Thursday, September 02, 2010

Riding into Bankruptcy

Remember when anyone with ½ a brain tied behind his back could figure out the answer to a question? Well, today not even a 1/4 brain is needed when it comes to the sensibility of high speed rail. Political know-it-alls are pushing for high speed trains connecting 3 cities in Ohio. Top speed will be 40 mph not the touted 150 mph. The use of existing freight lines is opposed by the freight companies as unrealistic and dangerous. No proponent has ever asked, “What does the rider do when he steps off the train?” The dual-horned beast of the parking garage at one end and the car rental company on the other will be well fed, but does this idea seem sane? No way. No number of riders will ever travel along the lines to make them profitable. The answer, more government subsidies and hundreds of million of dollars for politicians’ fantasies.