Monday, May 30, 2011


Today and everyday, now and forever, I will remember my hero (who recently underwent total knee replacement surgery).
One - my fear of loss,
Two - my pain of separation,
Knock-out punched me
Three days, lost and lonely.

You - my hero, half my soul.
Our communion lifelong,
Undying, wholly defining the
Meaning and feeling of love.

To any fellow traveler down the road of total commitment - for whom even three days withdrawl (in the hospital) is overwhelming - let's remember our heroes, military or civilian, common or extraordinary - this Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No, not Sarah too

No, not Sarah too - acquiring the trapping of a luxurious domicile. As a conservative, tried (pun intended) and true in lifestyle, it pains me to admit that even Sarah has bought into American living on steroids. The acquisition of her 8000 sq. ft. Arizona, gated, circular drive, desert-landscaped mansion, with 6-car garage, home theatre, pool, wine and billiard rooms, could have been substituted with a moderate office commensurate with her Presidential run. Perhaps this purchase says she will not run, but a run means she'll run without my unadulated support My philosophical frugality disapproves of this lavish purchase.

Yes, I own an old, large, home. Yes, I own one cactus. Yes I have one 13 yr. old car purchased used parked in a 2-car garage. Yes, I have no need for a home theatre because TV is not worth watching. Yes, I don't swim. Yes, I don't play pool. Yes, I don't drive (or walk) into my home in a circle. Yes, I'm not gated; rather I'm faced with such an open window that I can monitor the comings and goings of all my neighbors, day and night. Yes, my wine is stored in a damp, dirty cellar. Yes, I live within my means.

Yes, Sarah's accomplishments, ego and drive have afforded her the opportunity to live within her luxurious means. I'll grant her that. (Incidentally, I dipped into both of her books and also grant her every measure of success). But apparently I'm still the SOLE SURVIVING conservative aware of the need to restore our beloved country with my symbolic presence.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's bad

Are 24 million prescriptions dispensed in 2010 for ADHD drugs good? This number represents an increase of 13% over 2009. Is it good that a phoney syndrome drives the drug and medical industry, enriching pharmicists, lobbyists, politicians and physicians? A shortage of the ADHD drug Adderall and generic versons are "bad for patients, bad for physicians, bad for pharmacies," says a dispenser, Peter Bjerke, who has experienced shortgages of methylphenidate. No, it's not bad, it's an excuse for a syndrome rooted in the denial of biology and it's not good. ADHD must go.

It's as bad as $400 million sunk into a high speed rail project to create 1000 jobs. Do the math; that's $400,000 a job. Here again is a phoney syndrome utilizing the excuse of efficient, speedy. European transportation. Here too, biology comes into play. ADHD is merely self-control deficiency misdiagnosed as hyperactivity; the delusion of high speed is merely liberal Utopianism correctly diagnosed as insanity.

What's bad

Monday, May 09, 2011


“Yikes!. The contrast!” Between a Nevada Tea Party and a Los Angeles Rally!
“Well, I’m concluding the blatantly obvious here, but…” from a blogger...
A. = Searchlight, NV + tea party rally
B. = Los Angeles, CA + anti-war rally
A. = Patriotic, Peaceful, Apple Pie Americans
B. = Unhinged, Anti-American, SCARY looking LOONS

A. = Bring the weenies and tater salad for a friendly Backyard Barbecue
B. = Bring pepper-spray

A. = Aunt Patty, neighbor Juan, Dad & Mom
B. = Jihad Jane and Hanoi Jane meet Baghdad Bob and Disgruntled Draft-Dodger Dick

A. = I ♥? America
B. = Silence, I KEEL YOU!

It’s Jefferson Davis vs. Abraham Lincoln time again. Taxing the white tanning bed patrons and not calling it racism, condemning the black Menthol cigarette smokers and calling it good for their health. Hypocrisy! Two Americas! The contrast between the two recent assemblies above in contrast is SCARY. Where are we heading? Like the plot and tragedy of ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell, the ruling class of Democrat pigs re-words everything and turns every old rule upside down. Two socialist, marching legs on all of our Washington elite are NOT GOOD. My four-legged dog and cat friends look better and better by acting smarter and smarter each new day.


Eleven score, three years and one month ago, WE THE PEOPLE, on Sept.17, 1787, signed a Constitution to ‘form a more perfect union’ and ‘secure the blessings of liberty.’ Liberty is in jeopardy now. We live in two Americas. 80% of Americans self-identify as moderates or conservatives in polls; only 20% call themselves liberals or progressives. But who do you think constitutes the ruling class? The 20%! The Tea Party stands with the majority, with the Constitution of our founders, with traditional values like limited government, fiscal responsibility and a free market system. WE’RE OUT HERE. WE’RE NOT ALONE. WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY!

Locally, I have been known as the refrigerator lady. In a commercial for my business, I asked customers to buy refrigerators so that I would not have to carry them on my back down the street to my store’s new location. But, it has come to this... to what am I forced to say. “Mr. President, get off my back! I don’t want government on my back. I want to be able to choose to carry my own load. - whether it be a refrigerator or a backpack.”

Benjamin Franklin said, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. YOU have to catch it yourself.” Government intrusion and spending cannot substitute for happiness or personal responsibility. We in the TEA party say we are ‘taxed enough already.’ Our government ran a 1 trillion dollar DEFICIT just last year. Our present 14 trillion dollar DEBT counts on foreign countries to keep us afloat now and on our children and grandchildren to bail us out in the future. Our captain at the helm is overloading our ship of state with debt; as passengers we are slowly drowning. Government spending should be limited to the few jobs that government does best - national defense, police safety, a stable currency and protection under the laws.

The present situation, however, is hopeful. Some conservative politicians already serve. The ground swell Tea Party movement IS making a big difference. Several of our candidates have won their primaries. Upset winner, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, raised 2 million dollars of support money over the Internet in ONLY 2 days. Remember the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally? Hundreds of thousands rallied in Washington D.C. at their own expense with no arrests or leftover trash. They represent the majority in America like us Tea Partiers, who see our country right side up. The liberal minority, on the other hand, demonize us. What do you expect when they see THEIR country upside down? What would you expect from a small, funded, liberal crowd at the One Nation rally on Oct. 2nd at the same Lincoln Memorial? They lounged through the Pledge of Allegiance, trashed the mall and dumped their refuse on the World War II memorial.

Government as big brother still cannot censor MY motives or behavior. As a senior citizen, I am free to look back into history for my choice of a heroine. In John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem, ‘Frietchie,’ the aged heroine in a town occupied during the Civil War says: “Shoot if you must this old gray head, but spare your country’s flag.” WE, are all Barbara Frietchie’ s now. * We are all called upon to be Barbara Frietchie’s to wave the flag and save our beloved country. We women are called. You men are called. You young patriots out there are called. Our children and grandchildren will be called. WE the people are called to the CAUSE to preserve our country’s honor, our personal freedoms and our Constitution.

We Tea Partiers have been called “spoiled brats’ by the 20% minority, because we do not acquiesce to their version of transforming America! They would have us believe men are beasts, women are victims of stifling motherhood and America throughout her history has NOT tried to put her best foot forward. They want us to believe that our Constitution did NOT root our freedoms in natural rights from God.

We will NOT let liberals re-define our rights by governmental fiat. We will NOT allow them to punish our accumulation of saving or redistribute our wealth. We reject their claim that the free market is rooted in greed, that capitalism is the enemy of progress.

The pursuit of happiness by the creation of wealth IS good. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett made their fortunes providing products and services to millions of people willing to pay for them. Their companies benefit BOTH consumers and investors and provide millions of jobs. Through hard work and free enterprise, Bill, Steve and Warren spread the wealth. Liberals talk down wealth by talking UP community service. BUT they usually follow career paths which increase their wealth as they produce nothing. Hypocritically, they want government to spread around YOUR wealth.

Only the numbers, salaries and benefits of government workers have increased since 2008. In 2009, they grew by 19% as unemployment stands at 10%. Dependence upon government is at an all time high. Can you believe that ½ of American households receive some government help?

Yet, WE THE PEOPLE, do not have enough jobs. In Fayette County, the ‘summer of recovery’ turned into a hard luck fall (pun intended). Jobs equate with dignity. The present administration humiliates each man and woman by its policies that aim to keep Americans dependent and unemployed.

I personally know a good man who believes one’s first duties are to family and country. The Tea Party says, do YOUR duty in November. If a candidate shares our core, conservative values, fine, vote for him or her. Check out other Tea Party websites. Here are additional guidelines to help decide your vote.

Question the truth of each candidate’s ads. Vote each big government incumbent out of office. If an incumbent has had 3,4,5,6,7, 8, 9 or 10 terms in office , vote him or her out. Vote against any declared liberal, because liberals LIE. Vote against candidates who emphasize feelings not facts or can’t give a straight answer to a question. Do the math, then learn from the math. A 300 million dollar solar panel plant in Ohio will create (or save) 600 jobs. The cost? $420,000 per job. Ask yourself: “Why does it cost so much? Will I get hired?” Be aware of Democrats hijacked by liberals or a RINO, a Republican in name only, also a liberal. Be aware of the liberal bias of mainstream media and journalists. When you hear the word ‘investment’ - you know it means spending. The word ‘appropriation’ or ‘levy’ - means tax. The words ‘grant’, ‘subsidy’ and ‘program’ - mean ‘giveaway of your money.’ The word, ‘incentive’ - means obey and be rewarded or resist and you’ll be punished. When a candidate says he’s ‘fighting for you’ - beware. He might be using your money and your neighbors’ money to advance his political career.

Remember the game, “Red rover, red rover, let so and so come over,” we played as carefree, reckless children? Two opposing sides call out one individual to break through the line. Unfortunately, America now consists of two lines. Tea Partiers, conservatives and moderates line up on the right side. In the other line? Power-playing, tax- loving, fiscally compromised, freedom punishing, big government spenders line up on the left. The elites vs. WE the people. Liberals vs. WE the people. The ruling class establishment vs. WE the people. Do WE the people have any choice other than to vote THEM OUT OF THE GAME?

We can’t complain if we do not vote. A sheep-like complacency won’t due. We need leaders who believe that our founders look at nature as an inspiration not as a fragile planet. We need leaders who look up to a higher power for guidance. We need leaders with convictions without compromise. WE THE PEOPLE are practical, common sense, self-reliant Americans who are not going to elect politicians drunk on power and spending.

Let the great restoration of our beloved country begin! WE the people are on the march. WE can march into the history books in November. * Like Barbara Frietchie, let’s wave and wave and WAVE our flag - our symbol of liberty.


Individual responsibility Social responsibility
Equality of opportunity Equality of outcome
Personal freedom Personal welfare
Limited government Paternalistic government

Which 4 of the above do you choose? The conflict between these 2 sets of values is plain. Justice Brandeis in 1928 or 1929 in one of his Supreme Court cases said: “Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficial. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greater dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

This conflict precisely occurs in Washington today with the passage of one after another bill, regulation or do-good rule by politicians with no understanding of the 4 principles at the top on the left. Liberals have been preaching and practicing the 4 opposing principles in the right column for years under different names like fairness, social justice, shared sacrifice, level playing field and reparations. Milton Friedman’s life works championed the virtues in the left column as our inheritances from our Founding Fathers. We in the TEA party have taken up Friedman’s and every free man’s baton, we wave our country’s flag, we shake our fists at liberal tyrants, we stand firm in the right and sleep tight.


YOU ARE MY REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR You live in literalville like me, a senior citizen, with ideas and ideals that are forever young. We look ahead. Progressives, liberals, socialists, Communists, radicals want YOU to regress to the cave. Common production of goods and services must be shared equally - which never works. So a strong man with a club - government at work - keeps you in line. Their dream unfolding today of state capitalism.

Your face in the mirror is not the face of a fattened pig. What do you see? What does a conservative look like? How does a conservative think? He has the voice of a realist, one wins or loses, there’s real good and evil in the world, whining and not working or complaining instead of toughing it out. He had the heard of a guardian angel, who watches and supports through life but allows him to make his own way, make his own choices how to live. He had the soul of a believer in God, his 10 commandments, which basically champion 1st God, 2nd self determination on the path of righteousness and 3rd devotion to country by informed vote. He thinks like a capitalist because only the free exchange of goods and services, ideas and money moves civilization forward. The law of supply and demand determines an economy, not artificial constraints. The means of production and distribution and wealth reside with the private individual and corporation not the government. The government’s limited function is to keep him safe and free to pursue his own version of happiness within the law. A tyranny of bureaucracy is destructive and must be fought back. A conservative, therefore, never, never, never gives when his cause is right and just. A conservative thinks that too many rules and regulations like an unused rod, spoil the child. He thinks he and other citizens and government should be fiscally responsible, living within the bounds that income imposes.

How can the upward trend of spending and the downward spiral of irresponsible and immoral living, but curtailed? The conservative says the application of common sense.
1. Nature and nature’s God has given us an abundance of natural resources; use them. Develop our own energy resources not artificial and costly, subsidized, cost-ineffective ones.
2. Cut government spending at national, state and local levels by ..... %. Period.
3. Privatize all schools so that they are able to balance their budgets and demand academic excellence. Non-achievement means no privilege of attendance.
4. Close the borders after a limit has been established for immigrants and allow 1st those immigrants waiting a speedy road to citizenship and then those who wish to become citizens a clear path following common sense rules like speaking English, passing a civics test, and no criminal records.
5. Demand fiscal sanity from government eliminating earmarks, pork, perks, etc.
6. Legislation should be pay-as-you-go
7. Return the basis of achievement in private and public workplace to merit.
8. Reduce taxes, both individual income taxes assigning a flat tax across the board and reduce the corporate tax rates too. Eliminate the death tax.
9. Reduce the size of government and government spending at every level.
10. Apply the test of common sense to every major premise and program.
11. Make personal responsibility the basis of daily living.
12. Make the 10 commandments the basis of governance.
13. Make optimism the philosophy of the future.

The perfect is the enemy of the good. We on the conservative side represent the good, the practical, common sense in the real world. The enemy on the other side dreams of the perfect, the Utopian world of non-reality and forced existence. “Red rover, red rover.” Government is a case of necessary waste. How much do we agree to?

Like Walt Whitman, I sing of myself. “If you want to use your own efforts to work harder, yes, I’m with you,” said Margaret Thatcher
“I will permit no man to degrade my soul by making me hate him,” said Booker T. Washington in his book UP FROM SLAVERY “If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.”
If radical Utopia were possible, it would not be necessary to lie and deceive. Liberals have 0 interest in the truth. 14 trillion debt, they just “raise the ceiling.” Leopard can’t change his spots, even a black panther merely wears them camouflaged. There are some liberal brains impervious to experience. Liberalism is tolerance run amok.

Conservatives do not hide behind words with double or hidden meanings or false ideas or ideals.
Conservatives do not shift the subject, ignore the facts or name call. Oh, do these behaviors spell s-i-n?

1782 “Letters to an American Farmer,” “We are a people... united by the silken bands of mild government, all respect the laws because... they are equitable.” Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

Make a difference:
State central committee
County central committee
county trustee
city council
school board
tea party meetings

“I am disturbed that stuffed, skin-tight jeans are today’s expression of self-esteem”

Take country back from the ground up... only boots on the ground walking and greeting people, drawing them in...Be the aggressors It’s a war of position.

Victims of oppression are defenseless animals, don’t free them and give them human rights; educate people so that animal abuse is lessened. Always a new case of starving, dead animals ... Who can bear to ponder such suffering of innocents? Beginning 20th century. Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Teddy created the left wing which encouraged power of governmental intervention to promote unions, health care, social liberalism and the social Gospel to rid world of social evils. The RESULT: liquor, crime, social tensions, slums, bad hygiene, child labor, weak unions, poor schools, war...

1970's a NEW CLASS emerging of intellectual elites who manipulate ideas and words. They rarely have practical experience, an “absence of direct responsibility for practical affairs... of 1st hand knowledge ... only actual experience can give,” said 1950 J.S. Schumpeter

NEW CLASS rationalism, optimism, activism, are source of liberal and radical political actions of new class. Expansion of public sector. A revolutionary dictatorship of a coercive elite vs. democratic government. Power of New class wants to bring society into their vision, a culture into conformity, personality into their world. Reality is not literal; it is figurative, symbolic, a metaphor of the ideal state.

Lenin said “state capitalism is the ante-chamber of socialism.” He also said “the state is a club.” Capitalism must be 1st step Then socialism. Then Communism 3 types of Communists exist
1. True fanatic/ power -holder (leaders)
2. Idealist (duped followers and voters)
3. Careerist (fellow travelers)

We are the ones we have been waiting for” All causes the cause is POWER Communists rebel against Gods, “you shall be as gods,” they believe. As the enemy he is the “destroyer of a system.” He tempted Adam and Eve to be gods. Alinsky’s rule is to accept the world as it is and change it to how it should be, Play God. Relativism is the rule. He said, “Any revolutionary chance must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people.” Political activism is nihilistic, agnostic view of means & ends, relativism from Communists, Democrats, anarchists, racists, liberals, social justice activists
Rules for radicals like Obama in 1986 @ 23 years Side Chicago to organize learn apply Alinsky’s philosophy of street level democracy 1991 he ran voter-registration drive for ACORN partner Michelle said he’s a “community activist exploring viability of politics to make change.”
Hope/change The Audacity of Hope Dress up as something to be revered like angels and then change, “just say no, just say no.” at liberal rallies.

Government is ‘necessary waste.’ Only the big three can save us - Your focus is God, self and country. Your actions center around Herman Cain’s big 3 for action I-I-I stay informed, stay involved and stay inspired.


Presentation by Carolyn McLaughlin to the Fayette County Republican Central Committee for the selection of a new county commissioner.
January 13, 2011.

Times are changing. The people of Fayette County have joined the rising tide of Americans demanding all public bodies become fiscally responsible and understand the limits of government. The time of bloated, government expansion is over. Irish statesman Edmund Burke said that all government is “founded on compromise and barter.” I say, “it depends.” There is much trivia in government that can be compromised and bartered, such as what material is to used to pave a road, but there can be no compromise or barter with the rights and freedoms of Fayette Countians. The job of a County Commissoner should be founded on principles for which no apologies are necessary. You may assume that if selected, I will be the invisible hand of people like me who believe in limited oversight of their daily lives, who believe that a budget should not only be balanced but also not filled with wasteful spending, and who believe in fair and unbiased dealings with individuals and businesses. As a retiree, former business owner, and taxpayer, I am well aware of the challenges of County Commissioner and I have heard what the people say they want from local government. As a representative of the people, I close by paraphrasing an American patriot, Nathan Hale: “I do not regret that I have but one qualification to give to my county - common sense.”

Thank you.


No! No longer will you be allowed your coffee for breakfast if the Obama administration ordains caffeine to be a dangerous substance. Consumption will be forbidden and we will all - not just TEA party people, be tea sippers. This type of nannying, typified by our First Lady Michelle Obama, is responsible for a bill spending 2.6 billion dollars for more “healthy food” in schools (junk food disallowed) including the installation of salad bars. What will self-interested students do as they pass through lines at lunch counters in school? They will top the natural or organic lettuce and carefully selected vegetables with gobs of thick, creamy, calorie-laden, delicious dressing. Of course, in the real world, children aren’t fools; brain work and after school athletics demand that a biological bulk up with fuel. The irony of my coffee supposition is that those who oppose government interference in our lives and wasteful spending on unnecessary projects are already tea sippers. We belong to TEA parties.

We know it should be us not them who decide what’s best for our pursuit of happiness. Another glaring example of the irony involved in this question of government vs. the people, is Wilmington, Ohio. Conservative, Glenn Beck plans an appearance and show in Wilmington in mid-December to highlight the town’s effort to pull itself out of the economic malaise without government help. The town’s a symbolic Bedford Falls, from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” At the same time, in the same town, Wilmington College has decided to drink from the government’s trough of ‘free’ money. My local newspaper contains an ad for a Lead Project Manager for a government funded VISTA program engagingly titled, “Grow Food, Grow Hope Garden Initiative.” The Manager will guide 9 AmeriCorps members.” That’s a total of 10 government funded positions paid for by you, me, Wilmington citizens and millions of our fellow Americans. The ad says, “community organizing” skills are important to “generating interest in small plot gardening...create a network of community food producers...maximize productivity.. improve access...” I smell the helping hand of government in every scoop of compost, don’t you? I don’t see my favorite sweet corn growing tall in the winter in one of `the college’s sponsored backyards. I bet federally funded greenhouses won’t be far behind.

Liberals never do good, rather they impede job creation, economic progress and entrepreneurial activity as they cover themselves with contradictions and justifications for profligacy. Obama has stopped offshore drilling for oil along the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, but other countries like China, Russia and Venezuela continue to drill and profit.

Congress plans to require all passenger cars and buses to be equipped with rearview video cameras to help prevent fatalities caused by drivers who back over a child hidden in the blind spot. This is in response to one two-year in 2002 having been killed in such a manner. Since then, deaths and accidents have virtually all occurred on private property but the law will apply to all cars on the highways. The consumers (as much as $200 extra) will pay for another do-good measure that completely ignores cost effectiveness related to the frequency of the problem. A truly odd accident will cost all Americans billions over a few years.

As I sip my tea, I wonder how many of my fellow citizens are aware that our outgoing Governor Strickland recently signed an executive order to permit Home Health Care Workers and Child Care Providers (paid by for by the state) to unionize. Why? A private child care provider, for example, would receive a notice in the mail asking if she could like to contribute to the support of a union. When this piece of paper lands in the circular file, and is forgotten, it is not forgotten. The disposal actually counts as an approval because it was not disapproved. When the next paycheck arrives, dollars suddenly appear withdrawn from the check. Why? You guessed it. Union dues. The state which pays for much home health and child care can now be lobbied by union workers for more benefits and in turn force the parents, babysitters and health workers to contribute to the union coffers.

Luckily, John Kasich, recently elected Governor in the elections, says that Strickland’s executive order for unionization is toast. Yes, toast, that’s what we conservatives as tea sippers will have with our hot beverage each morning from now on. If we choose instead to down a latte, a frappuccino or a strong black coffee, Washington better understand that for the sake of our right to liberty, we will not be denied.


SB5? What if taxpayers remain apathetic and do not inform themselves? What explains the recent passing of Washington Court House’s 5 levies by a mere 6% of voters on a rainy day. Each levy was a renewal, but the renewal- if rejected - would have put money taken from taxpayers back into their pockets. Does rain explain the cancellation of the parade to the polls or just apathy?

Senate Bill 5 also recently passed by a narrow margin in the Ohio Senate, 17-16. It affects about 350,000 of the 6 million workers in Ohio. If the latest fight to repeal it in November succeeds, it may not even take effect. Public workers, unions and liberals have something to lose. Consequently, 111,000 teachers just approved a one-time contribution totaling $5.5 million dollars, to help in the effort to repeal SB5.

SB5 affects wages, hours and working conditions of public workers. It asks for the contribution of workers to their health premiums to be raised to 20% and bans negotiating for health care, sick leave and pension benefits. Question #1. Do you pay more or less than 20% into your health plan at work? Private workers and the self-employed do and some business owners even choose not to purchase health insurance. Note that SB5 will RAISE the contribution to about 20% from the present, low rate already negotiated by the unions and paid for by the taxpayers.

SB5 eliminates pay increases. Question #2. What are salaries now? This freeze will save $3.6 billion, but the relevant question is whether public employees are overpaid now.

SB5 limits sick leave and vacations. You have guessed question #3. What do public employees now enjoy as the number of sick leave and paid vacation days? Compare them with private workers, full-time or part-time and the self-employed.

Only public employees can collectively bargain for higher salaries and benefits at the expense of Ohio taxpayers. Yet their current retiree benefits are “underfunded” by about one billion dollars. Over-paid public employees might be public servants, but businesses both large and small and independent entrepreneurs are also true public servants, serving the public by generating jobs as well as providing services.

The situation has gotten so far out of hand that in California, for example, an ordinary prison guard earns in salary than General Petraeus (before overtime). Of course, budget deficits in certain states correlate with unsustainable public workers’ salaries and benefits.

Let’s bust some myths about SB5. Are firefighters and police jobs threatened? Will jobs (unspecified) be lost? Are the kids in schools threatened? Strike all three myths out because they are merely emotion-laden boogies spread by some politicians, liberals and unionized public employees opposed to SB5. Since I’m brandishing my sword against myths, let’s cut down the promise of the federal Treasury to stop payments Aug. 2nd if the debt limit is not increased.

Is a pay freeze a bad thing? Is a slightly higher contribution to health care for each public worker a bad thing? Is cutting back on days off for sick time and paid vacations a bad thing? Is restricting collective bargaining and the ‘right’ to strike a bad thing? Only if the principle of the thing is false. In the present economic climate where states and the federal government extend their spending way beyond their means to stay out of red ink, why should taxpayers ante up through taxes and levies each time states scream for more money?

The point is, when does it stop? When does the principle of living within one’s means come into play? When does a principle stop losing out to emotion, to appealing but misleading rhetoric and to the individual’s control over his own money? SB5 is just the tip of the iceberg. First we save money with SB5. Then we stop the White House and the GOP from compromising on deficit targets, on spending cuts and on raising the debt ceiling.

How do we explain the contradiction of both raising the debt ceiling and cutting spending? Higher debt just allows for increased spending and higher taxes (cleverly named ‘revenue raising mechanism). Can higher taxes on the rich bail us out? No, they already pay 50% of taxes and confiscating their entire wealth would keep government afloat only a short time.

The national debt is 14 trillion dollars, a meaningless number to most citizens who only interpret reality by the $2000 social security check, the $3000 pay check or the $1000 mortgage payment. (substitute your personal numbers.) The Obama plan calls for a deficit reduction over for 10 years of 7 or 8 billion. His debt commission’s recommendation is 5 billion. Rand Paul’s plan, 5 billion. Biden’s proposals is ‘smoke and mirrors.’ I for one am not impressed with any of these plans. Our deficit is a whopper because America cannot respect the principle of living within its means. Ask any granny.