care, the hoax of global warming, the pursuit of alternative energies, wealth re-distribution, misguided immigration policy, multi-lateral diplomacy, political correctness, cultural indecencies, uncivil discourse and repressed rights. Yes, I might not be able to completely reverse America’s downfall, but I certainly would be ceaseless in my calls for change. It’s not hopeless. I would be working with a majority of the American people, not a minority of elitist liberals and socialists to return America to the Constitution’s dedication to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I have been 4 years blogging in the wilderness I hope will fill with willing followers... Tcminc.blogspot.com

May I hear from you?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Gogol and me

A pundit says, "Today's cackling by politicians and pundits about how the auto industry should be restructured, the health-care industry overhauled, and the banking industry reorganized is deafening. Surely I'm not alone in being horrified that so many people with no experience in these industries - and with no skin in any of these games - fancy themselves qualified to pontificate about matters on which their knowledge can't possibly be more than superficial." Who could disagree?

This cascade of instructions from the inexperienced calls to mind a passage from Gogol's Dead Souls: "He talks about everything, touches lightly on everything, he says everything he has filched out of books brightly and picturesquely, but he hasn't got any of it in his head; and you see afterwards that a talk with a humble merchant who knows nothing but his own business but does know that thoroughly and by experience, is better than all these chatterboxes." Who could disagree?’

Intellectuals, especially liberal intellectuals, always disagree with reality. Even George Orwell knew that they did not THINK and did not love the TRUTH. It is impossible to communicate with liberals, to expect bi-partisanship. Their perversion of reality is systemic and often deliberate as in today’s case of Rahm Emanuel’s distortion of conservative Rush Limbaugh’s disapproval of our President Obama’s policies and agendas. Condemnation of our past President Bush was fine and dandy, both personally and on the policy front for liberals, but the opposite now is not true when it comes conservatives’ ideological and moral disdain for the socialism and government control that Obama represents. No sword can be double-edged with the liberals. The single blade’s sole purpose is to cut a conservative down, like a terrorist might behead his victim.

I am the lonley conservative typing here aware of the fact that my country needs me to represent the future revolution. Until then, it will require small, unremitting, incremental miracles to slowly turn this country back from the road Obama is taking it down. It also will require a repudiation of what is wrong and an agenda for what is right. Pun intended. Republicans have blown it by overspending, over-regulating and abrogating free market principles. The loss of this country’s moral compass should be noted too.

I have never entertained the possibility of the loss of my fiscal and personal responsibility. Such is alien to my nature. I am the nobody from nowhere unencumbered by political ties or personal ambition. What have we got to lose but our chains of the change with which the libs have shackled us?