Monday, December 31, 2012

if you care about capitalism and freedom

CLAUDIA ROSETT: Girding For 2013. “Perhaps the most important bottom line in girding for 2013, is, if you care about capitalism and freedom, about a strong America and a safer, freer world, do not give up. There is a struggle of ideas going on here; and even when much seems lost — spun off the road, over the cliff — plenty may yet depend on even a few who keep the faith, and at the right moment, are ready with a plan.”


BEST GUN SALESMAN IN HISTORY: Obama Promises 2013 Gun-Grab Bill; Warns ‘There Will Be Resistance.’ You don’t know the half of it, Barry. But of course, he can count on grassroots support like this: Lone Picketer Protests Gun Show In Denver. Posted at 8:01 am by Glenn Reynolds

Sunday, December 30, 2012


GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY : $75 TO PAY $12 BILL Several years ago, Russell Luepker, a professor of epidemiology at the school of public health, sought reimbursement for a $12 parking bill. The form went from a secretary to the head of his department to an accountant who entered it in a computer to a senior accountant responsible for approving it. Richard Portnoy, chief administrative officer in the epidemiology department, estimates it cost $75 to move the paperwork. When Dr. Luepker heard of it, he stopped filing for parking reimbursements.


F.A. Hayek’s classic 1944 volume, The Road to Serfdom: [W]herever liberty as we understand it has been destroyed, this has almost always been done in the name of some new freedom promised to the people.


Who is worth it? 60 cents an hr. in the 1950's for an entry level 1st job ( yours truly in Chicago) to $7.85 an hr. in 2013 ( here in Ohio). Has it been worth the inflation of the dollar or the deflation of manpower?

Saturday, December 29, 2012


HITLER aka OBAMA German soldiers and the Luftwaffe had blind, boundless devotion to Hitler their charismatic leader. How could their leader, savior and pop star also be the grave-digger of his nation? Easy. Charisma. Those smitten truly believed that he took an interest in everything, in each Volk personally, was afraid of no one and even though he might have been surrounded by fools ( and murderers) he himself was unaffected in his greatness. Both soldiers and citizens would give all for their ‘one’ Hitler, unlike Christ, the one who gave all for humanity. Does this theme sound familiar today? 80% of Americans in this past election polled that they felt Obama understood them whereas Romney was detached. Counter-reality, of course, but reality nonetheless. So, pitching headlong down into the pit of 2013, ask yourself, what is to be done? Eyes up on the prize Christ gained for us or eyes closed backing our fearless leader Obama?


A GLIMPSE INTO OUR FUTURE? VIOLATING THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE: “The BBC offers this advice for anyone in Britain who is attacked on the street: You are permitted to protect yourself with a briefcase, a handbag, or keys. You should shout ‘Call the Police’ rather than ‘Help.’ Bystanders are not to help. They have been taught to leave such matters to the professionals. If you manage to knock your attacker down, you must not hit him again or you risk being charged with assault.”

Friday, December 28, 2012


AUTISM AS A POT-OFGOLD THOUGHTS ON TODAYS GOVERNMENT OVER-REACH Fri Dec 28 on Dan& Mike in Morning 1490 WBEX Chillicothe about 8:50 am ending an interview with newly elected Gary Scherer - nothing’s changed unfortunately in politics today. 1st, regarding autism mandate issued by Gov. Kasich, Gary is in favor of it even though he “knows nothing” about the details or workings of the bill, but it “it helps” he’s for it. Duh! This is enlightened governance? 2nd, about the internet café issue, he is asked why we are trying to regulate them when we already have 2 other entities, the casinos and the lotteries for gambling approved by voters. Well, after acknowledging their existence, Gary said there are 2 present possibilities, “regulating them out of existence” or just regulating them. Why, Gary? You did not mention that private enterprise is judged bad, but money going to the government via casinos and lotteries is good. Duh! As usual our tea party principles of free markets and fiscal responsibility are still off the table. The true, tiny percent of true autistic children who are beyond the pale of normal education will be ignored, but the false, huge percentage of newly-politically-correct victims helped and subsidized by taxpayers ( in the name of government of course) will add to the spending problem. Does anyone doubt that diagnosis of Autism will be up at least 100% as aresults of this new found pot-of-gold. And the internet cafés, patronized by willing individuals in a free market could help improve our sagging economy simply by injecting monies. RELATED BONANZA IN MEDICINE In what some prominent critics have called a bonanza for the drug companies, the American Psychiatric Association this month voted to drop the old warning against diagnosing depression in the bereaved, opening the way for more of them to be diagnosed with major depression — and thus, treated with antidepressants. The change in the handbook, which could have significant financial implications for the $10 billion U.S. antidepressant market, was developed in large part by people affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry, an examination of financial disclosures shows.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

“People who share an illusion never recognize it.”

Let’s visit an ‘auld acquaintance’ for the upcoming New Year, Sigmund Freud. Let’s not forget he said, “People who share an illusion never recognize it.” I say as long a liberals exist ( and they always will) but now constitute the ruling class, prepare for grand illusions in 2013. Freud at least reminds us that lying liberals who aim to transform America can do no good. We must individually fight evil day by day. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


THOMAS SOWELL: “The more I study the history of intellectuals, the more they seem like a wrecking crew, dismantling civilization bit by bit — replacing what works with what sounds good.”

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections on Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Reflections on Life Behind the Iron Curtain Here’s a Hungarian joke of the 1950's when Eastern Europe lived behind the Iron Curtain. “The definition of Communism: an incessant struggle against difficulties that would not exist in any other system.” “We knew perfectly well that before the war the Party had the support of a minority of the population, but we believed that this was an enlightened minority, one which would lead the way to national progress. We also knew that if we took power and conducted politics correctly, we would win over people who didn’t trust us, didn’t believe us or were against us.” Marxist speaking before WWII. Even if a rebellion ended badly, rebels never give up hope. “Someday the sun of freedom will break through the clouds. Someday our exile will end, and we will see our motherland again, a a beautiful motherland, free of the arbitrary rule of the dukes and lords...” To what kind of rebellion does this refer? One for a Communist state, believe it or not. To see and believe a reality contrary to truth is the essence of Communism. expressed in the novel, Doctor Zhivago: “And so it was necessary to teach people not to think and make judgments, to compel them to see the nonexistent, and to argue the opposite of what was obvious to everyone...” George Orwell nailed Communism with his definition of Newspeak: “Facts no longer made contact with the theory, which has risen above the facts on clouds of nonsense, rather like a theological system. The point was not to believe the theory, but to repeat it ritualistically and in such a way that both belief and doubt became irrelevant... In this way the concept of truth disappeared from the intellectual landscape, and was replaced by that power.” Lastly, Anne Applelbaum reminds us in her masterful work, “Behind the Iron Curtain that a Communist regime aims to damage, undermine or eliminate opposition to its goals. “ Its success reveals an unpleasant truth about human nature, that if enough people are sufficiently determined, and if they are backed by adequate resources and force, then they can destroy ancient and apparently permanent legal, political, educational and religious institutions, sometimes for good.” Does any of this ring alarm bells here in America? Is any of this happening in our Beloved country? Are totalitarian repression, a liberal minority rule, an atheistic agenda and manipulation the remains of our days? What is to be done? Every joke, says Orwell, is a revolution. So let’s keep poking fun at the insanity of the Obama administration.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chicago Style Bargaining (or is that dialog from “The Godfather”)

Chicago Style Bargaining (or is that dialog from “The Godfather”). “You get nothing,” the president said. “I get that for free.”. Obama’s reply negotiations. At one point, according to notes taken by a participant, Mr. Boehner told the president, “I put $800 billion [in tax revenue] on the table. What do I get for that?”

The cause of PTSD?

The cause of PTSD? This is my insight - we have emasculated our men, basically taking the manliness ( hardness) out of manhood over the years. So when a young ‘man’ goes off to war, he can’t adjust, he can’t take it, he can’t man up to reality, he can’t see that his country’s liberal and politically correct culture has sissified him in his upbringing which has therefore led to mushiness at his core. Memorials to victims of war and violence now display 1000's of teddy bears. The Teddy Bear is the new cross. The maudlin has replaced the suffering. You ask about women serving in the military? No comment.

Gun “Confiscation could be an option”

Gun “Confiscation could be an option” In a radio interview on Thursday with Albany’s WGDJ-AM, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that he plans to work with state legislators next month to submit a proposal for new gun-control laws; in particular, Cuomo said, “our focus is assault weapons,” because current state laws regulating the weapons “have more holes that Swiss cheese.” Cuomo continued, “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.”

EXAMINING SANTA CLAUS for inappropriate messages

EXAMINING SANTA CLAUS for inappropriate messages. 2012 Campaign against Santa is on TOO FAT - many attacks by societies scolds. 2011 Campaign was making him stop saying “Ho,ho,ho” as disrespectful of women- has worked to some extent many this year use “Ha, ha, ha”. As an aside, new recordings of ‘Deck the Halls’ have substituted “don our warm apparel” for the old homophobic ‘don our gay apparel’. Some replies to anti-fat campaign: Unsure which replies are serious or facetious. "Santa is a role model, and kids don't want to have a role model that's fat." Santa is “Patriarchal, heteronormative, religiously-discriminatory”. warm apparel The tax-evading, terrorist-supporting, union-busting fat man with his despicable personal habits never, ever brought me the train set I politely requested. In Chicago,Kwaanza Klaawz will sock you in the kisser with a sock full of shit, but only if you've been white. He uses a whip. His costuming dress up and beastial s/m episodes have gone too far and must stop. He relies on sweatshop/slave labor. He smokes. (This bad-example-setting has already come in for censorship.) Like God, Santa should be also be a woman. Reindeer flatulence creates greenhouse gases. His merit-based advancement of Rudolph to lead reindeer was a clear abridgement of the seniority rights of the other reindeer. Worst of all...he drinks soda. Lots and lots of soda. Hence, his girth. You will note the Coca-Cola ads of the 50's & 60's featuring his Rotundness. (kind of like the Marlboro Man...only more in your face. He wears fur.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


FOOD STAMP NATION CHANGE: 1 out of every 6.5 Americans is on Food Stamps. “The new all-time record number of recipients, 47.7 million (up from 31.6 million when Obama took office) exceeds the combined populations of Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.” From Woodstock Nation to Food Stamp Nation. Forward! As an aside to prove that we live in an unreal world, (artificially created and maintained by liberalism), did you know that the 5 county count of the homeless rendered 40 people classified as “unsheltered.” NOW THAT’S AN EPIDEMIC according to insane, liberal thinking.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Markets are always in danger

Free Markets are always in danger. Protectionist organization, the Coalition for a Prosperous America solicits donations to stop Free Trade and Free Markets: Scott Lincicome reply to Coalition for a Prosperous America (a reply prompted by the very same e-mail solicitation to which I reply above): Dear Ian, Since this is the second time in the last week that you’ve asked me to donate to your employer, I figure that you deserve a formal reply instead of the usual delete/brush-off. Unfortunately, I don’t have any extra money to donate to your organization this year because I spent $54 on 6 pair of Made in the USA Wigwam King Cotton socks from the CPA Buy American Store ( I guess if I had purchased imported socks for $7.99 at (, I could have donated the $46.01 in savings to my charity of choice, or maybe even your organization. Indeed, just think of how many additional donations the CPA could’ve received if more people had based their Christmas purchases on value instead of nationalism! Alas, maybe next year. Merry Christmas,

Those were the good old days

In 1909, it took just $828 a month to serve 2600 meals at the White House. Those were the good old days. Who dares to tally the cost of feeding one’s self today? I one time figured I could feed two adults for $7.00 a day which equals about $210 a month for conservative rations. Only 8 austere shoppers could survive on $828. Think about 2600 ‘gourmet’ meals in 1909. What does this say about a century of progress in America?

Thursday, December 20, 2012


YES, BUT SURELY IF WE GAVE GOVERNMENT ELITES MORE POWER THEY COULD ‘FIX’ THE PROBLEM. By Nick Gillespie GOVERNMENT AS A MAJOR CAUSE OF INEQUALITY: For instance, in terms of total compensation (salary plus benefits), federal workers earn 16 percent more on average than private-sector workers with the same experience, education, and responsibilities. They are paid out of your current and future taxes, not corporate profits. In what some have seen as an echo of the setting for The Hunger Games, the growing power of the federal government to dispense favors and direct whole industries has transformed the Washington, D.C., metro area into the nation’s wealthiest, boasting 10 of the top 20 counties for median household income. Then there is generational inequality, which is also goosed by government policy. The Pew Research Center finds that in 1984, households headed by someone 65 years or older possessed on average10 times the wealth of a household led by someone under 35. By 2010 that gap had widened to 22 times. Part of that disparity is the result of payroll taxes that take about 12.4 percent (half from the worker, half from the employer) of every dollar of earned income up to $110,000 to pay for Social Security (for the past two years, the worker’s share of Social Security taxes has been reduced by 2 percentage points, a break that will expire at year’s end). Another 2.9 percent of all wages - again split between employee and employer - goes to Medicare. Payroll taxes take a relatively bigger bite out of the paychecks of younger and poorer Americans even as old-age benefits are disbursed generally without regard to need. To add insult to the situation, Social Security will be paying out fewer dollars than new and future retirees will have put into the system. So at the very time when younger Americans have lost ground to their elders, they are compelled to pay into a fund that will shortchange them when they become eligible for it.

Monday, December 17, 2012


FROM INSTAPUNDIT: SO IF WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A “NATIONAL CONVERSATION ON GUNS,” HERE ARE SOME OPENERS: Why do people who favor gun-control call people who disagree with them murderers or accomplices to murder? Is that constructive? Would any of the various proposals have actually prevented the tragedy that is the supposed reason for them? When you say you hope that this event will finally change the debate, do you really mean that you hope you can use emotionalism and blood-libel-bullying to get your way on political issues that were losers in the past? If you’re a media member or politician, do you have armed security? Do you have a permit for a gun yourself? (I’m asking you Dianne Feinstein!) If so, what makes your life more valuable than other people’s? Do you know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon? Do your public statements reflect that difference? If guns cause murder, why have murder rates fallen as gun sales have skyrocketed? Have you talked about “Fast and Furious?” Do you even know what it is? Do you care less when brown people die? When you say that “we” need to change, how are you planning to change? Does your change involve any actual sacrifice on your part? Let me know when you’re ready to talk about these things. We’ll have a conversation.

Duo tragedies

Duo tragedies Which is worse? The death of America or the death of innocent children? At Sandy Hook we learned that human life created in the image of God means nothing to an evil killer. Today we learn that politics corrupts absolutely when Democrats and now Republicans under the leadership of John Boehner agree to raise taxes on incomes over $1,000, 000. To profitably run a small business with even a few employees requires an income of at least ½ or 1 million dollars. The rich are realistically, multi-millionaires and billionaires. The American dream ( of wealth and success) has been murdered by politicians playing politics. The next generation of Americans was killed by Adam Lanza playing God. Exploiting the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ mantra of liberals, Obama begins to exploit the tragedy to raise taxes and confiscate guns from citizens. Which is worse? A dead child or a dead country? Hope is twice dead.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Sandy Hook Elephant?

What Sandy Hook Elephant? Here in Ohio no one sees the 450 lb elephant in the room ( jail cell) or asks how the convicted killer up for execution got to weight 450 lbs. while in prison for over 20 yrs. Instead, we claim he’s too fat to humanely be put to death. There in Connecticut, no one sees the sociopath (one of a modern budding, bumper crop) reaping what our unGodly, undisciplined society has sown over the years. Everywhere, the devil cleverly disguises himself - either as a elephant or a gun-toting, murderer. No floral or verbal testimonials will solve our cultural problem. The devil smiles because he knows no one asks the proper questions or address the appropriate solution: ‘Respect life, live responsibly, love yourself as a likeness of God.’

Friday, December 14, 2012


WE ALREADY KNEW DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY DOES NOT TRUST VETERANS BUT NOW WE FIND THEY WILL SPY ON LOCAL BUS RIDERS! ‘Big Sis’ Janet Napolitano Sec. Of Homeland Security is the realization of ‘Big Brother’ in George Orwell novel ‘1984'. Columbus Ohio is among those installing spy systems. And, Obama can’t think of any items to be cut from budget to stave off ‘fiscal cliff’. Transit authorities in cities across the country are quietly installing microphone-enabled surveillance systems on public buses that would give them the ability to record and store private conversations, according to documents obtained by a news outlet. San Francisco transit authorities recently approved a $5.9 million contract to install an audio surveillance system on 357 buses and vintage trolley cars, paid for in full with a grant from DHS. The contract includes the option to expand the equipment to an additional 600 vehicles. In Eugene, Oregon, the Daily found, transit officials requested microphones that would be capable of “distilling clear conversations from the background noise of other voices, wind, traffic, windshields wipers and engines” and also wanted at least five audio channels spread across each bus that would be “paired with one or more camera images and recorded synchronously with the video for simultaneous playback.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gilded Age and Prosperity

Behold the epic size of a gilded age privately funded project 1910 Penn station and RR tunnels completed Cost $111 million dollars General Waiting room the largest in the world 21 tracks for trains 1,988 steel railroad cars Penn station covered 71/2 acres 4th largest building in world 11,000 miles covered for every 1 minute of down time. 3 years round the clock work on tunnels 16 miles of tunnels 650 steel columns to construct Penn station

GE Praise for Communist Way

GE & Immelt GE slogans over time: Progress is our most important product 1960 We Bring Good Things To Life 1982 The Government Teat is the Source of Our Lifemilk (Unspoken for about 10 years but now exposed for all to see) BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff December 10, 2012 7:59 pm Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric and Chairman of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness was interviewed by Charlie Rose on Bloomberg Television Monday evening. When asked about China, Immelt praised the Chinese and their centrally planned economy: CHARLIE ROSE: China is changing. It may be being stabilized as we speak. What does that mean for China and what does it mean for the United States? Should it change expectations? JEFF IMMELT: It is good for China. To a certain extent, Charlie, 11 percent is unsustainable. You end up getting too much stimulus or a misallocation of resources. They are much better off working on a more consumer-based economy, less dependent on exports. The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.


‘DOUGHBOY’ HAS NEW MEANING RUMOR IS THAT MICHELLE OBAMA WILL ASSUME CONTROL OF ‘SHAPING’ UP THE TROOPS AS PART OF HER ‘LET’S MOVE’ ININIATIVE. Obesity is now the leading cause of ineligibility for people who want to join the Army, according to military officials, who see expanding waistlines in the warrior corps as a national security concern. Growing numbers of the military are failing fitness standards. Between 1998 and 2010, the number of active-duty military personnel deemed overweight or obese more than tripled. In 2010, 86,186 troops, or 5.3 percent of the force, received at least one clinical diagnosis as overweight or obese, according to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center. The trend has prompted the military to reexamine its training programs and is driving commanders to weed out soldiers deemed unfit to fight. “A healthy and fit force is essential to national security,” said Cmdr. Leslie Hull-Ryde, a Pentagon spokeswoman. “Our service members must be physically prepared to deploy on a moment’s notice anywhere on the globe to extremely austere and demanding During the first 10 months of this year, the Army kicked out 1,625 soldiers for being out of shape, about 15 times the number discharged for that reason in 2007, the peak of wartime deployment cycles


NO SHOTS WERE FIRED Not a single bullet was fired in self-defense at Benghazi! Obama must be so proud we didn’t antagonize the attackers. From recent testimony: “From the accounts I read, those guys were not ready. When the attack came that night, they had to go back to the other room and grab their weapons. Then the worse part about it was they never even returned to be with the Ambassador. One returned to be with the Ambassador with his rifle. The other two went back to where there were [sic] barracks. And two stayed in that same building where there were radios and other weapons and the safe and other stuff was there. There were no shots fired in return. On the embassy property, just the embassy property, none of those security agents blasted a single bullet from a single pistol or rifle at all in defense of the Ambassador—nothing.”

Liberalism always defines itself by contradiction

Liberalism always defines itself by contradiction. Marijuana is now legal in Colorado for those over 21 AND for private use; marijuana, however, can neither be smoked in public nor sold. You, of course, note the contradiction in this meaning of legal or approved but not a liberal Democrat. Guess who printed this about a fallen titan of industry in 1906? He was unique in practicing “the doctrine that the true policy of a public service corporation was to deal candidly, fairly, and honorably with the public.” These words of praise for the deceased head of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Alexander Cassatt, come from the late, great New York Times, which over the years has succumbed to rampant liberalism. Alexander Cassatt, a rich baron of his times, was the responsible sponsor of the marvelous construction of Penn Station and its tunnels. Are good guys in business really rare?

Monday, December 10, 2012


Barack Obama’s not black. If he were, he would be fat, like all traditional, black, African potentates who sat astride their thrones surrounded and served by subjects poor and thin but worshipful. Older ‘folks’ ( a word liberally used by Obama to refer to his subjects of which I am not one), are gradually fading away along with our definition of what it should mean to be President. Ample vacations, gourmet grazing and frequent golf should be reserved for retirement from the Oval Office, not for it current resident’s lifestyle. Our President’s wife and children would not vacation at will at taxpayers’ expense. We believe in enlightened, conservative governance and deferred gratification. Good thing us fools ARE dying out. When we are gone, our ideology will be gone too. So, Obama’s neither big enough nor black enough to wear the crown of African-American - much less dear leader.


For your amusement: IF HUMAN NATURE WON’T BEND - USE A BIGGER HAMMER Swedes can be remarkably thorough in their pursuit of gender parity. A few years ago, a feminist political party proposed a law requiring men to sit while urinating—less messy and more equal. In 2004, the leader of the Sweden's Left Party Feminist Council, Gudrun Schyman,proposed a "man tax"—a special tariff to be levied on men to pay for all the violence and mayhem wrought by their sex. In April 2012, following the celebration of International Women's Day, the Swedes formally introduced the genderless pronoun "hen" to be used in place of he and she (han and hon). Egalia, a new state-sponsored pre-school in Stockholm, is dedicated to the total obliteration of the male and female distinction. There are no boys and girls at Egalia—just "friends" and "buddies." Classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White have been replaced by tales of two male giraffes who parent abandoned crocodile eggs. The Swedish Green Party would like Egalia to be the norm: It has suggested placing gender watchdogs in all of the nation's preschools. "Egalia gives [children] a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be," says one excited teacher. (It is probably necessary to add that this is not an Orwellian satire or a right-wing fantasy: This school actually exists.) The problem with Egalia and gender-neutral toy catalogs is that boys and girls, on average, do not have identical interests, propensities, or needs. Twenty years ago, Hasbro, a major American toy manufacturing company, tested a playhouse it hoped to market to both boys and girls. It soon emerged that girls and boys did not interact with the structure in the same way. The girls dressed the dolls, kissed them, and played house. The boys catapulted the toy baby carriage from the roof. A Hasbro manager came up with a novel explanation: "Boys and girls are different." Hunter College psychologist Virginia Valian, a strong proponent of Swedish-style re-genderization, wrote in the book Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women, "We do not accept biology as destiny ... We vaccinate, we inoculate, we medicate... I propose we adopt the same attitude toward biological sex differences." [We must Force them to be Free} RELATED STORY The Most Complicated Words in English: 'He,' 'She,' and 'They'

Sunday, December 09, 2012


AND IT SHALL BE CALLED OBAMALAND “The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.” –from “Harrison Bergeron,” by Kurt Vonnegut

Those who cannot forget the past are condemned to inflate it.” Oh, goody.

DEBT: “Two fundamental facts have created an apparently insoluble dilemma for the global economy, and have turned countries like Argentina and Greece into victims of an impossible logic. First, debt continually grows; second, there is no really satisfactory way of getting rid of it. . . . The analogue in the world of debt negotiation is that a new start that allows borrowing to begin all over again is also impossible. A cleanup is impossible. That leaves only one solution: pile on new claims to such an extent that old debts appear paltry. Those who cannot forget the past are condemned to inflate it.” Oh, goody.


James DeLong’s insightful 2012 volume, ‘ Ending ‘Big SIS’ ‘ Environmentalism is also a strange place, morally. From the start, the movement overstated the benefits of federal regulation; pollution in the United States and everywhere else has declined steadily for decades as wealth has increased. The rate of improvement did not shift much after the deluge of environmental laws, though a curve of the costs would certainly show a steep rise. Because of the movement’s strong religious component, the True Greens have been pushed into difficult positions, advocating irrational and destructive policies to respond to tiny or illusory risks…. Naturally, all doubts about the moral supremacy of the claims of these groups are furiously rejected by their advocates. Much of their power within their own organizations depends on maintaining their clients’ sense of outrage, and they do not want to lose their leverage on the political system. So they continue to play the card of moral outrage whenever they are challenged. And it continues to work well enough to roil our politics.


WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Maxine Waters To Become Senior Democrat on Financial Services Committee. “This is really an extraordinary development. ‘Flabbergasting’ might be a more apt word. Leave aside the recent ethics investigation over whether she used her position on the committee to help a bank her husband was involved with (which ended with her chief of staff getting reprimanded). Maxine Waters reliably delivers the craziest questions and the most bizarre speeches on that committee, and tends to demonstrate a stunning lack of grasp of the committee’s core subject matter.”

Who deigns to design nature’s creatures for the appreciation of man?

“I, a grown man who had survived a terrifying war, the loss of a wife, and, of course, many fine friends, had let the life on one insignificant, no-account, one-legged bundle of almost worthless feathers move me to compassion.” Why? Why do certain, special creatures invade our hearts? The writer Mel Ellis, above, in 1973 refers to a mallard duck rescued from a muskrat trap in 1966. Ellis later philosophizes in 1970, that ... “ at the expense of being called anthropomorphic bleeding heart, I’ve got to believe that it took some sort of extraordinary kind of courage, some special effort beyond the basic laws of governing survival” for his duck Peg Leg to have survived and weathered, though injured again, a severe winter. Mel continues: “I think I must amend that now to say that among animals there seems to be many kinds of courage, just as there are many kinds of survival, some of which do not even have anything to do with physical death.” Who? Who deigns to design nature’s creatures for the appreciation of man?


Free-Rider Problem Shifted – Indeed, Intensified – Not Solved Posted: CAFE HAYEK 08 Dec 2012 05:15 AM PST My column today in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review discusses the economic (il)logic of Social Security, Medicare, and other schemes whereby everyone attempts to live off of resources confiscated from others. Here’s a slice: As currently arranged, Social Security allows today’s retirees to free-ride on other people’s money. By voting for candidates who promise to maintain (or even better, to increase) Social Security’s stream of payments to each retiree, retirees free-ride on the earnings of current workers. Or if Uncle Sam borrows the money to pay today’s retirees, these retirees free-ride on the earnings of future workers, who will be taxed so that Uncle Sam can repay his creditors. If it’s crazy to believe that individuals will selflessly contribute adequate amounts of money to a voluntary fund — that is, selflessly avoid the opportunity to free-ride on others — it’s just as crazy to believe that people will selflessly refuse to vote themselves benefits to be paid for by faceless others.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Education for Job or Self-esteem

Which of the two views of American education is correct? First, a teacher says: "I'm afraid we are taking out all imaginative reading and creativity in our English classes. "In the end, education has to be about more than simply ensuring that kids can get a job. Isn't it supposed to be about making well-rounded citizens?" Next, a critic says: Standardized testing, standardized curriculum and still no redeemable results in the children other than those standardized results. Decades of trying to cram square pegs in round holes by self-important, ivory tower government academics tethered to unions whose history and roots are mired in communism. To what end? Has anyone been outside their comfy little suburban homestead and visited the inner city public schools lately? Has anyone questioned the league of 'church' aides employed by Soros organizations to 'reach out' to inner city kids and implant the concepts of socialism in those troubled youths? The answer to the above question is both - in part. If a kid can’t become literate enough to get a job and support himself, what good is the self-esteem of a well-rounded education? American education needs to prioritize its goals and impose a system to accomplish those goals. If government keeps pouring taxpayers’ monies down the educational money pit without a corresponding and steady improvement in literacy, occupational or life skills - why perpetuate the fiction?

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The WEIRDest people in the world

2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences paper called "The WEIRDest people in the world?" in which the authors argued that far too many sweeping claims about "human nature" are drawn exclusively from samples of Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) societies.


I PROPOSE THAT THE TERM ‘CONGRESSPERSON’ BE SUBSTITUTED Madhouse of Representatives "The House voted on Wednesday to strike the word 'lunatic' from all federal laws," the Puffington Host reports. The vote was 398-1. The lone dissenter: Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Men at Work, Women at What?

Men at Work, Women at What? "A construction crew working on the campus of Ohio's Sinclair Community College was forced to halt work until it removed a 'Men Working' sign that was deemed 'sexist' by a college administrator," reports National Review's Eliana Johnson: A spokesman for the college told National Review Online that the incident, which occurred on November 21, stemmed from the school's "deep commitment to diversity," and that it takes that commitment "very seriously.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

What slows progress?

What slows progress? According to LIFE magazine that profiled GM’s extravagant “Futurama” exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s Fair’s “World of Tomorrow: “America in 1960 is full of a tanned and vigorous people who in 20 years have learned how to have fun. Of course, cars would travel on 14-lane superhighways controlled by radio signals from towers. Of course, the happiest people would live in one-factory farm-villages producing one small industrial item and their own produce. Of course, liquid air is by 1960 a potent, mobile source of power. Of course, houses are light, graceful, easily replaced. Of course, almost everyone is a high school graduate. Finally, of course, politics and emotion still slow progress. But these obstructions are treated with dwindling patience in 1960. Not in soon-to-be, 2013. Politicians and their media servants and feelings-driven living today stymies progress. Technology and democracy were the dual themes of the 1939 New York World’s Fair, but in soon-to-be 2013, technology ( at the discretion of government) barely breathes and democracy’s dead. How did we get here from there? Boss Ed Crump from Memphis, Tenn. was elected 25 times and assisted in 92 elections without a single defeat. Being a consummate machine politician ( but honest) Crump advised: “ If you drive hard, others will hit the same stride. If you hesitate in forcing an organization, those down the line will also hesitate. Don’t sit down in the meadow and wait for the cow to back up and be milked – Go after the cow.” This, of course, explains the triumph of liberal, Democrat politics as of 2013. Good advice for Republicans would be: “Never put a sponge on the end of a hammer if you expect to drive a nail.” Of course, the answer to life in the 1930’s holds true today. Sherwood Anderson said: “The big world outside now is so filled with confusion. It seemed to me that hope, in the present muddle, was to try thinking small.” Of course, here in soon-to-be 2013, all things loom large. Very large. Common wisdom in the 1930’s supported FDR and New Deal for America. Yet, Father Charles E. Coughlin, 2nd in popularity to President Roosevelt as a political speaker, took a strident opposing view to America’s savior. Coughlin evaluated the hailstorm of programs and regulations created to help America out of the Depression. “President Roosevelt has both compromised with the money changers and conciliated with monopolistic industry. This spirit… has not disdained to hold out the olive branch to those whose policies are crimsoned with the theories of sovietism and international socialism. … He who promised to drive the money changers from the temple has built up the greatest debt in history, $35,000 000,000… When any upstart dictator in the U.S. succeeds in making this a one party form of government, when the ballot is useless, … Mr. Roosevelt is a radical. The Bible commands ‘increase and multiply,’ but Roosevelt says to destroy and devastate. Therefore, I call him anti-God. …“ Coughlin was 1st and last an anti-Communist because they “promote the cause of atheism in America.”

Obama's Imperial Presidency

ERIC CANTOR DENOUNCES the Imperial Presidency. And the ensuing economic depression caused by “regime uncertainty.” When “laws” are created without going through Congress; when laws are selectively executed; when an administration intervenes into the normal judicial process and diminishes an individual’s property rights; and when the normal regulatory process is circumvented, the rule of law is eroded. All of this increases uncertainty. Individuals, families, and businesses now not only face uncertainty with respect to the policy decisions made by government, but they face uncertainty as to how those decisions will even be made, Numerous economic studies and surveys indicate that uncertainty itself (which is certainly increased with the breakdown in the rule of law) also hinders economic growth. While Administrations of both political parties have been known to test the bounds of the limits of their power, the breadth of the breakdown in the rule of law in recent years has reached new levels.