Monday, October 31, 2011

Warning, warning!

Like a robot, the media shouts out the dangers of Halloween. Don't let the kids trip over their costumes. Paint their faces (except for those allergic to certain cosmetics) instead of masks which could obscure their vision. Parents, check online to find the streets on which registered sex offenders live so your children can avoid them. Feed your kids before trick ( no way ) or treat so they won't be hungry for candy. Better yet, give out healthy treats instead of candy. Approach only houses with lights. After the collection, throw out ( my conservative soul recoils) or give away what is excess or rejected. Make sure an adult accompanies the children. Since it's the 'deadliest day of the year' as a driver, look out for beggars. If your community has a buyback program, turn in the candy for $1.00 a lb. which can then be sent to the troops ( and kill them instead, with obesity-prone kindness). Warning, warning! Halloween is not worth the effort anymore.

Forget the fact that 45% of costumes are worn by adults who party hearty on this 2nd most popular consumer holiday of the year. Forget the fun of yesteryear when the spooky nights were for waxing windows, running amok, sorting through a sugary hoard and hiding it from your siblings for future consumption. Childhood has died a horrible ghostly death. As dead as the goblins haunting our politically-correct Halloween.

Warning, warning!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

No rubber room

What has replaced the rubber room? A pediatric swing secured to a steel beam above the ceiling. Pediatric therapy for childlren with autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder ( or other diagnoses) now can utilize the swing to redirect their energy to focus on listening and learning skills. It has many attachments to hold and secure children of various ages and weights. Rocking is the body's natural way to calm nerves. Don't I know. I shake my head hard enough to rock my whole body at such politically correct nonsense. It certainly calms my nerves but not long enough because the next best therapy is a stiff drink of sherry. The rubber room's been replaced by a swinging cage. Disregarding the truly few unreachable autistic children, what can one say when therapists are paid to 'help' children who have had no proper, prior parenting?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tattle tale

From 1709-1711, Addison and Steele in "The Tatler," tried "to pull off the disguises of cunning, vanity, and affectation." Luckily, 300 years later, some writers and thinkers still try to expose current examples of these 3 disguises in the Obama administration. The followers of Obama exhibit typical passionate behavior which tends to forget what's wrong with their passion and to blind themselves to how much is the right amount of passion in their cause. They trade the big view for one focused and contracted which, of course, distorts the shape of reality. Call them Obamaites, socialists, Communists, liberals, progressives, whatever - they always self-identify when they try to disguise themselves. Yes, they are deceptive, vain( with a narcissistic leader in the White House) and filled with airs of superiority.
OWS is a microcosm of their type of targeted and irrational activity. Keep up the good work, satirists, analysists, bloggers and commentators, keep tattling on them (as opposed to us and yes, us vs. them) by pulling off their disguises.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strongheart lead the way

Move over "Seabiscuit". I am pleasantly into a great read, "Rin Tin Tin." To continue yesterday's post,(Balto is correct spelling), I wish to point out that Strongheart (a silent film star of the 1920's ) led the way for anthropromorphism of the dog. ( Many canine stars preceded him and Peter the Great, another German shepherd followed him but he died tragically.) A caretaker of Strongheart developed a unified theory about humans and animals called Totality which allowed for a dog like Strongheart to teach human beings new meanings of "happiness, devotion, honor, individuality, loyalty, sincerity, love, life and God." Strongheart lives on. What people were doing, said J. Allen Boone of Strongheart, "was looking through a moving transparency on four legs, and seeing a much better universe than the one they had been living in." Doesn't this uplifting message starkly contrast with a phoney transformational pitch of 'hope and change' not long ago internalized by 21st century Americans? Man's best friend (not government)is still the dog.

Monday, October 24, 2011

every dog must have his day

There is no such animal as just a dog. Recently mine died. To my 100 (greatly appreciated) readers, I offer a testament, devoutly given, to 'man's best friend'. You and I have, and every other he and she has, had occasion to own or admire a special canine. I note Old Yeller, Sprite, Bullet, Baldo, Marley, Lassie, Stickeen, Bobby, my neighbor's newly acquired mastiff from the city pound, Sasha, and, of course, my recently departed Savannha. Let's each pray privately for a moment to the specially selected one for intercession in a happy passage to our greatly anticipated reunion beyond. Incidentally, I look forward to reading the popular, new biography, "Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Complex intellectual view by F.A. Hayek:
It is characteristic of much of recent economics that by ever new arguments it has tried to vindicate those very prejudices which are so attractive because the maxims that follow from them are so pleasant or convenient: spending is a good thing, and saving is bad; waste benefits and economy harms the mass of the people; money will do more good in the hands of the government than in those of the people; it is the duty of government to see that everybody gets what he deserves; and so on.

Simple view by blogger:
The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them

Friday, October 21, 2011

God help us

Great eagle, knower of the skies,
Of windy portents, eclipses and the dust-blown mantracks
Crossing and recrossing in quicksands and stone.
Under his scrutiny the revealed bones
And girth of the past; the string-led figures; the gods in the
The great spirit flies, sifting the air, translating earth shapes against
the moving screen.
Tame prounouncers, parrots, gulls and shamans utter cries,
Communicate their shrill distress; declare him less than the familiar
But the shadow of the spirit enfolds them all.
And here and there with shielded eyes
People have seen the steady wings and far light striking them,
And here and there recall how long ago the fire was brought,
The vultures and the rock, and will remember him.

This poem by Eugene Davidson pays tribute to revisionist historian and author, Charles Austin Beard. What is to be done? Whether I know the author's intended meaning of 'great spirit' is irrelevant. Just put capital letters onto this phrase and truth flies free. God help us now and forever.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The killing field

Jack Hanna ( from Columbus Zoo's past) echoed my sentiment when on Tues. and Wed. Oct. 18th and 19th in Zanesville, Ohio he spoke of the "unspeakable tragedy" that unfolded on that killing field. 50 beautiful captive, gifts of God - bears, lions, tigers, wolves - massacred because an evil madman opened their cages to 'freedom' and death. Yes, the devil proudly flapped his wings for another triumph over reason. I guess I don't really care to dwell too long upon the sadness of man's inhumaneness to animals but rather reflect briefly on the wisdom of the little prince of St. Exupery who said: "We are responsible forever for what we have tamed." The man who released his 'charges' to their fate and then killed himself, will pay for his crime forever. He opened for himself the Gates of Hell on that day of "unspeakable tragedy."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the brave new world

In our brave new world, I heard an ad for OSU's ( Ohio State University) "Endeavor Center." Beats me, what this means but then today catchy phrases override everything. Capture the language and you enter 1984. In the old world, however, in the early to mid 1800's, words held specific meanings. A translated, native canoe song from the Pacific says: "Good above all is the part before; bad above all is the part behind." The seat of honor in a native canoe was the forward deck and obviously, secondary or inferior was the place at the back of the boat. Looking out, therefore, meant a higher place than looking back.

Translate the message metaphorically to 2011 and we find that only be looking ahead to 2012 can we put an honored, conservative Presidental guest onto his (her) proper seat on the forward deck of our ship of State. Or else? We'll again find a radical re-organizer seated at the back of an over-loaded aquatic bus.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bible told them to...

Around the middle of the 19th century, a sailor who circumnavigated the globe on an American ship of discovery wrote: "I confess myself anxious to inspire you, my dear friend, with some little enthusiasm in the cause of geographical science. As you peruse these pages, I trust that they will awaken in your heart an endearing love for the sublime and beautiful in God's wonderful creation, and that they will bring you to earnest sympathy with those fearless pioneers of civilization who go forth in contempt of danger and death to add to the sum of man's knowledge of the world,to widen the boundaries of civilized existence, and to obey the first and last command of Almighty God, who has decreed that this earth shall be subdued and the Gospel preached to every creature."

Unbelievable that they be called murderers - all those men who explored and conquered unknown worlds. More unbelievable the wordy crap that flows out of my radio waves each and every morning. The phrase, "corrected exercises," was used to define an offering from a chiropractic and wellness center. Another phrase," Ohio intimate partner collaborative," was used to define an initiative during October's domestic violence awareness month.

Let's hope that the explorers of outer space in the future, do not carry with them our prevalent "political correctness" of mushy speech or they will probably suffer the same fate as those pesky, uncooperative natives of times past.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guess who?

Guess who?
"All space is filled with wondrous things,
Unseen by human eye.
Before us hover queens and kings,
With realms that float and fly.
It was wise of them to make a choice,
And decide to remain invisible,
For early in the game they found,
To be seen is to be divisible.
Finding the world is full of hate,
Afflicting alike the small, the great,
Knowing no bounds or social stations,
Enveloping towns, destroying nations,
Refusing all manner of Christian teaching,
Laughing aloud at the earnest beseeching
Of thoughtful men in thankless jobs;
Cynically calling them deluded slobs,
For presuming to hold that The Christ is living,
And all that's good is of God's own giving."

Does this have the ring of conservative thinking? A few more hints:
"I believe in my bones that my going from the liberal stance to the conservative was a totally natural reaction once I began to see the undisciplined elments in our country stimulating a breakdown of our system. From what I've seen of the liberal attitudes toward the young and permissive attitudes in the schools, and everybody pulling every which way from center,I consider these all inimical to the health of our nation. Those functionless creatures, the hippies, for example, just don't appear out of a vacuum. A few words came to me one day about their curious lethargy:
'Disturb not their fixed, eternal placidity,
Don't delay their rambling rush to nowhere,
Their need for nothing, non-requires validity,
Their boat is void demanding they go where
Nothin's a must and nothing's a rule,
Just to live and breathe and stare and stool.'
Finally, my mystery writer says: "To repeat, people like this just don't happen. I blame much of our problems with today's youth on the liberal boys, the gang with no fixed views of things, no absolutes."

James Cagney then writes: " I can now consider myself an archconservative."
Amen, I say, and may a sense of wonder Cagney treasured, rub off on some lucky, living souls.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Too small to be noticed

If nobody is too big to fail, why then is nobody too small not to be noticed? Enter the tea party, feared and demonized by lies as a radical, racist and unimportant segment of society in America. We are not too small to be feared. We will not be assimilated and co-opted into the Republican establishment or else. No, Al(Gore) we are not violent; your left is violent. No, William(Crystal) we are not an "infantile form" too small to be ignored. We tea party conservatives may be too big to fail. A big, diverse, great country needs us.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Slovakia is the 17th & last sign-on to the EU bailouts of bankrupt EU nations.
Raj, the billion dollar crook got 10yrs. prison sentence & $11 million fine.
Voters flip-flopped to put H. Cain in lead over Pres. candidate M. Romney.
New Hamphshire announced its intention to be 1st in primaries on Dec. 1st.
Cash poor Chillicothe,OH. approved $1.5 million for 2 fire trucks & armored vehicle.

What next? What's new? Nothing from my perspective. The tea party is the target of non-conservative Republicans because we won't be co-opted and/or corrupted by Washington politics. Flattery will get us everywhere we need to go to save our beloved country.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In a local newpaper, a headline reminds me, "You are what you eat." Or don't. No way. Not if you have no choice of entrees. Thanks to the Federal government's meddling, it is "mandated that all schools must serve healthier lunches." Thanks too to the perverted nature of all things Michele and Barack Obama, the devil hides in the details. Yes, a salad bar has been added resulting in the lunch line costing 10% more. Yes, fried is out and baked in for chips. Yes, all milk will be fat free. No, no longer will candy, ice cream or the enormous 2,000 calorie chocolate muffins be sold. But because no is never no and nothing has an expiration date for liberals, breakfast pizza is still IN. What's the point of such nonsense and contradiction other than more waste of taxpayers' monies for the sake of saving the children from obestity? If freedom still rang the bell of our nation's schools, each parent would be expected to exhibit personal responsibility and pack his or her own child's lunch. At least obesity agenda would not be at taxpayers' expense.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And still some worship Obama

From H.L Mencken's Crestomathy
After damning politicians up hill and down dale for many years, as rogues and vagabonds, frauds and scoundrels, I sometimes suspect that, like everyone else, I often expect too much of them. Though faith and confidence are surely more or less foreign to my nature, I not infrequently find myself looking to them to be able, diligent, candid and even honest. Plainly enough, that is too large a order, as anyone must realize who reflects upon the manner in which they reach public office. They seldom if ever get there by merit alone, at least in democratic states. Sometimes, to be sure, it happens, but only by a kind of miracle. They are chosen normally for quite different reasons, the chief of which is simply their power to impress and enchant the intellectually underprivileged. It is a talent like any other, and when it is exercised by a radio crooner, a movie actor or a bishop, it even takes on a certain austere and sorry respectability. But it is obviously not identical with a capacity for the intricate problems of statecraft.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What do these 3 co-incidentals have in common? 26 contestants vie for prestigeous positions in a local fall festival of leaves. Scott's lawn seed company's stock is down but I heard an ad which mentioned their "no quibble guarantee." A drunken old man fought with his wife and threatend to burn his house down so the sheriff called in 2 armored vehicles from the 'big city,' to subdue him.

Nothing, nothing nothing. But gosh, 26 contestants for king and queen of a festival? Gosh, a silly and impossible tactic to attract business? Gosh, a local stand-off of 3 hours which justified armour and statewide media coverage?

Nothing, nothing, nothing makes sense anymore.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

YES, YES for Fairness

YES, YES, vote for fairness on November 8th. A Yes on Issue 3 will stop Obamacare and a Yes on Issue 2 , SB5, will give fairness to taxpayers over government unions.

Yes on Issue 3, the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment will protect Ohioans’ freedom to make individual healthcare and health insurance decisions. Yes will prevent government from forcing you to buy health insurance and charging you anything it wants in the future without your consent. Yes will reduce government intervention which always increases regulations, drives up costs and unfairly selects winners and losers. Why should some people be more equal than others? Yes will stop the ‘death panels’ called Independent Payment Advisory Boards included in Obamacare.

Vote yes on this proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution to prevent government from imposing a fine on you for not purchasing health insurance. Is it fair for the government to fine you because you choose to take personal responsibility for your health care? You should be outraged that you must pay a fine for exercising liberty.

One argument put forth in favor of Obamacare says that the sick who are not insured will overburden the health care industry. But we all know that costs never diminish when bureaucracy is involved. Even now, the government constantly raises the cost estimates for Obamacare. Have you looked at a medical bill lately or carried home the papers from a visitation to a hospital? Paperwork can easily reach the depth of an inch. Multiple pages are even necessary for simple emergency procedures. Government meddling in what should be a free market health care system has resulted in unbelievable waste. Soon to be implemented are 140,000 new medical codes that your doctor must use; many are absurd like the code for being injured in a chicken coop. Do you really believe that costs will go down or freedoms expanded if Obamacare survives? Vote YES on 3.

Yes on Issue 2 is also about fairness to the taxpayers. Government employees’ union contracts are involved. Public workers have many and varied occupations, a minority of them being the highly profiled teachers, police and firefighters. They all have more job security, better health care plans and better retirement benefits than private sector employees. A web site, highlights a few reasons to vote yes on SB5. It would ask public employees to pay at least 15% of the cost of their health insurance; taxpayers would still pay the rest. Unfortunately, that is only half of what private sector workers currently pay. At least it stops the bleeding from municipal budgets. Cities across Ohio are finding it hard to raise enough funds to cover government’s union workers. In this difficult time of 9.2% unemployment, is it fair for union employees to ask private sector Ohioans to pay for their gold-plated health insurance? As the mayor of Toledo, Ohio said, “it’s not about taking away contractual rights from union employees, it’s about stabilizing our system.”

Yes on Issue 2 ties job performance to rewarding or firing workers. It also puts an end to automatic pay increases something most of us do not enjoying at our workplaces. Teachers, for example, automatically advance through seniority not effective service and SB5 would attempt to correct this problem.

Issue 2 asks government employees to pay at least 10% to their publically funded retirement plans rather than pay nothing and force taxpayers to pay the rest. Private sector workers and self-employed workers, on the other hand, must fund their own retirement plans. Again, is this fair? Why are private workers personally responsible for their retirement investments as public workers’ pensions are supported by them? Some Ohio cities now pay out half of their budgets as retirement benefits to retired government employees.

An ad running on radio for Issue 2 claims that SB5 will make it harder to negotiate for enough firefighters to do the job thus causing slower response times and more deaths. It asserts that only firefighters know the proper staffing level. Really? Can you think of any business or industry that lets employees determine proper staffing, assignments or goals of the organization? Scare tactics will work only if the public does not question details.

Contrary to advertised claims, Issue 2 will continue to allow public employees to negotiate wages and working conditions. But they cannot strike. Strikes, of course, are and have always been great ways for unions to demand more benefits from their employers. Is it fair that unionized workers set the terms for hiring and pay? Why should some workers be more equal than others? Should not the employers determine the level of cost to the taxpayers? Yet unions always demand a bigger cut of tax revenue. Even when tough times prevail, they demand concessions. Has a strike every resulted in workers demanding less?

Vote YES, YES on Issues 2 and 3. It’s all about fairness to Ohioans.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

His believers

"The 'gutter-elite' surrounding ... were united by the ties which normally unite revolutionaries, gangsters and place-seekers whose conjoint or converging efforts have been crowned with success, and these ties, like ropes which have been tarred, were rendered more durable by a rich, ... integument of perverted idealism and a profound faith - half-treacly, half-shrewd - in the genius of ..."

British historian Peter Fleming describes Hitler. Can you fill in the dotted spaces with the name of the charismatic leader today, similar to another in the past?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In Memoriam Savannah 1999-2011

You loved me
With your special soul.
Your last day
We took a stroll
Before the seizures
Took their toll
And Death was written.

No more berry picking,
Biscuits or ball.
Or experiences.
When we next meet,
You’ll run,
Bathe in the sun,
Be my only friend
Again - except for
One, true human.

More than a decade
Plus two with you
Counts for joyful troth.
Today, however,
Essence of ‘good dog,’
Becomes my quintessence of grief.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lunch Police

After reading an article in the Record-Herald claiming, “you are what you eat,” I wondered when the enhanced, better nutrition police will arrive at our local schools? Our government has already stepped in and mandated that all schools must serve healthier lunches. The SS (safe selectors), of course, will wear armbands with a smiley face. Their inspiration will come from a slogan from our First Lady, “let’s move. ” They will direct student traffic into one of two lanes, with directives, “feist,” “hunger, “feist, “ ”hunger,” based on the morphology of students as either obese or hungry. Salad without dressing, watery milk and restricted sweets await the chosen; cheese sticks, pizza and ice cream, the lucky few. Now ask your self, if food makes the man (or woman) will our future contain no basketball, football, soccer players or Olympians and just revert to type as skinny monkeys inhabiting trees?