Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fiction in the White House

Hannah Arendt observed that fiction requires no rules or accountability. She said that "actuality...depends...upon...the nontotalitarian world." From her book about totalitarianism, I apply this statement to the present occupiers of the White House. What does Hannah mean? Having studied Communist Russia, she notes that if nothing is real, if reality is merely a continuous lie or deception, truthtellers have no chance to be heard. Totalitarianism has no rules; all is flux and expediency to further its ends. The amorphous replaces truth rooted in fact. I like to sum this sad state of affairs up by simply saying, "Liberals lie." Without a totalitarian regime, without a dictatorship of the liberal mindset, citizens would be free, but as it is in the dream world of Obama, anything goes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why read?

Why read? Only a poet can reveal the essence of this question in a few words. Emily Dickinson writes that there is "no frigate like a book." Reading you can sail in your imagination or plow the depths of new information. Escape yes. Abandonment no. Who can truly be human and alive without eyes fixed at least one hour a day upon the pages of a chosen book?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not well initiated?

"Those who are not well initiated," were referenced today by a spokesman for vets returning home, troubled, maladjusted or unemployed. Excuse me, aren't we all in some way faced with a daily problem or struggle? Excuse me, but aren't members of the military paid with generous salaries and benefits? Excuse me, were vets not judged competent enough to serve their country? Excuse me, why have they no savings to fall back on or no coping mechanisms in place for their change in lifestyle? Excuse me for noticing that any syndrome in vogue like PTS is bogus. To the concerned commentator offering help to "those who are not well initiated," I suggest first a trip to the dictionary followed by a period of meditation.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay Pride?

Abraham Lincoln said about the question of slavery and secession at the time of the Civil War,... "We must settle this question now, whether in a free government the minority have the right to break up the government whenever they choose, If we fail it will go far to prove the incapability of the people to govern themselves." And so be it today when a minority can 'ram' gay marriage down the throats of most Americans who choke on the thought that homosexuality or lesbianism defines a marriage. The majority of moral or Christian citizens consider gay pride a gay shame but the courts, ala liberal judges, rule in favor of the loudest and most politically correct. 10% perhaps rule? In fact, even less. But America is on the move according to Mayor Bloomberg. You, I and fellow travelers know in what direction and with less and less power to govern ourselves.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Four Horsemen

French president Valery Giscard d'Estang in the 1980's called the crises in energy, food, population, and economics, the "four horsemen" of the modern Apocalypse. Has this prognostication changed? Only if you know it to be false. Our president Obama makes a statement that "now is the time to focus on nation building at home." He also said that "we can't simply cut our way to prosperity." Oh,yes,we can.

No energy, food, population or economic crises exist except in the minds of liberals who can't penetrate the mist through which they view reality. The only way to prosperity IS less government intrusion.

To cinch my case about contradicting reality, one need only to listen to 'ads' on radio. A woman points out that heart disease runs in her family so we must ALL do something to prevent it. One woman dies every.... etc. etc. etc. Of course, one can't prevent something that 'runs' in a family and it's useless to solicit funds for intervention and prevention.

Public service announcements render citizens a disservice.

Friday, June 24, 2011

School Out

Now that school’s out for summer vacation, it’s appropriate to admit that schooling truly is out. Public education has failed to lead students out of ignorance. What is the cure? Academics and excellence have been replaced by fluff, public service, athletics and high self-esteem. Many valedictorians, not few are chosen at graduations. One prom king and queen do not suffice. Most students from kindergarten through college receive A’s, place on some type of honor roll or receive an award. Yet only 9% of 4th graders can identify Abraham Lincoln.
The Record-Herald dutifully displays photos of award-winning athletes, but how much depth or meaning exists in a national fitness award whose requirement is only the 50th percentile of performance? Even a Presidential award only requires the 85th percentile. Whatever happened to win, place and show? Furthermore, student athletes need only maintain a 1.0 to 1.5 grade point average (out of 4.0) for eligibility.
Elementary school classrooms feature ‘citizen of the month.’ Have you noticed that almost every student in the class is photographed? Do losers dare to exist? Why must ‘cooperation,’ for example, be encouraged as part of schooling when it should be expected? Why is independent achievement scorned?
The time-tested classroom curve has disappeared in which during the course of a normal class, A’s B’s C’s and D’s and F’s distribute themselves in the pattern of grades. A few at the top, a few at the bottom and gradations in between.
We also can’t ignore the prevalent problem of crime in the schools. Each incident over the years is more disturbing than the previous one. Recently, a 17 yr. old Columbus, Ohio sophomore in 10th grade (already not on a normal timetable) shoots and wounds two people. With jeans hanging in the balance near his knees and the cuffs of his pants trailing the ground behind his boots, he is no poster child for proper attire and respect for learning.
Furthermore, bullying has invaded the culture. After Jessica Logan hung herself, a federal act is being proposed that would require schools to expand bullying policies to prohibit harassment by cell phones and computers and train teachers to combat cyberbullying. Why must taxpayer dollars be diverted to help solve this problem?
A collection of snow, heat, emergency and teacher conference days hinders regular learning. Last days of school are apparently throwaways. Locally, an AP high school government class’s last days of 2011 were spent helping out at the dog pound. An elementary school’s included fun in the bounce house.
The loss of schooling has an inverse relationship to government spending. Fewer students in the nation’s classrooms have resulted in the hiring of more teachers with higher salaries. A recently created $500 million dollar program is designed to solve the problem of fidgety children. Called the ‘early learning challenge,’ it will educate both teachers and parents so that 5 yr. olds can ‘sit still in their seats’ in class.
Neither smaller classes and newer buildings nor billions of dollars of ‘investment’ has significantly raised test scores. Under 20% of elementary and only 12% high school students are proficient in American history. Students receive numerous chances to pass the Ohio Achievement Assessment test. They practice to be prepared, are counseled to be relaxed and review what they should have already learned. After the test, teachers must adjust their teaching methods ( like a general after a battle).
Obviously, failure in school cannot be an option. We have alternative schooling to help raise grades. In WCH, 2nd chance schooling is designed for trouble-makers, drop outs or potential failures. District sponsored charter schools in Ohio coach students who have failed classes, been expelled, dropped out or trail behind academically. Programs for ‘credit recovery’ prove that funding for warm bodies is at stake.
In our nation’s colleges, the downward trend continues. Remedial classes substitute as the standard entrance requirement. Four, five or six years of subsidized leisure follow. College campuses thrive on watered down learning and diversity training. They spike the experience with appealing food bars, hot tubs, saunas, pools, rallies, gyms and hotbed housing for reckless drinking and hookups. What student would base his choice of a college on the ambience of the library?
It’s time to reconsider whether citizens should fund a permanent vacation from learning. One source of the problem is the lack of PPP - proper prior parenting. Why are 1000 government feeding stations In Ohio during the summer, needed to feed the children? Two parent families are a thing of the past because one parent, a guardian or a grandparent now carries the child-rearing load. Yet no excuse - money, stress, work, time, trouble - should be accepted for a student’s lack of understanding the meaning of respect or readiness to work.
Another solution seems to me to lie in privatizing all schools. Consider the Medina, Ohio school system which spends $9921 per student. Teachers receive $3,244 per pupil. In spite of expensive, taxpayer-funded education, parents in Medina pay additional fees. A few examples are: $50 for honors classes, $152 for AP classes and $33 for chemistry. The excuse is that the district needs to raise money because of cuts in state funding. If a $5000 voucher were given directly to parents, they could enroll a child in a chosen, private school, whether for academics, athletics or a trade.
PPP and privatization will only work if the principle of a disciplined work ethic is the modus operandi of both parents and schools. No time like the present to drain the public education swamp.

30 for 30

Our big O says we will release 1 million gallons of oil from our strategic reserves every day for 30 days and ... the price of gas will go down. How great is this? Too put fact into perspecitve and thus totally destroy confidence in our country's future after this pseudo Messiah get through with it, know that our reserves are 727 million gallons. 30 from 727 equals - as usual - liberal, liberation insanity. We're fools if we do not etch into our minds the deceptions continuously perpetrated on this administration. No one can predict with certainly when the price of oil will rise and fall.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going backward

Take away the 30,000 troops of the surge and we're back to about 70,000. How are we withdrawing from Afghanistan? Obviously the Taliban knows we are not returning them. 570 troops were casualties under Bush; 970 under Obama(a rate 66% higher). Who's going forward? Bernanke uses words like 'weakness,' 'headwinds', and 'softness' to describe our economic progress 'going forward.' I guess Obama sees progress the same way as Bernanke - going forward which is actually going backward. Somewhat like "leading from behind".

I'm sure most Americans are tired of Obama's regime of contradiction and politically correct 'kenetic activities'. In the 2 months preceding D-Day, the Allied air forces lost 12,000 men and 2000 planes. Now that is kenetic activity. Fighting drones are not. What is to be done? Lenin was just the symbol and inspiration for disaster in Russia; Obama is real.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Game for change festival

At a Game for Change Festival (?) Al Gore spoke of the need for 'the ubiquituous availability of fertility management'. Parents should not exceed the replacement rate which means having only 2 kids. Girls and women should be 'empowered' to choose the number of children and their spacing. Yet, men's and women's sexual urges need not be curtailed in this brave new world. OVERPOPULATION demands this fix. 1st, there is no overpopulation. Trust God on this one because He usually manages to wipe out large numbers with natural catastrophes now and then. 2nd, how can America, for example, have an obesity epidemic if we suffer from overpopulation? 3rd, the person speaking, might I remind you, is a former vice-president of the U.S.A.

You say Al says there is no God? Trust me again to point out that the non-existent He has allowed this insane man with his free will to blaspheme (play God).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Skimmed chocolate milk, baked fries and whole grain pizza crust - who is kidding who in Los Angeles? The population being mostly Hispanic, these 3 servings in the schools are obviously aimed at the obese students who must eat nanny's food offerings. But can we grow 6ft6in basketball or football players with this diet? How will children get around these repulsions (and of course, they will).

Photos of decayed and rotten teeth, infected gums and diseased lungs to deter smokers - who is kidding who? Should we tolerate nanny's warnings aimed at the free choice of Americans? Surely, smokers too will 'get around' these deterents ( as Americans always do).

I heard a public service announcement from Michelle's let's today and that did it. Metaphorically speaking, maggots have eaten away at liberals' brains until only mush remains. No more winning athletes, no more stunning scholars, no more self-reliant individuals in the nanny government's realm. Obesity and hunger are now our country's dual crises. Anorexic dictators in our future? Go figure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What's good and old

Dig out a trowel if you have one. Know that it plops down a layer of cement and then smoothes it over. Know too that 'laying it on with a trowel' is synonymous with sentimental slop in a film. But is this good? You betchya. Watching a 1934 movie called "Bright Eyes" with Shirley Temple, I yearn for the good, old days when the optimistic, cheerful, sweet, innocent, thoughtful child can be contrasted with the spoiled brat and the audience be expected to root for Shirley with the curls. We need to lay goodness and light onto our culture today with a trowel because man oh man(in both romance and fatherhood) we've lost manhood and femininity. One's heart can feel good and one's mind can rest in the truth of simplistic characters and clever plots that actually engage you as you anticipate the unfolding climax and denouement. How many children do you know today with 'bright eyes' AND BRIGHT SOULS?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy (Fat) Father's Day

Happy Father's day! I'll plunk a plump chicken greased with olive oil and coated with lemon pepper onto a pop can 1/2 filled with wine. I'll pop it into the oven for 2 hrs. at 350 degrees. I'll serve it accompanied with home-made-on-the-stove gravy thickened with flour and margarine and cheesy scalloped potatoes also hot from the oven. The crispy skin, the source of tasty fat,is stripped off and feasted on first. Flesh follows.

My local radio station suggests that it being Father's Day, I should give him the "gift of better health." Thanks but no thanks for the usual, useless, insulting advice. Living and acting contrary to everything heard from the news media and our benevolent dictators in Washington today - is the only way to health and happiness. Happy Father's Day to my one and only man.

Friday, June 17, 2011

safety net into spider web

Obama's fundamental transformation of America turns the safety net of government into a spider web of ultimate destruction. Government no longer is the last resort but the 1st line of defense for victimhood and helplessness. What dies in the entrapment? Individual freedom.

I am encouraged after I read a letter to the editor from a resident from the wealthy suburb of Chicago, Lake Forest, Ill.( I hale from the middle-class center of the metropolis) who shares my views. Elites like Messrs. Immelt and Chenault with more money than brains have no clue about job creation. Simply doing the opposite of what this administration has done will cure the economic malaise. 1. cut federal spending. 2. reduce corporate, capital gains and marginal income tax rates. 3. scrap ObamaCare starting over with market-oriented principles 4. reduce federal regulations 5. produce a budget that encourages living within means 5. stop the EPA from attacking energy production and power generation. 6. stop bowing to unions 7. stop the NLRB from preventing companies from expanding in the U.S. 8. focus on energy exploration and extraction. 9. stop using the President't office to play the class-warfar/envy card. 10. stop threatening to raise taxes on the rich and successful.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Lies

If I am reading a chart correctly ( and doing so summarizes information quickly ), the latest First Energy Plan from the Obama Pentagon, is another big deception foisted upon the American public. Only 2% of U.S. oil consumption comes from the Federal government. 98% is civilian consumer driven. Of the Federal government’s 2%, the military, the Defense Department uses 93%. Of that 93%, 77% comes from petroleum which represents 680 trillion BTU’s. How much comes from renewables/other? A piddling 9.1 trillion BTU’s.

Now comes the great lie. The strategy to be fleshed out this summer from the Pentagon, promises to develop more energy-efficient weapons, embrace non-oil energy sources and demand more energy-conscious behavior from the troops. Investments in biofuels and renewable energy will increase. The Navy has experimented with a great, green fleet.’ The strategy is to concentrate on reducing the energy consumption of operations including training, deployment and support of military forces. An Admiral is quoted who advocates spending an “extra dime here to save a dollar down the road...”

Pray tell how are we to believe a reduction possible in the consumption of 680 trillion BTU’s?
Are we to believe that a devotion to and concentration of attention on renewables/other will in any measurable way save money in the long run ( based on huge layouts in the near term ) or put a dent into the 77% of petroleum? Coal, natural gas and electricity already figure 2x., 8xand 10 x more heavily in the mix of Btu’s.

Concentrating on increasing the present 9.1 trillion BTU’s on renewables which are 76 x less utilized is ....CRAZY. No, a CRAZY LIE,

Monday, June 13, 2011

all is contradiction

Four examples that all reality is lost in contradiction. Locally, the city pools are free BUT a $1.00 leisure fee is required. A policeman is sentenced to 2 years in prison BUT is released after serving only 19 months. 98% of apples contain residues of pesticides BUT they are within amounts considered safe to eat. Obama highlights an LED plant in U.S. BUT most of the light bulbs are produced in China. Perhaps the asterick after the apple report reveals the truth. 85% to 98% of apples, grapes, strawberries, cilantreo, potatoes and oranges washed after 10 seconds in water still contain traces of residue. So believe nothing you, care less. BUT get on with your life in the real world of contradiction.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pennies on a sidewalk

Pres. Obama, and his entourage, flew from Washinton to Detroit for him to give a speech to Jeep workers in which he announced that the government sold its stake in Chrysler to Fiat for 560 million dollars. He crowed as if this was some sort of stroke of genius and fiscal acheivement. Doesn't he know the government spent over $560 million dollars in the time it took for him to fly from Washington to Detroit?

Waste and bumbling continues at an ever faster rate and Obama thinks he is being fiscally responsible when he picks fallen pennies off the sidewalk.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Outtage rage

I'm outraged as usual when I read that HEAP again sponsors the summer 'stop the outtage' giveaway. The elderly,who can't possibly be elderly at 60, (I'm not) and those who qualify for medical conditions,who can be anyone nowadays according to the panic-mongering government-sponsored media,can receive $175 toward electric bill payments or an air conditioner. My used air conditioner cost $25. My electric bill ranks high on the priority list of must-pays so other issues are ranked further down. My gripe is that even though I may theoretically live meagerly within my means at poverty level(I like to call it poor in spirit),the government gives 'summer help' to 'low-income' households that are not even at the poverty line, but at 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

There is no such thing as 'no' in our giveaway culture. No swift and sure justice. No cutoff date that is not revised. No equals maybe, no calls for a re-do, no often means yes. There's no poverty line, no case without an exception. No black and white. Just grey giveaways and compromises.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Where do they come from?

Liberals can reconcile contradictions like "he's a liar but he did nothing wrong." Where do they come from in this administration? Ms. Blair, the FDIC chairmman, claims that stricter regulation won't hamper economic recovery. Surcharges on risky financial systems won't cause lending to contract. Obviously, knowledge of the risky basic premise of lender with money vs. borrower who wants money eludes her. Punishment discourages profit - except in her liberal thinking. Also, Ms, Blair likes the idea of requiring higher capital levels to dissuade financial institutions from getting too big and to make it more expensive to expand. Our liberal big brother in Washington can never be too big, but business can. Just as the Obama administration aims to "necessarily bankrupt the coal industry," the FDIC aims to punish lenders and dictate their levels of capital. Try to decode the rationale of this liberal's thinking: "The problem with lending now has nothing to do with capital. It's combined risk aversion on the part of banks and consumer demnd." Duh. Just the opposite - disregarding risk - is what got America into the financial crisis in the first place and just the opposite is what the government forced the banks to do over the years.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

At school wounds two

I clipped a picture on 1/18/11, of a student escorted to a police command post after a shooting at a California High School. The 17 yr. old sophomore with a gun was a tall black dude with a backpack and pants approaching his knees and with fabric from his jeans dragging on the ground well below his shoes. You get the picture. It's a picture of the state of education in America today. 17 and a sophomore? No idea how to dress respectfully in a institution of learning much less respect for human life?The gun, the shooting and the wounding of two people just ad to the horror of it all. Police, of which there were 8 to count in the photo, packed lead and surrounded the 'suspect.' Yes, each murderer is a suspect, nowadays. Each non-student should be an ex-student. Each school should actually be an institution of learning not violence. Blah, blah, blah.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sad state of public education

So sad, the state of current public education. Attempts to discredit and discontinue charter schools. No attempt to encourage Christian or Catholics schools. Attempts to cater to Muslim or atheistic beliefs. No attempt to foster learning at all costs, even the cost of failure and expulsion. Locally an AP class spent their last few days of high school helping the local dogs of our county dog pound. Doing what you ask? The article did not specify.

What's school for? More teachers, apparently. Nationwide, student enrollment decreased by 157,000 students but teachers increased 81,246 from 2008 to 2009. I kid you not. Productivity is down, spending is up; unions and gov't programs guarantee billions of dollars of waste. Where is the pursuit of academic excellence in this mix? Nowhere. I can prove it with examples in Ohio with our local Ohio University scandal from the coach to the quarterback and on down. Student athletes are nothing but commodities, gridiron meat, sacred and cottled.

A parallel universe exists in our public grammar and high schools and colleges where there's no rigor or excellence in education because that risks students feeling bad about themselves by failing to acheive, by not graduating or by dropping out.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

'oinks' like a pig

If it 'oinks' like a pig and produces 'pork' it's a liberal Democrat. Anthony Weiner joins a disturbing list of elected officials) mostly liberal Democrats) who have lost a sense of morality. There's no point in asking them to resign; only power and money-hungry sociopaths enter politics or entertainment anyway. What a list of pigs: Bono, John Edwards, Timothy Geithner, Al Gore, Eliot Spitzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Tony Weiner. Let's also remember Bill Clinton. Forget the minor league Republican sinners of the recent past. Each pig's an immoral elitist, guilty of tax hypocrises, sexual indulgences and/or aristocratic socialist lifestyles. Common characher flaw? The lie.

No I'm not holier than thou, but I pass every stress test for conservativism which naturally negates all of the above transgressions. Even if I sin, I admit it, repent and move on. Pigs just move higher up into political positions of power and try to influence other people's behavior. They master the lie which also includes 'doublespeak'. They impose upon us pearls of wisdom like the explanation from the EPA that outlawing incandescent bulbs will "empower consumers with lighting choices." No choice, just dictat.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Man vs. Animal

Basically, man can be happy with good food, good drink and good company. Animals at the top of the evolutionary ladder can only seek food, seek water and pursue solitary or group living. Are we - should we not be - superior to the animals?

Unfortunately, there's now bullying. Where do humans stand with regard to this issue? The Jessica Logan act is up for consideration which was inspired by Jessica hanging herself in her bedroom as a consequence of intolerable bullying, after her nude cell phone photo was sent around her high school. Whoa... 'her nude cell phone photo?' Who took it? Why? Did her mother know? Basically homo sapiens should know what's right, wrong, appropriate or ill-advised thanks to the power of self-awareness and reason. No nude photo, no ridicule, no whispers, no filthy text messages, nothing would have been possible if PPP (proper prior parenting )had existed for Jessica and Jessica herself exercised common sense dear to the survival of the human species.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Meaningless education

Current public education is meaningless. Gifted and talented children in kindergarden already? High school students receiving fitness awards even though their performance on a battery of tests is only in the 50th percentile? Why even present a Presidential award for fitness to achievers of the 85th percentile? Do agility, endurance, speed, muscular strength and flexibility fulfil the definition of education? Can a 4 or 5 year old be identified as gifted and talented or other children just mediocre and normal? I've had it with the waste of money on the state of affairs in public education. I'll cite a 3rd example in which a teacher instructed her class about the 5 most evil villains in history - Hitler, Manson, Geo. W.Bush, Dick Cheney and Osama bin Laden. How can the horror of such instruction be allowed?

Education should be the 'drawing out' of the mind. The body is secondary. Privatize schools at all levels - elementary, high, college, university. Eliminate pre-school. Make kindergarden optional. Kill off education degrees, replacing them with degrees in a subject dear to a teacher's heart and then turn the teacher loose.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Welfare society

44% of total gov't. spending is on the big 3 - Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 25% is spend on education, infrastructure, agriculture and housing. Gov't. also foots a bill for defense and interest payments on the national debt. This budget is capable of giving you a $4 trillion dollar headache. Minor pain comes from knowing that the feds spend $265 billion and the states spend $200 billion on Medicaid. A migraine results from just trying to get one's mind around the number of zero's involved.

I can’t help but think of the famous Heinlein quote: “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded- here and there, now and then- are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.This is known as ‘bad luck.’” I add that it is also known as the nanny state.

Here is a 3-part solution to the problem of our welfare society. 1. Get the gov't. out of subsidizing health care. ( Prices will fall). 2. Get Americans to save for their future and buy health insurance to cover costs. 3. Get a leader to highlight the small minority of right-thinking people and exhort each person to strive to become a responsible saint.

As an aside, did you know that Michelle Obama received $100,000 a yr. as a diversity consultant until her husband became Illinois Senator whence she earned $350,000? After she became 1st lady, guess who filled her vacant position? -0-

Friday, June 03, 2011

I'll choose my plate

The American appetite has demonstrated for over 40 years, a total disregard of the government's food pyramid. I have every confidence we normal people will again choose our own plates. Proteins, grains, dairy and 40% of 'additional' calories have traditionally been on our menu, No new four-way divided plate with an emphasis on vegetables, grains, fruits and a small dairy on the side makes a whit of difference to us now. .gov is the key to the contradiction of nannyism and a failure to control. Here's a shout out from us to them in government, " Nobody cares."

Government is always the problem and the source of hypocrisy. GM, GE, Verizon and AT&T receive gov't funds - paid for by us Americans - to subsidize their early retirement benefits. The UAW receives twice the amount of the above 4 corporations to support them. This fact shows the hypocrisy of the constant complaint in Washington about big corporations and rich CEO's controlling our country and deserving no support because they do not pay their fair share. Yet they get supported every time they show that they are 'too big to fail.'

Furthermore, nearly half of the cost of state and local governments is to pay for benefits of state and local employees. Too many Americans work for the government with liberal and unsustainable benefits. A happy tune is sung by 22 million takers but other taxpayers sing a sad song because they must pay the bills.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Useless Nannyism

During the recent Ohio heat wave, public service announcemnts exhorted the public to follow suggestions such as staying indoors with air-conditioning, wearing a hat outdoors, and "filling your gas tank at dusk." From the left, of course, insanity prevails. What's the point of filling the gas tank at dusk? What rational person would alter his behavorial, recreational or work schedule to fill his gas tank at dusk? And why? This usless nannyism comes in additional, multitudinous forms from the left. Another example is the claim that in addition to 2nd hand smoke causing health problems, 3rd hand smoke from clothes, furniture and carpets can be dangerous. Balderdash!

Of course, I know what lies at the root of this useless nannyism problem - lack of Bible reading (and personal Faith). In 1979, 99 of 100 homes had a Bible. 65 million adults believed in the inerrancy of the Bible. The Bible was translated into 1685 different languages here in the U.S. Now, just extreme thumpers on the right cling to their Bibles, according the the left, and American has slid into a sink hole of useless nannyism, rooted in the absence of common sense and religion.

Another example of nanny government is Medicare. In 1980, the price tag was 50 billion; today it is 500 billion and growing. Personal responisibility is just another casuality of useless nannyism.