Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Americas

“Yikes!. The contrast!” Between a Nevada Tea Party and a Los Angeles Rally!
“Well, I’m concluding the blatantly obvious here, but…” from a blogger...
A. = Searchlight, NV + tea party rally
B. = Los Angeles, CA + anti-war rally
A. = Patriotic, Peaceful, Apple Pie Americans
B. = Unhinged, Anti-American, SCARY looking LOONS

A. = Bring the weenies and tater salad for a friendly Backyard Barbecue
B. = Bring pepper-spray

A. = Aunt Patty, neighbor Juan, Dad & Mom
B. = Jihad Jane and Hanoi Jane meet Baghdad Bob and Disgruntled Draft-Dodger Dick

A. = I ♥? America
B. = Silence, I KEEL YOU!

It’s Jefferson Davis vs. Abraham Lincoln time again. Taxing the white tanning bed patrons and not calling it racism and condemning the black Menthol cigarette smokers calling it good for their health. Hypocrisy! Two Americas! Libs vs. conservatives. The contrast between the two recent assemblies above is SCARY. Where are we heading? Like the plot and tragedy of ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell, the ruling class of Democrat pigs re-words everything for political gain and turns every old rule upside down. Two socialist, marching legs on all of our Washington elite are NOT GOOD. My four-legged dog and cat friends look better and act smarter.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected by a national vote of hope for change. Really! Look it up. Afterwards, Seward, the Secretary of State, said, “It is high time, high time, that we know whether this is a constitutional government under which we live. It is high time that we know since the Union is threatened, who are its friends and who are its enemies.” Bets were going to be called. And then... South Carolina seceded from the Union and other Southern states followed. Civil war. SCARY.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lincoln vs. Davis debate

We live in troubled times that try men’s ( and women’s now that they are legally equal) souls. In the years preceding the Civil War ( also called the War between the States) the country divided along the lines of slavery, right or wrong. The divide today between pro and anti- government control and spending is not dissimilar. Jefferson Davis believed (to his dying day) that slavery’s origin was in a Divine Decree - the curse on the “graceless sons of Noah.” Slaves were the white man’s inferior. Their liberty would be a curse. Abraham Lincoln, cautious and ambiguous, at first, eventually spoke out and campaigned against the sin of slavery, its moral wrong. Wrong vs. right centered the Lincoln/ Douglas debates in 1860.

Obama represents the wrong. For example, the idea that a child created out of a “mistake” ( not a wrong) is a “burden” on the woman (especially if she were one of his daughters). Abortion therefore, is a right ( pun intended). Similarly, liberal Democrats like Obama, our present Congress and Democrat politicians believe health care is a right. They believe that governmental control of any aspect of our life they select, is good. The citizen slave to progressive power is inferior to the elitist oligarches who ‘know better.’ We schmucks are like ‘graceless sons (and daughters) of Noah.’

Sarah Palin has pointed out these modern day Southern plantation owners, calling them out as bondholders on our liberties. No wonder the divide between Americans grows wider each day. No wonder the media and the President’s overseers ( often called Czars ) malign us sons ( and daughters) of Lincoln. Whenever - in their inherent hypocrisy - they attempt to invoke the Great Emancipator, (Lincoln) for political purposes, I well up with anger.

What specifically led us into the Civil War? Stephen A. Douglas’ ramming the Kansas/Nebraska Bill through Congress in 1854. Look it up. Not even a decade of discontent and disagreement elapsed until the North and South took up arms. Douglas had “acute myopia, amounting almost to blindness,” a famous author, Bruce Catton, of this period in history, notes. “He ( Douglas) was indifferent to the moral aspects of slavery.” As a result of the outrage in the North to allowing slavery into new territories, the Republican Party came into being. ( The Democrats were solidly behind slavery).

If Obama is Douglas, is Sarah Palin the avatar of Lincoln? Americans against the takeover of our liberties seethe with anger. Changing direction is not optional; it’s a moral imperative. Remember too that the 1856 Dred Scott Decision establishing the Constitutionality of slavery and the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Compromise, was wrong ( the Supreme Court being mostly Democrats). Look it up. It went against the beliefs of a great number of citizens. Sound familiar? Eventually the final arbiter was the polls. A Republican Lincoln was elected President in 1860. Change the word Republican to conservative in today’s climate. Ironically, America again stands at a contested crossroad. Who will lead? Where?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mountain out of a mole hill

I saw a movie last night, A TASTE OF HELL, about the Philippines in 1942 during World War II. Realistically, it ended with every protagonist and antagonist dead. The last scene of the film displayed the words “AND SATAN SMILED.” Yes ... depressing. but...

The Great Dissembler would also be grinning over the Democrats’ present campaign to blow up the danger in the anger of protesters of Obama’s new, universal health care bill. Exaggeration and misdirection rule. Foul-mouthed, uncivil rhetoric and demonstrative, illegal and criminal activities and violence - hallmarks of liberal protesters - are (have been) ignored by the media since the 1960's. But today’s pushback by Republicans, Independents and Conservatives against socialized medicine is being demonized by the left ( a tactic right out of Saul Olinsky’s book RULES FOR RADICALS. A few ‘problems’ are engorged as “overwhelming.”

A one-man propaganda machine from the Southern Poverty Law Center says that it is “astounding to see this wave of vigilantism,” referring to a few instances of emotional disgust for the passage of the health care bill (socialized medicine). When Democrats protested the Bush presidency, however, it was healthy democracy in action. When their ‘enemies’ pushback liberals call it “astounding” and “vigilantism.”

No... there’s nothing new. A mountain rises when in reality a mole hill exists. Liberals (progressives, radical leftists) as usual, invert reality. Satan is pleased. Words like “outcry” and “overwhelming” are being used by Democrats. Any image or wording is a “threat.” Only a person on the left could complain about a “piece of s...” with free speech impunity. Only a leftist could label a conservative a “dork” and go unnoticed. A leftist calls it justifiable anger when a black right-wing ‘nut job’ tea bagger is beaten to a pulp. So goes life in the alternative realm.

Yes... Satan utilizes the time and energy of liberals to build his mountain of accusation and fear out of a mole hill of evidence.

As I have pointed out frequently in this blog, a study of the obvious is a useless tool of liberals, designed to push an agenda or manufacture fear. A study shows that women after 50 will gain 5 pounds thanks to genetics and biology; only a daily hour of exercise will stave off the weight gain. Agenda anyone? Another study reports that an overwhelming number of poor people use the computers in public libraries. Duh! Agenda anyone? Mandate exercise and/or provide it? Provide computers to low income homes and/or mandate them?

The brouhaha today is over the government takeover of another aspect of our lives. Instead of comparing the tea party attendees to the peaceful demonstrations of Martin Luther King, the left demonizes them as ‘tea bagger’ terrorists. The lowly, non-violent mole hill becomes a mountain of liberal lies. No... there’s nothing new under the sun ( and shade).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's spring

Numbed by saffron
Narcotics of spring,
Sunny daffodils surround
My house, a golden perimeter
To burnish my spirit
Uplift my soul, sunk no more
Into winter. Narcissus knew
To love beauty and truth but
Paid the price. I collect his reward
Of thousands of flowering darts
Shot at my heart which leaps up
With joy and gramercy. Red-breasted
Cheerleaders also jaunt on my road.
With me, they celebrate the rite of spring.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An operation

“I need an operation but I don’t have any money. Obama care will pay for it.” Why not? Why should 40% of Americans that think other Americans should pay for their operations out of their hard-earned money? Why so much support for Obama’s new socialized medicine? America now tilts toward Europe’s way of suppressing self-reliance and freedom; this after we liberated the West and East from oppression in two World Wars. How ironic! We are now on the one road of serfdom that traverses both the East and the West.

Today, 3/23 in 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his great speech ending with “Give me Liberty or Give me Death,” in St. John’s Church, in Richmond, VA. After hearing a citizen in a free America that a revolutionary patriot wanted to create, demand someone pay for her operation because she chose to not practice self-reliance, I suggest another operation. On this historic signing away of ‘traditional’ America, some patriot should pound a second crack into the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. A formal ceremony would be nice! One crack represents our past, but the new splinter will aptly represent the two Americas that have been created by Obama care and the liberal Democrat government’s take-over of a citizen’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A basic problem of government and history is: How far does a government depend upon psychological factors for the maintenance of its rule, and how far do psychological factors depend upon economic conditions and political power? The progressive Democrats cleverly created and tapped into panic during the recent economic crisis in order to gain power. They have reached beyond the limits of our Constitution and Republican form of government. Their vocal minority has ruled over the will of majority. It now makes perfect sense for some who have, thanks to responsible and moral living, to pay for the operations of others. To whose liberty and whose death would Patrick Henry now refer?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter duty

The Democrat liberals have done their Easter Duty. Christ hung on the cross and died so that men could be freed from original sin and redeemed into a brave, new world blessed with free will. With the passage of the Obamacare health bill on a Sunday in Lent, freedom died and the politicians applauded!

Irony or fate? We children of God received the gift of choice which is unfortunately often abused. Pictures on the Internet of Catholics for health care taken by the media in Washington prove my point. They shame me and my religion. But I am not surprised. Nothing surprises me. Nothing is new or shocking on earth since Adam and Eve exercised free will and were banished from paradise.

On the Lord’s Day, during a time of significant Catholic religious observance, the social justice politicians ( i.e. socialists, progressives, migrating Communists ) fulfilled their Easter duty. They didn’t follow the Church’s teaching on fasting, abstinence, confession and communion during Eastertide; instead, in one night, like on one day Good Friday when Jesus changed the course of the world, Congress chose to alter the course of freedom in my beloved America. Government now substitutes for the free will of the people.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Earth is the “footstool of God, the home of His redeeming pilgrimage.”

This is how a self-described philosopher, agnostic, socialist, Pantheist writer, Will Durant, defined his fulfilling existence on earth. Granted his contradiction between language and living, we know that this author of a wonderful metaphor and penetrating observation could only have been a liberal, because contradiction (hypocrisy) defines a liberal’s essence.

Whatever happens tomorrow with the vote for socialized medicine, the essence of progressives will not, cannot change. But politics should not excite us too much. Politics according to Will Durant, is not life anyway, but only a graft upon life. Under its vulgar melodrama the traditional order of society quietly persists, in the family, in the school, in the thousand devious influences that change our native lawlessness into some measure of cooperation and goodwill. Earth will continue to be the footstool of God where we rest and refresh ourselves for the walk ahead and where we will continue to reap the rewards of His saving grace.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Misdirection and deception

Ariel Durant evaluated a young politician as “a young Apollo offering to devote his agile mind and proven courage to the task of leading America between the Scylla of reaction and the Charybdis of Communism.” Is not this appraisal of John F. Kennedy equally appropriate to our now chocolate Apollo, Barack Obama? Equally deluded are supporters of JFK and dupes of the big O.

Bishop Sheen in the early 1960's said that “it takes more courage than brains to know God.” Jerome Welch clarified this statement to Ariel Durant’s husband Will by noting that doubt is a kind of intellectual suicide whereby the mind rejects the very truth for which it was made and naturally inclines.” Again is this not true of the deluded Utopian progressives following Obama’s leftist agenda? The appeal is not to truth but to emotion, consensus, reconciliation and agnosticism.

The socialist Will Durant wrote in 1963: “Let us say, humbly but publicly, that we resent corruption in politics, dishonesty in business, faithlessness in marriage, pornography in literature, coarseness in language, chaos in music, meaninglessness in art.”

Let me say that even from an agnostic socialist with Pantheistic overtones, Will Durant, from a liberal who sui generis lived a long life mostly seeing the world upside down imbued with his dream of a compromise between capitalism and socialism - I’ll print the truth when I read it.

Read paragraph 3 again dear reader, and weep for our beloved country.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Misdirection and deception

“Democracy can be destroyed only by its own incompetence, extravagance, disorder and dishonesty; Christianity can be destroyed only by forgetting the simplicity and sincerity of its Founder; great civilizations and states must break down from within before they can be conquered from without.”

“Let us begin ... and proclaim ... the return of discipline to our homes. The result (of a libertarian education... a pleasant indulgence of parental love) is an adolescence without responsibility, a maturity without character; and the maturity of our children will not thank us for the liberty of their youth. To exact nothing of a child that its intellect cannot understand and approve is the depth of the nonsense to which some of us dedicated ourselves in the days of our dreams.”

Who could have guessed that an unrepentant, agnostic socialist, writer and lecturer, Will Durant, would speak words of wisdom to us today? The deceptions expressed by our governing politicians - from President Obama on down - and the misdirections employed to create a post- American era, are designed to corrupt our Republic from within its institutions and our youth from within their homes and schools.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A rule for radical obama

His studies at Columbia and rising income helped to dilute the radicalism of Will Durant, in 1914. Reason and science entered to change his thinking. “Now I saw that struggle not merely in plants and animals, but as well in the competition of man against man, of woman against woman, of class against class, of state against state, of religion against religion, of idea against idea; competition is the law of life. In this view the socialist call for a warless and classless society seemed doomed by the processes of nature and the resultant nature of man.”

“Moreover, the study of psychology indicated that variety and inequality are rooted in the needs and method of evolution as a survival of advantageous differences in the struggle for existence. ... All men are unequal, even at birth, in physical qualities and mental capacities; and congenital superiorities combine with environmental differences in developing acquired inequalities, In every society the majority of abilities lies in a minority of men; so, in every society, some concentration of wealth is natural, and grows with the complexity of te economy and the unequal value, to the community, of diverse talents in its individuals. In light of these ABC’s it became clear to my budding brain that the communist ideal of equal rewards and a classless society was biologically impossible, and that socialism would have to reconcile itself to a considerable inequality of possessions and power. The natural concentration of wealth could be checked, now and then, by remedial legislation or disruptive revolution, but after every interruption it would soon be renewed.“

The rule here for radical Obama is that the playing field can be temporarily leveled by socialist, progressive legislation and politically correct rules and oppressions, even a revolution, but ultimately the curds, milk and cream will settle themselves out and resolve unnatural attempts to control human nature and human progress.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Immigrants no longer simplify and Americanize their names like Hollywood stars and other foreigners did at the turn of the last century. They retain names impossible to pronounce or speak. Wilawan Watcharasakwet is a male or female who contributes articles to an English speaking popular, national newspaper. Beats me how this writer can be identified or signified by a co-worker. Does this matter? Who cares? Behind the scenes this phenomenon repeats itself all over America. Behind the scenes fellow Americans also don’t know or realize what Washington politicians, the Congress and their President plan for the future of their country. Again do they care? The Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi, Progressive Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, recently expressed her wish that with the passage of the Health Care Bill, artists, photographers and writers would not have to work a regular job. They instead would be provided full health coverage at the expense of their fellow citizens who work at regular jobs. Wouldn’t hers be a great world for elitists living off the dole of the proletariat? You betcha! The time has come to drag the monsters out of the closet and into the light of the truth of their ugly, dangerous, big government agendas.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


“You must live alone, if you wanted to preserve yourself, if you understand existence, if you wanted to attain wisdom, you had to live alone.” These are the words of the old stag from BAMBI, the novel by Felix Salten, subtitled A Life in the Forest spoken to his beloved friend, Bambi. “Singleness” was the stag’s very first words to Bambi and virtually his last as he walked into the forest to die. “There is Another who is over us all, over us ( deer) and over Him (man), the wise old stag reminds Bambi.”

Each of us is alone. Alone to chart our destiny, alone, alone in the hour approached by the old stag in BAMBI, alone to be the person we were meant to be. ...Unless liberals step into our lives. Bruce Graham, the architect of the Sears Tower ( now the Willis Tower) in Chicago, charted his own destiny which just happened to include smoking. Still, he lived to be 83, contrary to what liberal nannies try to tell us about smoking curtailing a life. Liberals they try to mandate cigarettes out of existence. Without his cigarettes for recreation, compensation, inspiration or diversion, what would Mr. Graham, the creator have done? ion is a suffix meaning ‘go’ as in a state of being. What could, would, should, have this man been without his freedom of action and thought specific to him and him alone? Including his addictions.

Is it not true that only Another is greater and wiser not the liberals, the government, the nannies or the scolds who try to tell us how to pursue happiness in our singular lives?

Incidentally, BAMBI is a must read.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Tectonic snow
Undulates on the horizon
Like a mirage as a wave of starlings
Rises and falls in flocks over the sunlit ground.

Swoop after swoop they
Chatter in tree tops, ascend,
Descend onto the greening earth,
Black wings beating to the pulse of spring.

Screeching a new season,
Thousands in throngs (millions
Strong) reprise this ritual surrounding
My home and elsewhere, their awesome rhythms.

If the urge to peck
Possessed these avian swarms
A blink would mark my passing, but
Not a mad March, scary, cyclical, athanasia.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Useful study

Finally, a useful study. Men on skateboards reacted to women observing them with greater displays of daring and do. Testosterone kicks in to prove that evolution and genetics control behavior. What would be abnormal according to this scientific evidence? Homosexuality. So, what further proof do we need of natural vs. unnatural behavior, morality aside. Except for liberals, of course. What is religion to liberals in the form of science is thrown out the window when an agenda takes precedence, the justification of homosexuality. We rational people will never understand liberals - or should we try.

As Peggy Noonan expressed it today, we are “mourning in America,” a play on Ronald Reagan’s special, optimistic phrase, “morning in America.” In contrast to sunny Ronald Reagan, our dark Knight, the big O, preaches doom and gloom once in office even though his campaign message was one of “hope and change.” “Hope and change” have morphed into mourning. It looks like socialized medicine will be his Easter gift that keeps on taking away. Then again, America’s most expensive commodity is ignorance. George Eliot, the writer, said that we are “all born in moral stupidity and the world is an udder to feed our supreme selves. “ Ayn Rand or Spinoza couldn’t have agreed more. America and the rest of the world have in too many ways advanced stupidity to an unsustainable level. Blatant contradiction determines human behavior. For example, citizens elect conservatives to state offices because they don’t want politicians to spend their money but they elect liberals to national office because they want politicians to spend other people’s money ( which is, of course, still theirs). No consistency here in logic or common sense. Also, civilization has advanced to the stage where a decision must be made between the sage grouse as an endangered species or progress in wind, oil and gas energy. Another example is that of a ‘stupid’ local shoplifter who lands himself in the hospital after trying to swim a river as his getaway. And now the Cash for Clunkers program is succeeded by an Appliance Energy Star Rebate program that again requires a outlay of 10 times the amount of the ‘savings’ from an inefficiently run, ultra complicated, government program. When will ‘stupid’ consumers learn? In Zurich, Switzerland the triumph of animal over human is proven when laws require fish tanks and bird cages to have one opaque side to provide security for the inhabitants. I say, put liberals into the cages and tanks and set the ignorant creatures free. How could we be any worse off?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Skinny Cooks

Mabel Hoffman of Crock Pot cooking fame, just died at 88. She wisely observed that, “Skinny cooks can’t be trusted.” Skinny people don’t cook delicious, fattening food or eat it; Mabel did and lived longer than most phoney, calorie-counting wraiths. Why does this remind me of a phrase I heard years ago in my youth, “Don’t ever trust those damn Dems? ” Those damn Democrats, like skinny people, always maintain a fiction that their vision of reality is real when in reality it’s fiction. For example, the lie about the ‘tea baggers’ spread by damn Democrats. Tea party protesters are non-violent, civil, patriotic citizens. In contrast, today’s crazed damn Dem protesters of education cuts in California are violent, foul-mouthed, weapons- rich thugs whose behavior just burnishes the good reputations of peacemakers like Martin Luther King and Chandi.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


We are entering the Obama era of BBB, beans, bullets and band-aids. We conservatives will need to fight our way out of the progressive trap that has and is being set in America to capture and then euthanize liberties. Beans will provide nutrition, bullets will defend us and band-aids will protect our wounds. BBB represents common sense which contrasts starkly with GSS. Absent a vowel, you get the idea that GSS means green, socially- responsible, sustainability, just three words for hot air. Hot air can stifle. Blasts of progressivism can kill. Immaterial lies are destructive. Obama’s hocus-pocus might be illusory but his and his party’s quest for power is real even though deceptive techniques aim to mask the goal. Wake up America and smell the poisonous vapors.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I can’t resist the perfect metaphor with this thought: “ Socialized medicine is a bitter pill to swallow.” Especially today when our big O Presidente Obama announces another variation on a dangerous governmental medication - unnecessary, unholistic, unprophylactic and wholly homeopathic prescribed as an overdose of spending and debt. Such a metaphor reminds me of another observation I made this morning while eating my egg yolk, sausage and potato. I only like what’s fattening, for example, cream, egg yolks and marrow literally sucked from a bone. I reject cooked egg whites, low fat pastries, light desserts, vegetarian snacks and substitute ingredients - you get the picture. Are my tastes genetic? Or is my appreciation of the best in food and drink a result of environmental conditions? I reject the latter possibility because exposure to a variety in ambrosia and nectar does not guarantee a gourmet. When I think about the inherent reversal of reality which typifies liberals (progressives, socialists, Communists ) I must conclude that, thank my God who is anathema to the liberals, I have been blessed with the ability to embrace truth. Great foodstuffs ( not just the good ) usually come wrapped in caloric packaging. If I acknowledge this reality, I’m in an alternative world from a liberal, where the lie is all.

Monday, March 01, 2010


In 1927, a writer about Russia’s October 1917 revolution asked, “How often has it happened in the past - it will probably happen again - that a small and relatively insignificant proportion of a population swept out an honest and irresolute majority by appealing nakedly to primitive instincts and elemental passions?

Too often, of course, and too recently - 2008. The ‘winner’ of the 1917 revolution, Lenin, won the empire with his oratory and 5 simple but powerfully appealing words, “ bread, land, peace, factories and power.”

Obama swept himself into office with TOTUS eloquence and the dynamic duo of “hope and change.” Were are we going? As the ‘loser’ in the Communist revolution, Trotsky said, “What is to be done?”