Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ignore the 20th century

An egghead intellectual( academic who never held a real job)reminded me recently that the canon of political theory in colleges and universities today consists of 6 thinkers - Rousseau, Locke, Hobbes, Marx, Nietzsche and Machiavelli. Well, 5 of the 6 are not conservative, capitalist philosophers. No, they are socialists, radicals, atheists, pragmatists, typical dictatorial thinkers detached from reality. Another liberal intellectual recently said, "if your ignore the 20th century," Marx is a great guiding, intellectual light. Duh! Egghead elitists like to feel your pain but not actually acknowledge or feel pain.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Strike three

A human rights lawyer and reformer in 1914 considered the acceptable limits of the suffragettes' civil disobedience, which involved defacing the penny as part of their campaign for the women's vote:

"Defacing coinage is against the law, so there is that issue of whether it's ethical to break the law in certain circumstances. My argument would be that there are some times when in pursuit of human rights it is the only thing that people can do. As a lawyer I'm not supposed to say that, but I think there are occasions when the general public would agree, that somehow one has to stand up to be counted. Obviously there have to be limits of what we consider to be acceptable in terms of civil disobedience. There are some political acts which one would never condone, and grappling with the ethics of where it is appropriate and what is appropriate is difficult. The courage of these women was extraordinary, in that they were prepared to sacrifice their lives. Now of course today we have people who are also prepared to sacrifice their lives and one has to consider when and where that is appropriate. And I think most of us would say anything that involved harm to others has to be unacceptable."

What say you about today's OWS, the Occupy Wall Street movement of civil disobedience? Does it do harm? It is respected and excused in Los Angeles and other cities around our country. Liberals in acadedemia always preach protest and revolution from their ivory towers where they can 'feel other people's pain but never have to do the pain.' But is getting down and dirty in the trenches any less dishonorable? If harm to others is unacceptable, then all three groups ( I include the suffragettes) are guilty of dishonorable transgressions. We have moved from women defacing a penny to the OWS defecating in the public square.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving tale

My tale of Thanksgiving begins about 1976 when a 45 year old. single mother of 9 has a terrible and unfortunate automobile accident which eventually leaves her with one leg, replaced by a prosthesis. Over the years her times toughened. Fast forward to this Thanksgiving when she is happy to be able to continue to live in her home inspite of a heart condition and diabetes an almost homeless condition. Why? 1. The Homeless Prevention program, 2. the Rapid Re-housing Program and 3. the Family H.O.P.E. center stepped in to help. Soooo, her 'spend down' commenced to alleviate her financial woes. 'Spend down'? A government program called Title 19 which says medical bills from income must exceed medicaid for a 6 mo. period in order to receive assistance. (6 month renewals are possible). In addition, this nice lady (whom I knew for a few years to be personally nice to me), received benefits of:
1. rental assistance
2. landlord mediation
3. referrals to the Percentage of Income Payment Program for utilities
4. local food pantry
5. community meals
6. H.E.A.P.
7. Salvation Army
8. health department
9. Medicare RX Extra help
10. lower rates negotiation
11. budget trimming counseling

Impossible to believe? Remember that Perry Como song. "It's impossible?" No, it's possible that so much government and community welfare can survive through 2011. No comment... just have a happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Never trust a man too fit or too fat. I concluded this after watching former President/author Bill Clinton and writer/producer Michael Moore on Book TV. I will witness a balanced approach in a man (again) tomorrow on Thanksgiving when I look across the table at my lifetime partner. Also, I heard an ad on local radio from United Way about the importance of 'we' which manifests itself in their attempts to improve 'education, health and income' because we are all connected. Actually we not all joined at the communal hip. Each person is responsible for his own knowledge, well-being and finances. Staring at that familiar face during a great meal on a day of gratitude, just confirms for me that NO, we are not all connected. Only loving, committed couples are connected and rightly so.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give Thanks

A familiar saying that "you can't have your cake and eat it too," was problably created by a rational pundit. Many aphorisms were ( are ) rooted in reason and clever analysis of the human condition. Not so today. Liberals who control the media and popular thinking, say that you 'can have your turkey but can't eat it too,' because it is unhealthy and will kill you in the long run. So much of the killjoy pervades our current culture because of the death of common sense.

This Thanksgiving, I'm remembering the true meaning of freedom and Republican living. We Americans have never been patient. I'm sick of hearing from the Obama administration that we must be patient with the economy, with the slow rate of growth, with the return of the housing market, with the return of our money. Balderdash! Americans have traditionally been impatient with naysayers and their do-good punishments of progress. This Thanksgiving, let's eat hardy, drink deeply, think positively and dream foolishly for the day when liberals have been consigned to the compost heap ( a bin being too elistist for me) after a great and satisfying feast.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Good old days

How is it possible that nutrition and health care, which 'stink'according to liberal, agenda-driven activists, are supposedly responsible for the 1.9 million Americans now over 90 - a number that has tripled since 1980? How is it possible that the S&P Index has fallen 2000 points from its peak on 10/9/2007 of 14,164 to its present average of 12,000, so that I am forced to hope that my glorious nineties will finally find the stock back to(or above )its bygone all time high?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Throw in exactly, 3,300 hours of additional sheriffs' road work this Holiday season to prevent and catch drunk drivers. Stir in 1,200 saturation patrols. Add numerous sobriety checkpoints. Tie a red ribbon for MADD, on the handle of the pot. Stir in a great American smokeout day ( for the heck of it). What to you get? Exactly? A brew of insanity. A liberal witches' cauldron of stupid, ineffective, needless, costly and politically correct quack alchemy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Que cera cera

"The point is that for all of America's leaders' sincere concern for the fate of the Indians, they had a higher loyalty. The men who made national policy, from the eighteenth century onward, supported by a broad consensus among the white population, have had as their first loyalty the doctrine of material progress. They have believed in that doctrine more than in their Constitution or their treaties or their religion. America's leaders and America's white population have allowed nothing to stand in the path of progress. Not a tree, not a desert, not a river, nothing. Most certainly not Indians, regrettable as it may have been to have to destroy such a noble and romantic people.

Well, it was regrettable, but who is to say they were wrong? Who can possibly judge? Who would be willing to tell the European immigrant that he can't go to the Montana mines or to the Kansas prairie because Indians need the land, so he had best go back to Prague or Dublin? Who wants to tell a hungry world that the United States, cannot export wheat because the Cheyennes hold half of Kansas, the Sioux hold the Dakotas, and so on? Despite hundreds of whites ashamed of their ancestors, and despite the equally prolific literary effort on the part of the defenders of the Army, here if anywhere is a case where it is impossible to tell right from wrong.

The United States did not follow a policy of genocide; it did try to find a just solution to the Indian problem. The consistent idea was to civilize the Indians, incorporate them into the community, make them a part of the melting pot. That it did not work, that it was foolish, conceited, even criminal, may be true, but that doesn't turn a well-meant program into genocide..."

The words of Stephen A. Ambrose call to the mind, the true dilemma of America's Manifest Destiny vs. the question of legitimate ownership of this land. What will historically be, will be, when superior forces meet less civilized peoples... kinda like us vs. them OWS ( Occupy Wall Street) protestors.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Words to remember

"The trees were dripping quietly, monotonously, as if weeping for the death of the world." A comment by a soldier after World War I during a night rain.

"Never surrender your liberties to a foregn invader or an aspiring demagogue." A comment by soldier who fought in our Revolutionary War before his death.

What do these two sentiments have in common? Perhaps nothing but to allow me to evaluate current America. Common sense has died; political correctness has raised its ugly head. Moral leaders championing the free market have atrophied; selflish demogogues exercise a healthy control over their subjects.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reaching out

He wrote like a dream, Cecil Lewis of "Sagittarius Rising," (1936) fame, but did his gift admit him to Heaven? Cecil wrote: "I knew a vivid conscience could be worse hell than any priest or poet could devise." Consequently, Cecil forswore Divine Justice and Personal Immortality. God, however, gave Cecil enough time to change his mind, not calling him home until age 98. Did Cecil's conscience tell him to choose Hell or to take God's hand?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Public screwtiny

I heard about "similar scrutiny" being applied to college athletic programs after the recent Penn State screwtiny. My play on words is inevitable. Ironically, the pervert coach involved in this scandal wrote an autobiography entitled "Touched." Isn't a dictionary lesson needed now because the words hypocrisy, sodomy and homosexuality have all been perverted and ignored? Liberals celebrate the natural callings to lesbianism and homosexuality (virtually codifying them), yet the sodomy of young men is an outrage and a news story? Why no notice of this blatant hypocrisy? Oh well, who cares, if like me, popular sports holds zero interest. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and I have no intention of letting mine be 'screwtinized or corrupted by the insane hypocrisies of liberals. ,,, and their corrupt morals.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

To protect and to sever

Have you noticed (who could not?) that the mainstream media's job is to protect a liberal's a.. and to sever any truthful information about conservatives from the public's lifeline? To protect and to sever, not to protect and to serve as in the job description of a defender of the law, is the goal of liberal media. A paucity of truth and an overflow of deceptions and outright lies due to their perverted view of reality define the liberals' dominion over journalism and news coverage in what's left of 2011 and in what's to be 2012. No probing questions of Obama or his administration's ministrations and back door dealings. No investigations of Obama's background or his wealthy backers. No, just an agenda to tear down any opponent; no, merely obfuscation of his goal of transforming America into a socialistic European state and a 2nd (or 3rd tier?) world power.

It's so disheartening to be constantly bombarded by the liberals' perverted 'take' on our society. I saw an ad for a Military Pathways program which offers a website, for veterans sufffering from depression, alcoholism or ADHD - a triple, non-existent threat to healthy, common sense questioning of realities. The liberal media might protect and sever other citizens from facts and liberal insanities- not me.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Remember the phrase, "you'll spoil your dinner," preceded by a no after your request for a cookie following your walk home from grammar school down several city streets? Tennessee (and already Maryland) has forgotten this 'don't eat between meals' rule. But then Tennessee also chooses to not remember how children were raised by two parents with shared philosophies of meal offerings - 3 squares a day, perhaps an occasional evening or holiday treat. The score card read healthy enjoyment of foods and drinks 1; obesity 0.

Speaking of fat, my beautiful Ohioans just approved $66 billion in additional spending on pensions for about 350,000 public service workers by downing Issue 2. The score card here now reads Unions 1; taxpayers other than privileged public 'servants', 0.

Again speaking of pork, the Obama administration has doubled the national debt accumulated from the founding of this great nation from $5 trillion dollars to $10 trillion in just 2 years.

Liberals see hunger everywhere when none should or does exist but they act like greedy pigs.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Imps of the perverse

A program to help kids get away from sugar? Yep! They can take sugar out of the schools, a nutritionist said, but they "can't take it out of the students minds." Well, in 2012, America's re-creation of 1984, liberals certainly will try to brainwash our children. It's their last, best hope for change. It reminds me of another local program to counsel "generational criminals in order to reduce recidivism". The mind is a terrible thing to waste but that's the objective of all liberal, communistic do-gooders bent upon re-fashioning society to their utopian vision. It's evil; it's a perversion of nature and nature's realities.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Color blind hope

Bike shelters in Columbus, Ohio costing $300,000. Who pays for this liberal 'walkability' agenda? Taxpayers. A 7.5 mile road costing $76.8 million in Wilmington,Ohio ($10.25 million per mile) Again who pays? Federal and state money from taxpayers was used with the 'hope of stimulating the economy' and with the hope of an 'effort to redeveloop the Air Park.'

Taxpayers always pay for hopes that spring eternal in liberal breasts. We pay for changes too, if we consider the never-ending string of rules and regulations unwound by liberals that punish taxpayers' freedoms (again at their own expense).

Herman Cain's might not be our 'great white hope,'( no person is perfect), but he represents hope, nevertheless. We conservatives know that any change in the White House would be a change for the better. Now we have only dread of further waste of money and unnecessary spending other people's money from liberal governance.