Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random thought shook out

Gaia repeatedly quakes in her bowels and stomps her feet since Obama took over the Oval Office.

America is dumbing down so nicely that she can’t stop the downward spiral. Indians and ‘foreigners’ again have taken over the national spelling bee.

My husband’s computer apparently needs to be treated like a special needs child who gets ‘sick’ often, catches viruses and warrants constant attention. Day and night things go wrong.

America’s moral slough to Gomorrah continues. A woman twitters an abortion and is praised.

Commenting on the theme of a play staged after World War I in Paris called “Le Retour,” a writer notes that “All values have gone down 50%. The natural importance of a woman in a man’s life decreases in proportion.” Last time I awoke in the morning, I noticed that it is not 1918 but 2010. Our moral culture disrespects the importance of the relationship between women and men.

The French have a saying that “assuredly capital punishment should be abolished, but not until the assassins have set he example.” I agree.

In 1927, a writer about Russia’s revolution said that the “history of mankind is mainly a record of a race between education and catastrophe.” Is this where we are headed due to the fact that our country’s most expensive commodity is ignorance?

Law courts are the last refuge of free men. If they become virtual branches of the Administration, we are lost. Are we lost?

Author Edmund Walsh said that Russia’s “immoral sadness was exalted into a religious destiny” i.e. eventual revolution. He also posits that the Russian revolution was a failure to create in the minds of the people a “consciousness of common destiny.” Are we marching to this point in our history? No doubt, two Americas do exist, there’s little common ground; it’s us small government, free market, moral conservatives vs. them, progressives. What’s common in our national consciousness is the agreement to disagree about the future of America.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Put people 1st"

“Put people 1st and not the demands of the market,” strikers shout in Greece. Too bad ignorance blinds these union members to the truth that only the market can put people 1st. The abandonment of the market has led to the crisis in Greece, America and other countries around the world. The NAACP honors Van Jones ( a Communist). Black folks blindly support President Obama because he’s black. The tragic irony is that the NAACP and blacks who theoretically support the causes of equality and freedom, in reality perpetuate slavery under the new Massah, the new overseer of the plantation, the Government that represses freedom and the pursuit of happiness provided by the free market. Only capitalism offers the possibility of uplifting slaves into better lives. But no, blacks and socialist and communist sympathizers would rather believe a lie and continue to protest in desperation. Unions and big government have subsidized slave grievances via welfare, affirmative action, grants or cushy benefits. American blacks and Greeks need to be outraged at their own ignorance.

Oh God

44% of Americans believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years. I have heard a friend, one such adherent, admit this conviction. I hear almost daily, local individuals use unintelligible phrases like “complaining about numerously.” Do these ‘ignorant’ spokespersons also represent 44% of Americans? I suspect so. A recent poll showed that 40% of youth do not practice any religion (spirituality instead is on call). I would prefer the 80/20 rule to apply to the human condition. For example, 20% of Americans are liberal (progressive) and 80% are centrist or conservative. That statistic would be more comforting than knowing 2/3 of my fellow citizens remain in the dark about scientific evidence and intelligent design. The human brain has shrunk not only physically over the years but also in inquisitiveness and content. Oh God, forgive them for they know not (literally) what they do.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Us vs. Them

I have read about another worthless survey, this time of youth 18 - 29, which shows that 1/4 of them do not practice or believe in a religion. They do, however, seek spirituality, because their primary long-term goal is to be “spiritual and close to God.” How can this impossibility be possible? It would be better for these youth to seek truth via reason, at which point all roads would eventually lead to God and perforce religion. But it probably won’t happen for this hedonistic, “spoiled” Millennia generation. Religion is spirituality with responsibility, a virtue that admits of the existence of right and wrong, duty and responsibility, good and evil, yes and no, do and don’t, black and white. The word Aryan translates as “noble of birth and race. About 2000 B.C., Aryans came out of the Eurasian steppes onto the Iranian plateau; the rest is history. I like to think that my Aryan heritage of nobility exhibits itself in my embrace of a religion. Surely to be noble, one must confront the fact of the irreconcilability of moral partisanship. Face it, it’s all about us vs. them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obasm syndrome

Democrats loosened credit and increased debt and the deficit which resulted in the recent economic meltdown. Rich, fat cats like Democrats like Dodd and Frank helped to facilitate it. Now Dodd and President Obama ‘say’ they will tighten lending regulations and attempt to reduce the deficit. How can you tell a liberal Democrat? When he’s or she’s contradicting himself or herself without batting an eye or apologizing for obvious hypocrisy.

The DSM, Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has just released its 5th edition which expands the definitions of mental illnesses. Drugs regularly treat symptoms not a diagnosis. If the diagnosis were insanity, you might notice a Mr. Sparks who attempted to murder his wife and fellow citizens by flying a plane into an IRS office building. He killed himself and one employee. You also might name liberal Democrats (a crackpot minority) who try to sink America’s boat with their progressive spending and irresponsible debt.

I suggest that we diagnose these liberal, Marxist lunatics who perceive reality in reverse with the Obasm syndrome. The Obasm syndrome is characterized by narcissistic delusions of nannyism, political correctness, secularism, orgiastic power, big brother government and all around hatred of humanity and common sense.

Do you have any further descriptions of the symptoms of Obasm syndrome?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another w.... study

25% of our nation’s children have chronic health problems such as asthma or obesity. Another worthless study. Oh, O where is there room for the We Generation of progressive youth that will lead us out of this Hellish mess wer’re in on America’s turf? Oh, O why or how or where or when did the highest level of civilized living regress or cease to lead to a quarter of our youth fat or wheezing? Oh, O, the study from JAMA, of course, is worthless, set up and designed to further an agenda. The problem is discovering that agenda. More money for programs? More money to drug companies for ameliorations? More government workers? More union support in the schools for healthy lifestyle education agendas? More money wasted on public awareness announcements? Oh, O where will the wasted money go? Asthma and obesity in the generation in which I grew up were rare. Will images of asthmatic or obese We Generation youth in the minority also be rare? Regardless, a vocal minority will attempt to dictate to the masses.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hope and Change MEIN KAMPF style

The art of propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses, and finding, through a psychologically correct form, the way to the attention and then to the heart of the broad masses... The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to very few points and must harp on these slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.

The art of all truly great national leaders has at all times privately consisted of this: not to divide the attention of a people, but to concentrate that attention on a single enemy... Therefore a great number of basically different enemies must always be described as belonging to the same group, so that as far as the mass of our followers is concerned, the battle is being waged against a single enemy.

Shovel ready

Oh, O where are your shovel ready shovels? The efficient snow plow shovel repeatedly shovels the snow across my driveway so that I’m snowed in. Drifting snow and wind shoves snows onto my walk way up to the height of 5 feet, across my walkway and up to my exit door. I’ve shoveled drifts 2 to 3 times a day for 3 days now.

Oh, O where are the shovelers when I need them? I don’t qualify for the government recommended exercise programs designed to keep me fit up to age 65, but I shovel anyway. Shoveling has helped my back muscles ache, my stomach muscles ache and my arm muscles to increase their tone. But my neighbors don’t shovel.

Oh, O where are the shovel ready shovelers to shovel out my neighbors? To open a driveway or walk way for residents on my lane? The few of We generation, those 10 to 22, remain in the home, shunning exercise. The three of the baby boomer generation either walk behind a snow blower or sit on a tractor behind a plow blade. One lady does no work. We pair of seniors shovel out but those seniors unfit, can’t shovel or go about.

Oh, O where are your shovel ready shovels putting Americans back to work? Nature has dealt you a genuine stimulus package called snow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short and bitter

In 1923, a German Professor observed that Hitler was a “fantasizing hysterical romanticism, a brutal core of will.” Another commentator noted that Hitler was “a lunatic raging with frenzy.” A third worried that if Hitler’s “messiah complex runs away with him he will ruin us all.”

Circumstances and charisma facilitated Hitler’s rise to power. This is the short and bitter summary of a world-wide tragedy. Are the soundings of ‘hope and change’ America’s tocsin to impending disaster?

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hitler started with an insane few who morphed into the many. My fellow readers of reason, hear ye, hear ye. First light of awakening today, I heard on the radio of a program to help those who eat when stressed, depressed, bored or happy. The problem, apparently, is of our own making. Eating! Is one to eat only when one is hungry? Why then is America obese? Am I to conclude that every person suffers from one of the above symptoms of an affliction? Not from a genetic condition? Count me in as afflicted because I am attracted to a forthcoming meal. I’m reasonably pleased with the vision of an upcoming meal which I plan and anticipate. Stressed, depressed, bored or happy - must I pick? Technically I’m not hungry; I just hunger for something I consider tasty. Usually in moderation.

A scolding from a man nanny told me yesterday (Valentine’s day) to eat only 1 square of chocolate and drink only 4 oz. of red wine. Beyond this point I jeopardized the health benefits from 2 of my favorite indulgences. Hear ye, hear ye. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow your God might be inspired to ask you if you enjoyed His gifts of food and drink while you were on His time on earth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day

2010, my $1.00 musical card from Dollar Tree is still going strong, playing Liebestraum, signed for the last 5 years by my beloved.

Regarding love and its polar opposite hate, let’s go back to Hitler. In 1921, an observer said that he could “create immense damage through senseless behavior.” In 1921, a German citizen (like Hitler) was “listening to one’s blood,” yearning for the “collective will.” In 1921, Thomas Mann called Hitler’s fascism, “romantic barbarism.” In 1921, Albert Einstein (who ought to know) told a young admirer that “goodness and strong character are better than intellect and learning.” About neither would Hitler ever know. In 1921, Germany ought to have known that Hitler ‘s irrational hatred for Jews and perverted love for his Aryan Germany would bring about diabolical destruction. From 1921, a slow but steady conversion to Nazism spread across Hitler’s Germany. On this Valentine’s Day, remember that between the head and hand, the heart resides. Hitler aimed to inflame the passions of his followers with a love for their Fuhrer and fatherland. Well he succeeded, leading them into Hell, the abyss devoid of LOVE.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dated detrius

I’m never too proud to borrow a well-chosen phrase. A chairman of NEH (National Endowment of the Humanities) admires the National Gallery of Art building in Washington but says it is “surrounded by the dated detritus of subsequent federal patronage.” Substitute the last two words federal patronage with ‘political correctness’ or ‘liberal agenda’ and you have current milieu across our hills and fruited plains. We are surrounded with garbage.

In Chillicothe, Ohio, at taxpayers’ expense, the fire department will come to the home and install a fire alarm and/or batteries for those in ‘need.’

In Boulder, Colorado (Kooky, Boulder), at taxpayers’ expense, officials plan to switch thousands of incandescent light bulbs for green fluorescent. Installation of energy efficient light bulbs proves that we are literally screwed. We’re two America’s, one fluorescent, one incandescent. These jobs will probably count as some of the 95,000 jobs created or saved each month as touted by our Obama administration. Because skiing is a gentrifed sport, and Colorado thrives on the slope trade, Colorado residents over time, have given up helping cowboys with reminders like, “Look out, Gene, behind the rock,” and replaced this reality with regulations against horse plops because they were not environmentally correct. Or have they?

Many years in the making, the government now has upgraded its definitions of organic meat and milk with percentage requirements for grass feeding and grazing times. Yet a cow or chicken will always produce beef or poultry.

Subsidized audits for home energy have been ongoing but the evaluation still costs $200 which many citizens won’t pay. Only ½ of households implement the suggestions after the audits.

Cash 4 appliances, a 300 million dollar government program, will provide incentives to Americans ( and in some states only those with low incomes!) to buy high-priced energy efficient appliances.

A man who invested $125,000 in energy efficient home improvements, thanks to government rebates, still had to pay $35,000 out of pocket.

Some light, however, glows on the horizon. In spite of Colorado residents going green, like driving hybrids, recycling and installing fluorescent light bulbs, some old fashioned light bulbs continue to burn. With his self-interest intact, one art dealer refuses to close the door to his business, because it welcomes customers, in spite of loss of efficiency in his heating and air conditioning. “I don’t care,” he says. When asked if the green movement is succeeding, a Colorado official had to admit, “We have a long way to go.” When asked if it will succeed, he admits, “Not necessarily.”

Good news of my morning - a local man received a recommendation to West Point. More good news dawns. Many Americans still sing the song, “My way,” even in Boulder, CO. When the guy in the black hat from Washington comes to town, enough residents are still willing to warn Gene (Autry if you are too young to remember) to look out behind the rock because government’s arrival means it’s out to kill individual freedom.


The nanny state is well and growing. On Friday, President Obama’s ‘Jobs Plan,’ or government make-work plan, was revealed. Great claims were made about the government ‘putting Americans to work.’ Carolyn said, "How would they do that?" I said, "Simple, they will just send government workers out to change everyone’s light bulbs." You think I jest? Saturday brings three, new similar plans from the government. The city of Boulder, Colorado’s plan is revealed in the Wall Street Journal. I heard Chillicothe’s plan on local radio and the Cash 4 Appliances plan on national news. Am I a genius or what!

Boulder, Colorado will send workers to every home and business to change all light bulbs to new energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. All labor and bulbs FREE from THE GOVERNMENT. Chillicothe, Ohio will send fire department personnel to your home to give you a smoke detector and install it. They will also provide ‘free’ batteries for existing smoke detectors and/or come out and install the new battery for those in ‘need.’ Cash-4-Appliances program will give a government rebate to citizens to buy top of line energy efficient refrigerators and dish washers. This program is modeled upon the disastrous Cash For Clunkers that wasted billions of dollars in 2009 and put more people in debt. Some states are limiting Cash-4-Appliances rebates to low income people so they can buy high end appliances that regular schmucks, common workers, cannot afford. Only to nanny government can this make sense; much work, big cost and little value to citizens.

I propose that all citizens who receive such aid be required to wear diapers ( or nappies) and suck their thumbs during the installation of bulbs or batteries. Only by striking a proper, subservient posture will the ‘citizen’ truly understand his position in relation to the nanny state.

In Boulder, they will forcibly replace bulbs that give real light for the yucky ‘green’ dimmer bulbs that leave everyone in semi-darkness. Will armed guards hold the Boulder millionaire population at bay while the bulbs are forcibly changed? As Boulder sinks into twilight, the rest of the nation should not laugh because federal law already mandates that we all march into the new dark age of efficient but useless ‘green’ bulbs by 2012. In Chillcothe, the government says many cannot afford smoke detectors; but I see smoke detectors for $5 and batteries 2 for $1. How low on the food chain is Chillicothe? Regarding, Cash-4-Appliances, I wonder about the effect on normal workers when they see some layabouts getting deluxe appliances as a reward for being non-workers. Outrage?

In New York, we also see how union and government logic, as shown above, can be carried to illogical conclusion. Capitalists see the consumer as the beneficiary of the capitalist system but statists see the worker guarantee of a job as the goal of their statist system. Statists believe consumers are second class citizens. As the free market Blog, Café Hayek, reports: "Labor-union official Vincent Fyfe wants the state of New York to continue prohibiting supermarkets from selling wine. His reason? Supermarket wine sales

will put some liquor-store owners out of business and their employees out of work. Note to Mr. Fyfe: the purpose of the wine trade – like every other trade – is to serve consumers, not to create jobs for producers. If job creation were paramount, then government should not only continue to prohibit supermarkets from selling wine, but should require that bottles of beer, wine, and spirits be hand-delivered to retailers, one at a time, while cradled in the arms of carriers each pulled though the streets in a rickshaw. Of course, such a requirement would harm consumers, but it would also create lots of jobs."

Nanny statists believe we are helpless children who need government and elites to guide and protects us. They know that wealth and happiness are gifts from the government. Since they know best they will tell us how to work, when to work and what our reward for working will be according to their deeper insights into what is best for us and society. If you need guidance in changing a light bulb you certainly need guidance in every other aspect of your life. The opposite view, expressed in the many TEA ( Taxed Enough Already) parties sweeping the nation, holds that freedom generates wealth by individuals acting in their own interests and not being sheep of the state. Freedom and wealth for the many is linked to capitalism, the economic system most likely to give the good life to all.

2012 will mark the centenary of Milton Friedman’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the publication of his important bookCapitalism and Freedom." My copy of this slim 200 page work is from Washington High School (1963) but I doubt University Graduate Students today could read and comprehend this work (snide remark about quality of our education system).

If freedom is too much work, you will always let someone come to change your light bulb. But you will still be in the dark.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Death penalty & dogma

In his essay, “Catholic Colleges and Tests of Faith,” Feb.12th, Mr. Gibson, as biographer of our present Pope, ought to bone up on the distinction between dogma and ‘teaching,’ which is another word for opinion. Mr. Gibson covers teaching in Catholic schools but fails to point this out. Even the late Pope John Paul II tended to allow followers to fall for this delusion. The opposition to abortion and euthanasia are basic Catholic dogmas. The Church teaches that a definition of marriage exclusively involves a man and woman and is not open to opinion. But opinions differ whether capital punishment should be abolished, higher taxes should be levied on the wealthy and the military spends too much and on appropriate methods to reduce pain and suffering and improve the human condition. A specific teaching from our Pope, a bishop or a priest necessitates analysis and evaluation. What Jesus would do today is not what Christians should have done in Roman times. Catholics’ opinions now differentiate along the lines of self-worth based upon self-sufficiency in contrast with satisfaction based upon a social justice system that attempts to force individuals to be as equal as possible with their neighbors. The free market system, for example, can best alleviate poverty, but not according to the opposition. Read liberal vs. conservative into this dichotomy if you wish, but I am one Catholic who sees this chasm as irremediable. Catholics don’t know or can’t agree on dogma, much less discern or intelligibly discuss a difference of opinion. When Mr. Gibson hopes for young Catholics to “birth a wider Catholic culture to better support their children,” I wonder what ‘teachings’ he has in mind.

Carolyn McLaughlin
90 Heath Lane
New Holland, OH 43145

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One liner day

WILL OBAMA BE THROUGH WHEN GOD GETS BORED WITH HIM? This question substitutes only one word when Victor Hugo asked about of Napoleon. I cannot answer because 1. God exists but the Devil controls Obama, and 2. the great Dissembler is never through with his selected, special agents of change until hope is abandoned as a faithful servant claims his final reward.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The DSM is dysfuntional

Another meaningless study to prove the obvious has just been released showing that obese young people who underwent bariatric surgery lose more weight than teens who just diet and exercise, 77 lbs vs. 7 lbs. Who could have guessed that by blocking the passage to the stomach less food would be consumed?

Such a ridiculous waste of time, talent and money continues to be mimicked in the academia of psychology and psychiatry. The DSM has added new items to make up its 300 disorders. Poor Patton and his ilk would now be diagnosed with a “temper dysregulation disorder with dysphoria.” Already 1 in 110 children have been diagnosed and cursed with “autism spectrum disorder.”

Wars could not have been won or worlds saved without men with short fuses like General Patton, but the obvious escapes elites with an agenda of medicated treatments. The less reason and common sense are employed, the more problems can be diagnosed and the more money can be allocated to their treatment. The proud, the few and the Marines made Patton proud, not ours today is a nation of drugged sissies.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

True Believers

What follow are excerpts from Eric Hoffer’s THE TRUE BELIEVER, publ.. 1951 which has been replaying itself out in the Obama ‘mass movement.’ Jump to my * for the short-cut version of reality. Parenthesis are mine.

For men to plunge headlong into an undertaking of vast chance, they must be intensely discontented yet not destitute, and they must have the feeling that by the possession of some potent doctrine, INFALLIBLE LEADER, or some new technique they have access to a source of irresistible power. (Obama)

Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves. (Obama’s followers).

One of the most potent attractions of a mass movement is its offering of a substitute for individual hope. ... Mass movements are usually accused of doping their followers with hope of the future while cheating them of the enjoyment of the present. ( Obama’s hope and change).

A mass movement has to center the hearts and minds of its followers on the future even when it is not engaged in a life-and-death struggle with established institutions and privileges. ... The self-sacrifice involved in mutual sharing and co-operative actions is impossible without hope.

It is obvious, therefore, that in order to be effective, a doctrine must not be understood, but has to be believed in... A doctrine that is understood is shorn of its strength. ( Obama’s communism, socialism, liberalism, statism, disguised as hope and change).

Mass movements can rise and spread without a belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil. (George W. Bush and conservatives).

It needs the iron will, daring and vison of an exceptional leader to concert and mobilize existing attitudes and impulses into a collective drive of a mass movement. ( Obama and his followers in the campaign and in the White House.)

*** What are the talents requisite for such a performance? Exceptional intelligence, noble character and originality seem neither indispensable nor perhaps DESIRABLE. The main requirements seem to be AUDACITY and a joy in defiance; an iron will; a fanatical conviction that he is in possession of the one and only truth; faith in his destiny and luck; a capacity for passionate hatred; contempt for the present; a cunning estimate of human nature; a delight in symbols (spectacles and ceremonials); unbounded brazenness which finds expression in a disregard of consistency and fairness; a recognition that the innermost craving of a following is for communion and that there can never be too much of it; a capacity for winning and holding the utmost loyalty of a group of able lieutenants. This last faculty is one of the most essential and

elusive. (Obama, whose one book remember, is titled THE AUDACITY TO HOPE.)

*** ...the readying of the ground for a mass movement is done best by men whose chief claim to excellence is their skill in the use of the spoken or written word. (Obama)

To sum up, the militant man of words prepares the ground for the rise of a mass movement : by
discrediting prevailing creeds and institutions and detaching from them the allegiance of the people; ... by furnishing the doctrine and slogans of the new faith; (hope and change)

Rare (good ) leaders, ... blended their faith in humanity, for they know that no one can be honorable unless he honors mankind.... The genuine man of action, ( who is bad), is intent not on renovating the world but on possessing it. ( Obama).

All the true believers of our time - whether Communist, Nazi, Fascist, Japanese or Catholic - declaimed volubly on the decadence of the Western democracies. ( Hoffer who unfortunately despises Christianity, could now justly add Obama to his list).

Monday, February 08, 2010

Must I ?

Must I believe what I see, hear and read if it is totally insane and unbelievable?

I heard on local radio that a new study proves that childhood obesity can be avoided by more sleep and less TV.

I saw a big, white king cab pickup truck hauling a big, black zero proximity riding mower as it slowly passed by my window at 8:15 AM this morning on my dead end lane when white out conditions afforded almost zero visibility and my thermometer registered 3 degrees.

I read that 1% of Americans pay 1/3 of taxes ( which isn’t shocking so here’s another read). “Mompreneurs” balance work-life. They have names like Shazi, Shannon, Liane, Gigi and Mary who as an elitist makes up for her common moniker with children names of Sunny and Sadie. They tap into the baby market in organic frozen foods, organic food pouches ( with a recall on apple carrot for fear of botulism), baked cheese puffs, hi-fiber cookies and fiber rich fruit drinks because “food is not nutritious enough.” A sample offering of a duo of 3.5 oz. fruit cups sells for $4.00.

My mind must accept facts but at the same time reject them outright as beyond reason. Of course, a study must have an agenda, America must have its ‘crazy’ consumers, liberal sellers must have buyers and reality must be faced even though my faith in God’s creatures is sorely tested.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mover/Shaker vs. thinker

There are movers and shakers - and thinkers. Sarah Palin fits the first category; I the latter. Populism paraded itself at the Tea Party Convention. Well it should, since its goal is to move the ‘bums’ out of Washington and ‘shake’ up politics and the status quo of elitist cronyism. I remain in Sarah’s camp because if the country continues down the road of Obama, a spokesman for the space program will continue to refer to ‘visual impairment’ that forced a cancellation of the launch of the shuttle. Sarah and I would use simpler, clearer language for cloud cover, zero visibility, flying blind, etc. “Visual impairment,” is just a symptom of the times that requires MR for “mental retarded” to be removed from all buses and references to what used to be MRDD.

Wilhelm II, the man with the withered arm, has been described by writers as “a dangerous paranoiac, an incurable megalomania, or an egotistical simpleton.” From the age of 2 he would have been made aware that his family ha something to do with ruling Prussia. This description seems apt for our big O who somehow grew up with the kingly epauletees on his shoulder, an ego of Narcissus and a simple talent to read a TOTUS. So give me Sarah, who can extemporaneously rev up an audience.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Look behind the survey

A Gallup Poll reports that a majority of Democrats, 53%, have a “positive” image of socialism, which includes independents who lean toward the blue party. Only 17 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaners hold socialism in a positive light. In total, more than one-third of Americans, 36%, have a positive image of socialism. Also viewing socialism positively: 61% of liberals, 39% of moderates and 20% of conservatives. If you’re confused, you should be. Remember, a survey is useless. The devil is always in the details of daily living and surveys. Behind, into, through or under this survey lurk questions. How many citizens know the ideology and goals of socialism? Or care? Even asking whether higher taxes are good or bad, depends upon whether the person surveyed pays taxes ( and how much). So surveys serve an agenda. Surveys fudge and skew numbers. Employment studies, global warming data, school successes or failures, you name them - suspect that information somewhere in the details is false.

How to look behind the words can be exemplified by a recent statement by President Obama that a woman who worked for him in his campaign, who didn’t have health insurance, lost her fight with cancer. Boo hoo? No, no! Implicit in Obama’s tale of woe is the fact that the poor woman had no health insurance because it was not provided by his campaign budget to its workers. No no! Impossible? Yes, yes, predictable. Nothing says contradiction, hypocrisy and double standards like a liberal. Obama denies being a Bolshevik, a member of the Communist party or radical Communist because hidden behind the B word is the ‘s’ word. Socialism means public collective (government) ownership or control of the basic means of distribution and exchange with the aim of operating for use rather than for profit and of assuring each member of society an equitable share of good, services and welfare benefits as a system of social and economic organization. Socialism under this ‘guise’ seems desirable to too many people. A survey will prove it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another worthless survey

1 out of 8 Americans patronized a food bank in 2009. Another worthless survey by Feeding America states that growing health care costs and high unemployment undermine increases in federal spending on nutrition programs. Consequently, the needs at food banks have increased more than 50% since 2005. Remember: the more food you offer free, the more will be whisked away. Well, were saved because the big O has said that he will end childhood hunger by 2015 ( No doubt this will coincide with his effort to combat the epidemic of obesity.). I wonder how Obama will explain this contradiction or offer help to the mother who just stabbed to death her two children in San Antonio or to the two children who have no hope of hunger or obesity in their future because their insane mother killed them. Contradiction? Doublespeak is Obama’s and the progressives’ game. Always question the methodology used in a funded survey that supports an agenda. The agenda of Feeding America and the liberals is to ‘reduce’ (not) health care costs by single payer, universal health care, i.e. socialized medicine and to lower unemployment (not) by more government spending on temporary make-work projects ( resembling Roosevelt’s programs during the depression). Both solutions reek. Both solutions are being propagandized to the public under the guise of populism. They use the language of contradiction and incomprehensibility. An apt example would be a phrase I heard this morning from a local basketball coach. In love with gab and dobbledygook ( which I never understand) that would make a politician proud, he referred to the need for “point production from the big man inside.”

Well the only big man I know is the big O. Just like the coach who mouths no intelligible meaning, Obama’s every utterance involves contradiction and fathomless rhetoric. He scores no points with me or my fellow, rational Americans.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Land of the fruits and nuts

I think this is my 4th installment in a discursion into proof that a ‘study’ is useless because the obvious needs no research. Autism’s rise is highest in the elitist enclave of California’s land of the fruits and nuts. Duh! Why? No study is necessary to prove the obvious that 1. definitions of autism have been relaxed and expanded of time. 2. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) now covers a broad swath of children with ‘impaired’ social skills born and bred to elitist, non–conventional, liberal parents who can spend thousands of dollars for evaluations. 3. The epicenter of the autism cluster is in areas around Hollywood. 4. I’m saving the best answer for last. Be patient.

A health journal article covering this phenomena, states that on average, 1 in 110 American 8-year olds had an autism spectrum disorder in 2006 a 57% increase since 2002. In the same article a chart shows that 9 out of every 1,000 8-year olds, were diagnosed with ASD. Well, which is it?
1/110 or 1/1000. In either case, 109 or 999 kids could probably be judged as normal if the parents were ‘normal.’ So 4. the obvious reason we have this phenomena is money. Always follow the money. Children deemed ‘substantially developmentally disabled’ qualify for services from the DDS ( Dept. of Developmental Services). What a wonderful way to obtain free child care while a parent (or 2). either a fruit and a nut or both, pursues a dreamy, self-centered Hollywood lifestyle.

To add insult to abuse, political correctness must be observed even with agenda-driven illnesses. One school district was reprimanded because it has too many white students diagnosed as autistic when compared to other racial subgroups. Amity last year had 38 white autistic students, one Asian and one black. What to do, what to do?

Another study of 6th and 7th graders proves that abstinence programs resulted in only 33% having sex in contrast to programs not about abstinence where the percentage was over 50%. Again the obvious is over-looked. No 6th or 7th graders should be having or considering sex. Without this fact for the major premise, we’re doomed.

Another study suggests that severe mental illness may be prevented with the intervention of fish oil. Yet the study concludes that ‘no one knows what causes schizophrenia.” Of course the results of this study appear in an issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry; we know that all psychiatrists are nuts whose goal is to fool mother nature. Psychiatrists apparently have already tried (and failed on ethical grounds) to administer anti-psychotics to selected young people - to stave off future schizophrenia - with mixed results.

I say forget studies. Study the progress and immutability of nature, read Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem, God’s Grandeur, sip a cup of flavored tea and try to forget Obama is our President. Good luck.