Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guess who?

“A free Government cannot but be subject to Parties, Cabals, and Intrigues. This perhaps may be form’d into an Objection against free Governments by the Advocates for absolute Power, but for that Reason it is of no Weight... some Opposition, tho’ it proceed not entirely from a public Spirit, is not only necessary in free Government of great Service to the Public. Parties are a check upon one another, and by keeping the Ambition of one another within Bounds, serve to maintain the public Liberty. Opposition is the Life and Soul of public Zeal, which without it would flag, and decay for want of an Opportunity to exert itself. It rouses and animates the Heart, raises Emulation, quickens and improves the Capacity, gives Birth often to national Integrity, and instead of clogging, regulates and keeps in their just and proper Motion the Wheels of Government.”

This notice printed in 1734 from the New York Gazette shows how far from grace America has fallen. The liberal Obama administration wants to restrain conservative opposition employing name-calling. Liberal opposition from radicals in the 1960's was OK but today protests must be quashed. Talk radio, conservative newsprint and politicians antithetic to current liberal policies must be silenced. Has the Obama’s administration no other goal than that of absolute power as stated above? Opposition was the life and soul of public zeal in 1734 designed to preserve liberty not tyranny. Why is it not in its proper place today?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Unholy honor

We morally and financially conservative Americans have traditionally been willing to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to the cause of freedom and self-governance. But Obama and his ilk represent a pledge to take away our lives and our fortunes to preserve their unholy, dishonorable agenda. The President’s recent midnight assignation with 18 dead soldiers for the sake of a photo opportunity, just vindicates my anger and the anger of all of us patriots still dedicated to our country’s Constitution. Pathetic, Obama’s lack of ( and knowledge of) shame! His exploitation of pathos for political purpose!

Our next conservative leader must have his or her moral compass pointed to the American people who made this country great and not pointed on himself or herself. Our next conservative President must not have more money than he or she will ever need and less brains than he or she will ever use. In other words, more money or power than brains (common sense and moral intelligence) has led us to where we are today. Obama spends our taxpayers’dollars like a drugged demagogue. It galls a cheapskate like me. What about you?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 'in' vote

Inspired by our President and First Lady’s birthday bash for dog Bo at which we taxpayers who cannot afford veal and sympathize with calf sacrificed on the altar of elitism, watch a mere canine consume a veal dog house -

Vote for your favorite in-chief.
Narcissist-in chief
Commandeer- in-chief
Caesar-in chief

Whoever wishes to occupy the White House subsequent to our present One, should consider the title by which he or she would be known?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hear ye, would be conservatives

Hear ye, hear ye would be conservative candidate for President. I have an anecdote to tell. Last night I watched one neighbor put a padlock on an old barn door to prevent a second neighbor from entering the premises. This security conscious neighbor is taking over residence from a previous neighbor who has vacated the barn. This morning I watched the second neighbor arrive at the locked barn door, ponder, and then simply side the entire locked double barn door sideways intact as he knew he was capable of doing any time he wished. Next he entered the barn. Conservatives would be wise to internalize the law of unintended consequences otherwise known as the law of unforseen circumstances. Either version of this law of the delicious inventiveness of the human species ( responsible for the black market throughout history) proves that self-interest and the entrepreneurial spirit will win against restraint every time.

Hear me, hear me ye would be conservative candidate for President. The free market equates with success. Government or any other venue restraining free choice will ultimately fail. Only the lie has a chance against capitalism and human freedom. Remember the example of climate change, a naturally occurring phenomena converted into a politically correct, politically expedient lie about global warming which is completely out of the context of environmental history. The lie about climate change is the greatest new public spending project in decades because liberals deliberately hide responsible science and truth from a gullible public. Remember too what the thinker Bret Stephens points out: the genius of Marxism is that it “feeds man’s neurotic fear of social catastrophe while providing an avenue for moral transcendence.” Isn’t this just the goal of the religion of ‘climate change?’

Monday, October 26, 2009

Man up Joe Queenan

Man up Joe, to your unintended satirical essay in the Journal of Oct. 26 on our hard-playing President Barack Obama. Yes, he earns his paycheck while wasting his taxpayers’ dollars tripping here, there and virtually everywhere, he dribbles on the basketball court while his country burns, he furnishes his public with exhibition cakewalks on tennis courts and world stages, he can go to Oslo before the fall of Chicago but not to Berlin to celebrate the fall of communism. To rehash an old catastrophe in New Orleans over the new, 2009 disaster in Georgia. Yes, Joe, your implied satire on Obama’s manliness works. It proves that Obama most resembles a mouse on the moon of his Utopian communist ( pun intended ) desire.

Sarah do you know?

Sarah, do you know that the hidden agenda of Obama’s encouraging children to stay in school and to learn and listen to their teachers really aims to fulfill the mission of indoctrination and re-education of America’s youth? Power to the teachers and teacher unions insures power to the President and his Communist agenda. Yet, a word like Communist, socialist, Fascist, progressive or liberal is not properly correct and descriptive when applied to Obama and his minions. Their goal is taking capitalism and freedom in America apart brick by brick or classroom by classroom. No doubt about it. The songs to Obama and his exhortations to go to college just reinforce his message that wealth must be re-distributed to its rightful owners and American history must be revised to debunk our country’s exceptionalism. Sound familiar? The attempt to overthrow the status quo has a long history. Mao, Mao, Fidel, Fidel, Che, Che, Chavez, Chavez, Ho, Ho, Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe - the list is endless of revolutionaries who want to restore power to the people ( a euphemistic phrase that masks a dictatorship on the way to a socialist Utopia that never will come to pass).

Sarah, are you aware that these are dark days when every word has a double meaning, an opposite intention and a hidden devilish detail?

Students do not need to stay in school; they need to think and seek the truth. This is the last thing that Obama wants. Half of this country still ‘gets it’ to some extent, so we cannot allow bodies of liberty loving inconsequentials to fall by the wayside. The Tea Party participants get it.

I’m an ordinary, flawed senior citizen who gets it. Do you get it?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Blog

Approaching the 4th anniversary of Uncommon Sense, I am aware of the uncommon paucity of visits to my site. I have preached in the wilderness like a tree falling without being heard.
Yet America is still in need of a positive, conservative and moral education. Education means a process of training and knowledge by disciplining and cultivating the mind (and other faculties). It derives from the Latin to "lead or draw out" from ignorance.

Ignorance in America today, according to Rush Limbaugh is our "most expensive commodity." "The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting," said Plutarch. "Genius without education is like silver in the mine," observed Benjamin Franklin. B.F. Skinner cannot be outdone when he says, "Education survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten." "Learning is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust...never fear...and never dream of regretting," according to T.H. White. "That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you‘ve understood all your life but in a new way," observes Doris Lessing. Even Pete Seeger got it when he said, "Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don’t." Again, "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows," according the Sydney J. Harris, a journalist. A basketball coach and commentat understands the practical part of education (common sense) when he says, "I think everyone should go to college and get a degree and then spend six moths as a bartender and six moths as a cabdriver. Then they would really be educated."

Well, liberals, elitists, socialists and snobs will never be educated, never stoop to ‘live’ in the common world of bartender or cabdriver. As George Orwell reminds us, liberals choose not to seek the truth. Not just liberals, but too many other Americans wallow in their spoiled lives and ignorance. Obtaining an education by a progressive discovery of one’s own ignorance is hard work and time consuming in a society that won’t put in the effort. Even though minds have limitless - yes limitless - capacities because they are immaterial, they continue to be wasted.

My final word in my final blog is that "all education is self-education." All the money and certified teachers poured into schooling will not remedy the knowledge shortfall in unready students.

Since attention has not been justified and no rich supporter has volunteered to fund my Presidential campaign ( remember I’m not going to sacrifice whatever I have managed to save over my lifetime), I say farewell.

I thank you my few faithful readers which my beloved and smarter half says have remained fairly constant over the last 4 years. I hope we have educated each other.

Go Sarah! You’ll never be a conservative equal to me, but America will take whatever leader she can get to save her from present sorrow and lead her into a brighter future.

Friday, October 16, 2009


LOYOLA UNIVERSITY October 16, 2009
Mundelein College
1032 W. Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660

Dear President,
In Mid-February the Gannon Scholars and Department of Fine and Performing Arts presented "The Vagina Monologues" to a packed house in Mundelein. Where has my Mundelein gone? As a ‘62 graduate, I am unknown, but as a life-long learner rather than a compromised politically-correct and morally corrupt discard of Mundelein, I ask again, where has my Mundelein gone? To h... you must answer. Why is there a Women’s Studies and Gender studies program? Is it just to graduate whiners and victims? And what else now holds sway?
I read that Mundelein also hosted a speaker, an eminent environmentalist and activist, to talk about "Sustainability and the Global Food Crisis." Oh double down on distortion and extortion! Why do you profile biodiversity, organic food production and social justice just coded agendas for socialism and liberation philosophy?

Never will I send you a penny of my saved money. My beloved English Professor Mrs. Ewers has donated $2,500 to $4,999 to you with I presume a clear conscience. Shame. Also I note one of my fellow classmates whom I did not know gave thousands to your institution. Even my President, Sister Gannon had the temerity to be photographed at an Annual Tea on April 19th at your now ‘modern’ edifice of learning.

As I said, I am unknown, but by my conservatism and patriotism could serve me as an alternative American President to symbolize and preach the need for a reversal of values.
Perhaps I’m the lone, conservative survivor of my defunct Mundelein College. Surely , I’m the sole candidate for President who philosophically represents a reversal of America’s direction. The types of freedom you platform - to be crude and corrupt, to manipulate and lie - do not define my Alma Mater or my beloved country.

Carolyn McLaughlin ‘62

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where has 'all' the stimulus gone?

86% of the stimulus money spent so far - and this represents a mere 1/3 of the 900 plus million dollars in the bill - has gone into the money sumps of political patronage, the HHS ( Health and Human Services Department), the Labor Department, the Education Department and Social Security. Pray tell, how could this selection of sops have created any jobs or ‘stimulated’ the economy?

Mid term election, dear citizens, vote out each and every Democrat on the ballot. Vote for any issue that will bring money or jobs into your state. Practice common sense and self-interest.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tragic falls

What is the tragic flaw that permeates people throughout history? Regressing to the beginning with the fall of Lucifer, I can identify narcisscism as the core of the tragic flaw. And demagoguery follows. Instead of a God-centered existence, narcissists concentrate on themselves. Which would narcissists appreciate more - a sunflower breakfast for squirrels or a bloody feast of the vampires? No need to speculate. A charismatic narcissist can turn the perception of reality upside down. He rides a black horse which his followers perceive as white. An anointed One speaks in glittering generalities which his sycophants hears as specific, satisfying calls for action. Obama’s Peace prize awarded for his hope of future success just makes my case for narcissism as the basis of all fallen angels ( i.e. devils).

Friday, October 09, 2009

Back to our roots

A few random thoughts, then the solution.
After10 days in office, the voting closed.
Awarded on the basis of speeches and words,
For "strengthening dialogue and diplomacy in the world,"
To the One with lofty intentions,
With his heart in the right place but his hand in other people’s pockets.
A triumph of the socialism of the world community,
EU, - the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama reeks.
Is it time for America to get back to her roots?
I’m as deep down a conservative as is possible.
D.V. Deo Volente, God wills it.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

20/80 sanity

Over the next decade 830 billion will be spent for the health care reform bill and 80 billion is the projected reduction in the national debt. 90% spending; 10% saving. ? ? ? Duh! Duh! Duh!

Doing the math, over10 years, some Americans will foot the bill for 830-80 = 750 billion dollars. But wait. This projection in spending would in reality most likely be near the trillion mark because liberal, government bureaucracy never comes in under budget.

So why should I hold out hope for America’s exceptionalism? America was born blessed without the trapping of a monarchy, with representational government honoring life, liberty and private property, without constant threats from contiguous neighbors to threaten our boundaries, with abundant natural resources and manpower to furnish our needs and growth and with belief in God and a moral code. Yet with so much going for us, some Americans today have no clue how to perpetuate our exceptionalism. They are the liberals, otherwise represented as progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, Fascists, reformers, visionaries, community organizers and politically or environmentally correct do-gooders. The list is long but luckily we 80% outnumber the crazies inhabiting their unreal, upside down world. The liberals ‘worship’ perverts and men who can brag they have ‘bagged’ over 1,000 women in a lifetime. Liberal politicians force other Americans to choose to forswear the economic privileges they enjoy. The liberal elite would allow other Americans to ‘foot the bill’ for their 830 billion dollar health care package as well as their other cap and trade, bail-out and spending bills.

Barack Hussein Obama, our leader will join them in seeing to it. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

80/20 AGAIN

There’s a 19% re-admission rate in PA. hospitals, representing about 58,000 patients that accrue 2.5 billion dollars in charges. The 80/20 rule apparently still holds because 20% of the population depend upon the 80% which includes taxpayers, insurance companies and the gov’t, to pay their bills. In this 20%, live the irresponsible and liberal segments of our society. For example, a 1986 World Series player who needs to auction his ring for $57,000 to pay off his 31 million dollar debt. For example, the IEA, the International Energy Agency, expects 100% of people to believe that over the next 2 decades massive investment in renewable energy will be needed to limit global warming when global warming doesn’t exist? In reality, only 20% will fall for this lie (many in order to line their pockets). For example, 20% of politically-correct do-gooders continually rework the English language changing words like ‘bum’ to ‘jobless’ to ‘unemployed’ and now to ‘worklessness’? 80% of us normals will obviously suffer the results of constant, confusing language. For example, the liberals’ agenda-driven advertising and public service announcements expect Americans to believe that 1/3 of workers will be disabled over the lifetime of their careers. Consequently, the need for disability insurance screams at them. If the 80/20 rule applies, 20% could be sick, injured. or pregnant temporarily while on the job, but 1/3 disabled? I suggest ‘rigged’ data. If 80% of the workforce are not on their jobs, who will pay for the social security benefits of other disabled Americans? Then there’s the example of the hypocrisy of the 20% who charged our last President George W. Bush with being too competitive who now decry the fact that President Obama and America lost in the competition to sponsor the Summer Olympics in Chicago in 2016. The liberal 20% always wants things their way, i.e. both ways at the same time, contradiction never noted or noticed. The liberal 20% in this country want everyone to be a winner but at the same time want only their selected winners like Obama, athletes, entertainers and Hollywood celebs to be honored. Though a contradiction, they want winners both ways. All children are winners in little league where rivalry sucks but all losers in any war where winning sucks too. Hypocrisy drives 20% on the left; 80% of Americans with reason and some modicum of common sense are in the right.

Monday, October 05, 2009


In a hierarchy, every employee rises to his level of incompetence. Sound familiar? Peter’s principle plays itself out at the highest level of American leadership in Barrack Obama. And to add insult to injury, contradiction is at his administration’s core. Pity poor America under Obama. We’re awash, drowning in liberal agendas.

First, two new government studies indicate that 1 in 100 children have autism disorders. Really! Why has the human condition at the healthiest time in the history of the world regressed? According to the studies, greater awareness, broader definitions and spotting autism in younger children may explain some of the increase. "The concern here is that buried in these numbers is a true increase," said the director of National Institute of Mental Health. Is this the best that an incompetent bureaucracy can do? Words like MAY explain, SOME of the increase and a TRUE increase obviously are designed to equivocate. Can there be any truth in the politically motivated lie that this study puts forth? There are, of course, lies, damned lies and then statistics generated by re-defining autism, by putting more spotters out there to count its existence and by including younger children in the data. Consequently the numbers will go up by design. This is business as usual in liberal land.

Second, I point out another example of business as usual. Following a drought, monsoon rains in India have flooded certain areas, virtually submerging whole villages. 200 are dead and 750,000 displaced. According to the STATISTICS above, the new estimate would mean that 673,000 children have autism. Now my solution to both the incompetency of nature and our liberal, Obama government in Washington: export our so-called autistic children to India. There where it truly takes a village to raise or lose a child, our flawed autistic children will grow up (or not) learning that only truth, i.e. realism, conquers lies.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Non comprehendere

One reason readership in upper class newspapers and magazines is falling might be the incomprehensiveness of its written content. That is, only elites speaking in their intellectual bubbles can understand each other. Strunk and White’s elements of style are long gone - and plain talk along with them. Speaking of youth today, a writer comments about their "vacuous and dispiriting moral relativism." i.e. they have no morals. A memoir contains an admission of "the ruinous romance of loss." i.e. regret. What is "reflexive modesty" when assessing a person’s personality? Beats me. I read that the yuppy boutique, Starbucks, has a "crunchy-alternative vibe." Again I’m at a loss for meaning because I can’t think and read in an alternative world.

The "Elements of Style" have obviously be re-defined. Obama and his opaque double-speak typify this transformation. My old days are gone forever. As I have observed, little of what has been written after 1970 contains ‘classic,’ readable prose. And poetry? Don’t ask!

As candidate for PRESIDENT, I would be plain spoken.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

If Ralph Nader can dare

If Ralph Nader can dare to run for President several times and write a current novel based upon his ultra-liberal principles that won’t die - and lose elections repeatedly as he will surely lose the agreement of most of Americans with his book today - I can dare to run for President. Fellow conservative Sarah Palin’s as yet unpublished memoir is already # 2 on Amazon, so truth is on my side. Conservativism, truth, justice and the American way will triumph. Now we need two examples of our opposition.

The upside down world of liberals calls for community living, for neighbor helping neighbor, for sharing the wealth and home-baked pies. Really? NO. Liberalism is about hypocrisy. When a mother volunteers to watch her 2 neighbors’ children at a bus stop for about 1 hr. a day, the scolds, the state-controlled nanny of freedom watch, says no. The mother is violating child care rules and requires a license. The contradiction between freedom and personal responsibility on the one hand and regulations that sacrifice freedom and money to the state on the other hand is what liberals live and love. Hypocrisy and contradiction. Communities should organize but only organize within liberal, politically correct rules that prevent self-determination.

A second example of hypocrisy and contradiction involves the liberal idea that the super rich (multi-millionaires and billionaires) who have made their money in international business and finance be forced to bailout the ‘poor’ and ‘less fortunate.’ NOTE, that super rich sports and entertainment figures are not included. NOTE, none of the above liberals support private, charitable causes to the degree that conservatives contribute to them. NOTE, super rich liberal politicians and CEO’s always conveniently exempt themselves by loopholes and exceptions from the mandates they demand. NOTE, the very idea that a citizen would aspire to become super rich is anathema. Enter Ralph Nader’s dream again.

Communism, not capitalism is the goal. Get it? Well the American people won’t. Elect me, Sarah and our kith and kin.