Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep us guessing

The Nazi concept of ‘absolute power’ help us to understand ‘progressive policies’ today. Their goal in the concentration camps was not blind obedience. Their goal was ‘absolute power’ which begins at the point where the terror of tyranny or dictatorship ends. Eventually you create a ‘universe of total uncertainty’ in which the prisoners accept any horror inflicted. If I disregard the cruelty and death inherent in the world of Nazi Germany, I realize that when I wake up each day, I face a new, ‘out-of-the-blue’ or as Sarah Palin put it regarding Obama’s State of the Union speech, another WTF moment in this administration’s take-over of America.

You never know what is the next initiative of Obama’s monstrous creative destruction. In the rest of society the Nazis also aimed to bind the economy to the needs of the state and the people. No commercial importance was attached to the commercial concerns of the free market because the goal was statism or socialism. Again you never know with Obama what perversion of capitalism lies in store for us.

Furthermore, like Lenin in 1920 said, “morality is...subordinate to the interests of class war.” Moral values do not exist when it is necessary to annihilate the old social order and unite the proletariat. Who can dispute the relativism of liberal rule in Washington today?

Obama already commands blind obedience from his fellow travelers. As he creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, his minions, though off-balance, deftly rationalize and/or justify his each and every move. SCARY!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Which Hole

Who could print, speak, believe, dare, write, take, tolerate, accept or endure in good conscience another grant, a 400 million dollar Federal Education Grant, as reported in the Columbus Dispatch, January 29th, 2011? NO ONE in their ‘right’ mind. More money for Ohio teachers, 35 new hires and other contractors to be carefully selected. ? By now, taxpayers who again pay for this waste, should say, enough is enough. ‘Investing’ more according to liberal lingo, always gets less results in the schools.

We just continue to pound more money into the education rat hole, over-filled already, over-funded, over-rated, over-wrought with waste, offal, garbage unfit for even the lowliest of God’s creatures. We should be ashamed of the condition of our public schools in which learning facts not political correctness and liberal agendas, imbibing spiritual ideas moral values and practicing reason and common sense have simply been abandoned and the children and their table rasa potential entrusted to the rodents of the night.

Yes, you guessed it - I’m fed up with government’s wasteful spending on a useless system. Poison it and the verminous waste that it represents.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Reality just won’t cooperate with liberals. Facts are an unfair way to argue for liberals. The Unicorn in their Utopian dream of a perfect world crafted and cradled by government, cannot be slain by an imaginary sword. The elephant of spending, borrowing, regulation and restriction cannot be felled without bullets from a real, big gun. Ditto for that monstrous green Dragon who symbolizes the root of all evil, money, drained from citizens’ pockets by excessive taxation, printed by Washington to cover excessive spending and demonized by hypocritic, rich liberals. The Dragon too cannot be vanquished by hope and imagination. I often recall the observation of George Orwell that liberals have no interest in pursuing truth. And we come to the place in America where just pointing out the obvious becomes the goal of conservatives and patriots.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


“There are moments in the experience of beauty whose ecstasy transcends all memory or vision of happiness, so that their unrelated present stands complete as an immeasurable stellar lifetime.” This passage appears in a 1924 book “Voyaging Southward from the Strait of Magellan, by American, Rockwell Kent, a “pagan in pursuit of happiness.” Nature often presented herself to him as bliss and the compass of a moral nature.

BUT for ME? I’ll take the few, final minutes in the film “Secretariat,” in which the big, red, equine gift of God to the world, is turned loose to run to his heart’s content, winning the Belmont Stakes in 1973 by 31 lengths setting the track record at 2:24. Neither the stunning victory nor the track record matter. This beauty experienced by an atheist writer would also not matter.

What does matter is the momentary, transcendent entry into the whirlwind of God’s power and beauty of God, transmitted to me as the free, pounding speed, sinew and heart of the quintessential racehorse.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preeemptive Canddacy

I wish to make myself available as a preemptive candidate for President on the day of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech. Who can bear to hear a speech of glittering generalities with the devil buried in the details. I will not watch tolerance run amok, political correctness and bathos on parade. I know that government is a necessary waste but what a pile of S*** has collected under O’s progressive agenda based on stimulus spending, subsidies, grants and ‘investments.’ What else can I say as a true conservative, I am a candidate of used and re-used, with savings annually allotted for that rainy day and meat routinely eaten only because of a due date discount?

I advocate no talk of cutting spending; no talk of repealing health care or other Obama atrocities. These issues can be dealt with later. Now, I say REDUCE taxes across the board for corporations and individuals so that no entity pays more than 20% and every American is required to pay his fair share of 20%. Cut all the taxes to stimulate growth. Expect every adult to truly ‘invest’ in his country.

If there is a rich SOB male or female out there to take up my cause (candidacy for President) please make contact. Every so-called potential Republican candidate for 2012 is an entrenched, Washington, wealthy or elitist politician. Except perhaps Sarah Palin or Herman Cain. I would like Sarah to drive the libs crazy because the people speak, but liberals never hear the people speak. Also, who can count on the Republican party to back a true conservative?

Which leads back to me - the candidate of what’s tried and true. No claim to fame or fortune here. No chance that either temptation would block my path to future glory, shared with each common sense American, my reflection in the mirror. I’m out here and not likely to go away.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Until Now?

“History does not have many movements that, like Communism, began their climb with such high moral principles and with such devoted, enthusiastic, and clever fighters, attached to each other not only by ideas and suffering, but also by selfless love, comradeship, solidarity, and that warm and direct sincerity that can be produced only by battles in which men are doomed either to win or die. Cooperative efforts, thoughts, and desires; even the most intense effort to attain the same method of thinking and feeling, the finding of personal happiness and the building of individuality through complete devotion to the party and workers’ collective; enthusiastic sacrificing for others; care and protection for the young, and tender respect for the old - these are the ideals of true Communists when the movement is in its inception and still truly Communist.
Communist woman too is more than a comrade or co-fighter. It can never be forgotten that she, on entering the movement, decided to sacrifice all - the happiness of both love and of motherhood. Between men and women in the movement, a clean, modest and warm relationship is fostered: a relationship in which comradely care has become sexless passion. Loyalty, mutual aid, frankness and about even the most intimate thoughts - these are generally the ideas of true, ideal Communists.
This is true only while the movement is young, before it has tasted the fruits of power.
The road to the attainment of these ideals is very long and difficult. Communists and Communist movements are formed from varied social forced and centers. Internal homogeneity is not attained overnight, but through the fierce battles of varied groups and fractions. If conditions are favorable, the group or fraction which wins the battle is the one which has been most aware of the advance toward Communism and which, when taking over power, is also the most moral. Through moral crises, through political intrigues and insinuations, mutual calumniation, unreasoning hatred and barbaric encounters, through debauchery and intellectual decadence, the movement slowly climbs, crushing groups and individuals, discarding the superfluous, forging its core and its dogma, its morals and psychology, atmosphere, and manner of work.
When it becomes truly revolutionary, the Communist movement and its followers achieve, for a moment, the high moral standards described here. This is a moment in Communism when it is difficult to separate words from deeds, or more accurately, when the leading, most important, truest, and ideal Communists sincerely believe in their ideals and aspire to put them in to practice in their methods and in their personal life. This is the moment on the eve of the battle for power, a moment which occurs only in movements which arrive at this unique point.”

Milovan Djilas wrote this AS A COMMUNIST in 1957 about “The New Class.”

Barack Hussein Obama and his campaign used similar words in 2008. “This is our moment..... We are the one’s we have been waiting for... Hope and change... Yes, we Can. We will transform America. Vote or die.” Obama youth, Obama women, Obambots, Obama supporters ( freedom fighters? ) put him over the top.

Does anyone disagree?