Thursday, April 29, 2010

Literally a police state

In Quincy, Illinois, Obama was holding another rally trying to gather support for his unpopular ObamaCare program and some Tea Party protestors were there but they were monitored by the police. The response by the city was 14 Mobile Response Forces (police) in full black regalia and body armor marching down the street in intimidating fashion asking the protesters to stay on the sidewalks. Films of Nazi SS troopers in support of Hitler never looked to good! The paranoia on the left has escalated since I and my ‘crazed’ husband attended our Columbus tea party last year and only 4 mounted policemen monitored our goings-on. Originally 6 beautiful horses and unattractive riders arrived to ‘watch’ us dangerous seniors and families with and without children in tow, but 2 mounted policemen soon left after telling us that banners on sticks were not allowed ( because? )

Yes, we have come to this (and that) while our big O delivers a politically-correct eulogy at the memorial service of a civil rights leader ( in a Cathedral no less). Such an outrage to American patriotism and America’s God will not soon come again.

Monday, April 26, 2010


The C student starts a restaurant; the A student writes the food review. Only a A student, elitist and disconnected from the possibilities and realities of the real world could have thought up recycling. I recycle only because bins are conveniently located near my home. Recycling itself, however, is a utopian delusion. Take this morning’s deposits. #1. A shaded olive oil bottle belongs in the glass bag. An aluminum cap in the aluminum. But how will the plastic liner of the cap will be extricated to be dropped in the plastic bag? Impossible! #2. A cardboard wrapper of a rug and room deodorizer powder will be dropped in the paper bag. The metal bottom, destined for the metal bag, must be cut away with a sturdy and steady knife. The plastic top, destined for the plastic bag, again must be cut away with my knife. The gardenia scented room deodorizer represents another triplet in my recycling project. So Mr. and Ms. smarty pants A student, what do you suggest I do with the plastic-lines aluminum cap that defies logic? Logic being defied each any every time I spend minutes washing cans and bottles and playing with knives? Wouldn’t a huge, efficient, powerful and sanitizing destructo machine that grinds up and spits out a product the result of an unpredictable (but guaranteed) input, be more to the liking of a C student with common sense?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The bride at every wedding; the corpse at every funeral - who? Good grief, how can such a skinny ass President hog so much space in the public’s eye? Seneca wrote that “Light griefs are loquacious, but the great ones are dumb.” Obviously for President Obama (and VP Biden), the grief of losing 29 coal miners is light because the big O again will be loquacious and shallow in a speech at the miners’ memorial service. The grief of the public ( including myself), however, is so great and deep as to render us speechless ( present blog excepted). Let’s remember that the big O promised to bury and BANKRUPT coal mining and put the fossil fuel devils out of business just a short time ago. Oh yes! With the big O, no statement has a truth date; all facts have expiration dates. At the public’s expense ( why do both Pres. and Vice-Pres. need to attend? ), hypocrisy, not genuine grief will be on display at a genuinely sad occasion. No doubt Obama will blame a greedy corporate owner and negligent regulators and dress down profit taking and dependance on unclean, unnecessary and dangerous coal mining. The big O will again make a mockery of a memorial ceremony. I am struck dumb with grief that America has come to this on yet one more occasion of sinful hubris and narcissism. Barack the Shameless, why can you not be silent?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not napping away

Though I’ve been napping away the hours since last Friday, 4,3,2 times and now once a day, after my ordeal with poison hemlock, I’ve not been unaware of Obama’s machinations, the King of Manipulation and the Prince of Misdirection.

As Shakespeare penned in one of his plays, “the bright day is done and we are for the dark.”

I’m afraid that the flickering lights at the end of Obama’s tunnel are the flames of Hell.

My fellow countrymen and countrywomen, we share anger, outrage, anxiety and grief.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm back

Having napped away most of Sat., Sun., Mon. and Tues., after my near-death experience, I’m back with two trenchant observations. One, it’s nature’s spectacular lilac and creeping phlox time. And (theoretically), this Democrat administration would have no problem with an atheist ruling by divine decree. No contradiction or hypocrisy would be noted. It is already both stupid and almost illegal to be smart by investing and saving one’s money, not borrowing or consuming beyond one’s means. What’s next? The big O as Czar Obama I or King Obama the First of America and the European world? No problem. Attention to religion is virtually nil in Europe even though its citizens profess to believe in God. Since there’s no contradiction in this fact, how could there be a contradiction in any action this President of the World takes? Of course, we are being screwed by Obama’s regime under the contradictory guise of being helped to live better lives. Hypocrisy is all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Not our time to die

My ordeal began on the afternoon of Tax Day, April 15th, after tea time at 2 p.m. when Tom decided the soil was too moist to roto-till in our garden plot. He spied ‘something’ in the ground. Only 2 green shoots were above, but a white fat root penetrated below. Digging to a depth of almost a foot, the tuber broke so Tom only retrieved about ½ of the growth. 3 in around; 6 in long. What was it? A giant daikon radish? In the Burpee catalog I though it resembled a giant white radish. But neither were planted in the garden spot where it was found. Only corn. After a cleaning we chewed a bit of it raw ascertaining it was not a daikon or white radish. Tasteless. I cooked it up after cleaning, peeling and chopping it into pieces. I sampled a teaspoon which was bland but ‘not too bad.’ Tom who said he didn’t like it, warned that it might not be edible. I called him a coward; afraid to die. Tom told me later, he planned to eat it anyway if I served it.

While reading about dysentery, gangrene and scurvy in Andersonville Prison, 1864, about 3p.m., I began to feel unwell. The ordeal was just beginning. Nauseated. Queasy. Eventually vomiting (which I am not prone to do). Diarrhea. I knew my body was hell bent on rebellion. During a brief moment in a chair I thought about the green shoots again and said to Tom, “It’s a poison hemlock.” He rushed out to dig one up ( we grow them wild everywhere) and yes... the huge tuber was a poison hemlock. Off to the computer to become informed. Yes, it’s poisonous, no, the amount varies in lethality. Breathing can be a serious problem. Why was it so huge underground when leafy green plants already in March were growing everywhere, having wintered over without distress? Poison hemlock is a biannual. The same plant does not return each year. Our ‘find’ must have been in the ground for 3 years ( maybe 5) growing and growing subterraneously.

Back to the progression of my ordeal. I was the canary in the coal mine, victim of poison. Vomiting and diarrhea continued intermittently now. Retching came in a series of three heaves, each more intense. I sweat. I teared up. I shook. I cramped. I dared not vacate the toilet bowl. The vomiting was unbelievably violent. A brief sit or an upright stance was soon corrected by another round in the fight of my body revolting, trying to rid itself of the poisonous invader. One teaspoon! Tom inquired about the emergency room but I couldn’t ‘move.’ Besides, only by calling the Life Squad would any emergency attention be rendered.

By 5 p.m. my stomach had cramped under the retching and felt like it was inside out. Never in my life have I been so wretched ( scared too) for a day. My clothes were soiled. My throat was sore. Finally able to briefly lay in bed, the ‘shakes’ began. Alternating between fevered and clammy, I was a prisoner of the poison in my system. I prayed a thank you that Tom and I did not eventually eat the bowl of poison hemlock because we both would have been died. 7 p.m. was finally rest and nap time. The searing pain of the diaper rash had set in. The exhaustion from repeated vomiting, the dehydration, a repulsion for food and living. I cured a sleepless night due to a serious headache by rising at 4:30 a.m. and taking 2 aspirin. Finally 2 hours sleep. The morning after? Painful sore throat, hoarse voice, cough, painful raw diaper rash, weariness, lack of appetite. Never again. Never again.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Left vs. Rightttttt

Thomas Sowell observes that the vision of the “political left is collective decision -making through government, directed toward - or at least rationalized by - the goal of reducing economic and social inequalities.” The right, however, Sowell says, has “no common vision.” If this is true, and the right is fragmented and disunited in its vision for America’s future, what are we to do?

One vs. manyyy. Left vs. righttttt. E Pluribus Unum. If the 80/20 rule applies, are the 80% on liberal left and the 20% on the conservative right? If this is true, America loses her old self as she puts on a new but dangerous identity. Government will continue to restrict our freedoms by regulating and taxing them. So long as this trend continues, so much farther will we slide down the socialistic, European slope. But, look up and around you. Are 80% in the right? The concepts of hope and change can yet be re-defined in terms of a representative, Constitutional Republic - not a democracy ruled by an unruly vocal minority of leftists.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top Films

Just for the record, of the top 100 films of the 1990's, we ( he and I ) have seen 9 ( plus 2 I’d like to have been on the list). All were viewed on a free, analog home TV screen. Three were unwatchable - The Piano, The Talented Mr.Ripley and Being John Malkovich. Silence of the Lambs was repulsive. Thelma and Louise was stupid. Fargo was tolerable. Saving Private Ryan and Titanic (not on the list) along with Ground Hog Day and Schindler’s List were good. Lastly, Babe was most enjoyable. The pig wins! How typical that the animal star always steals the show. My (not his) favorite movie of all time is the masterful and moving 1979, The Black Stallion. What are your favorites?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


To prove that influential people can be wrong and dangerous I quote from the last pages of activist, radical and community organizer, Saul D. Alinsky’s 1971 book, RULES FOR RADICALS. “America’s corporations are a spiritual slum; their arrogance is a major threat to our future as a free society.” Luckily Saul died early, because imagine what further poison this man would have released into our political atmosphere. I am the C of TCM Incorporated, an arrogant corporation, but I am not responsible for a spiritual slum of a business. I and my capitalistic, free market thinking am the last, best hope for a change in thinking in our beloved country. Freedom does not mean a leveling of choices by our government.

Alinsky was a par excellence agitator who preached stirring up trouble by workers’ protesting three especially ‘bad’ conditions. 1. Being underpaid. 2. Being a victim of discrimination and 3. Having no job security. As usual, liberals like Alinsky lie by turning reality upside down and inside out. 1. No employee is underpaid; the market and the employer have the right to determine pay. 2. No worker deserves a job unless the employer decides he or she fits the requirements of profitability for the company. 3. No job is secure because life is unpredictable and often unfair. My corporation exists to benefit the shareholders who invest in it hoping to reap a profit. TCM Inc exists to spread wealth through its offering of products and services. Am I arrogant? No. In a just society, any citizen can duplicate my corporation as a matter of choice and opportunity. Period. Alinsky lies. Our President, Barrack Obama is a protégée pf Alinsky.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Commenting on D-Day and the beginning of Operation Overlord on June 6, 1944, President Roosevelt said that America’s sons “have set upon a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion and our civilization.” Yes, here is one of the few times I can agree with our past Christian President. America is a Christian nation, a Happy Easter abides. The acknowledgment of a God who created the universe that innately longs to satisfy a desire to know Him, is not only pre-modern but perennially modern. Is there any other way to explain religion over the millennia? Today’s post-modern, post-American President, unfortunately, claims his war in Afghanistan will preserve peace, diversity and tolerance. America is now a harmless enemy and a faithless friend to the rest of the world. The Christian religion is far in the back of his post-modern mind.

On an unrelated note (other than to prove we live in an age of post-modern insanity), a microbiologist professor for 37 years at Yale warns against drinking raw milk. I am living proof of his error and ignorance. After 70 years I sit here typing my living proof that on a “dose-acquisition basis” (professor jargon), drinking raw milk did not present a higher risk of disease for me and my family than “having sex without a condom.” In fact, without a condom, sex had already produced 6 children available to lap up raw Jersey milk, cream and cheese. 8 in a household was never enough to absorb the abundance of nature’s flowing gift. In my post-modern world, I cannot find satisfaction in processed, grocery milk. What do I substitute? If you don’t ask, I won’t tell.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

We Two

Yes, we live in two Americas. Long Beach, CA. has a bunny problem on campus. Being liberals. Californians try to solve it by adopting out as many stray bunnies as possible, by sending others to sanctuaries, and by neutering and releasing the rest. We, living in the other America, would kill and eat those rascally rabbits. Yummy!

Locally, I heard an advertisement for a # (pound) for # (pound) program called “Feeding America,” in conjunction with the TV program “Biggest Loser.” Apparently, 40 million Americans are hungry, i.e. don’t have enough food. At the same time, millions of Americans are obese. Ergo, (you can see where this contradiction is going) the #’s (pounds) lost from the losers can feed the hungry. Yummy!

CA. symbolizes one version of America where liberal citizens are capable of attempting to re-name a holy day in deference to amoral, tolerance called political correctness - spring holiday to replace Good Friday. California vs. Common Sense.

Liberals who expect us to accept their portrayal of fat Americans counterbalanced (impossible) by struggling, starving Americans? Political agenda vs. truth.

Two Americas: We tea party protesters vs. Big Brother intrusion by liberals into our lives.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bad Friday

It’s not Good Friday when even one do-good dictator, a civil rights advocate from Davenport Iowa, tries to re-name the Christians’ most holy day, Good Friday, Spring Holiday. Well, thanks to public outrage the bad do-gooder whose dictatorial attempt at tolerance and diversity lost, but he who helps such people conceive of these evils, smiles again. Since Good Friday marks the day of redemption for humanity, no wonder he who deceives remains busy at his work. I read about a liar who explained away his exaggerations and embellishments of past actions by saying, “I remember big.” Big is the lie behind which today’s liberal, do-good, politicians (progressives, socialists, Communists, etc.) talk, regulate, tax, punish and dictate. Good Friday, bring it on!