Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weasel wurst

What meat fits between yes and no on an Obama sandwich? Not maybe beef but weasel wurst. Welcoming the gays and lesbians to "their" White House, Obama said that "preventing patriotic Americans ( like gays and lesbians) from serving their country weakens our national security (how?)," ... "but as commander in chief in a time of war, I do have a responsibility to see that this change is administered in a practical way" ( meaning what, that it’s still impractical?). Yes, you should serve; no, changing the rules would be impractical. Weasel wurst at its worst, from our leader.

If our President really wanted to make a change and administer it in a practical way he would abolish the CAC , the Community Action Commission that has been around for years and just received stimulus money to give away to the ‘needy’ air conditioners and $175 to help pay for the utility bills to run them. Who might the ‘needy’ be? Anyone over 60 or with a breathing problem qualifies. No specifics were given in an interview I heard on the radio with 2 representatives from CAC other than to use the weasel word, ‘qualifies.’ Yes, I know, one should be personally responsible for proper, prior planning in life. But no, one should feel free to ask other citizens to subsidize irresponsibility. Maybe I can have it both ways like weasel wurst that says I can have my cake ( a free A/C and eat it too ( free money to run it).

My cash purchases of a used A/C and a reduced bargain A/C make me out the fool when I somehow pay my utility bill on time.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Nature in summertime provides us with an endless array of color from myriad types of wild and cultivated flowering plants and cheerful songbirds. But mankind’s intervention on this scene is dreckish. First a mere dozen horses cannot clip-clop or drop manure onto Boston’s streets anymore because of budget cuts. Next a government program this summer provides needy clients freebie air conditioners and funds to assist in paying for running them. This just spreads the manure of irresponsibility. Lastly, another government program encourages bird droppings by paying farmers to cut their hayfields and to delay cutting their hayfields at times helpful to a few songbirds’ nesting times. The summer madness heats up; get ready to inhale the dreck.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Postured into the future

As General Patton might have said, "What the hell does ‘postured into the future mean’ when spoken by a military man?" What I hear today in no way resembles what might have been said in this politically correct and post-rational world. Why has the past as an inspiration for future improvements and greatness been forgotten? Home health care has been outsourced to government funded programs. No infrastructure or charitable project can proceed without a government grant. Emotion detached from common sense and the golden mean runs rampant, gloriously evidenced now with the death of an iconic, quasi-talented and disturbed deviant, Michael Jackson.

So our mission in Iraq is "postured in the future," according to a spokesman for the military. And our President, who can ‘speak’ only from pre-recorded messages over a tele-prompter, often relies on his spokesman to deliver his statements. Patton triumphed in a lost world where honest thought lived itself out honestly, even though it sometimes involved posturing. But what you saw of Patton was what you got publicly and privately. The duplicity and dishonesty we see and get in this insane American culture today please him who postures in the future to claim many lost, damned souls for his own.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Author Harry Stein summarizes the problem for you who do not wish to dwell in the shade. "In the emotion fueled world of liberalism, it is words that matter most, and professed intent, not the facts." For liberalism in this statement, any other ‘ism’ dependent upon delusion or a vision of the perfect world, such as idealism, Utopianism, Communism, socialism, Fascism, progressivism, Obamaism, environmentalism, activism, libertarianism, terrorism or extremism, may be substituted. An alternative to living in the darkness of non-reality, would be the ‘ism’ capitalism, which accounts for Target stores shelving 88 kinds of Pantene shampoo. Of course, conservatism, requires its followers to choose only one generic brand of the least expensive hair soap (all soaps being equal under the showerhead). Hear, Hear! Here at ... tcminc.blogspot.com

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Pan moment

Definitely impish and perverse, the Greek Pan, a horned goat-footed god was at work in Mark Sanford’s, Republican Governor of South Carolina, recent escapade. John Keats called Pan the "dread opener of the mysterious doors leading to universal knowledge," an allusion to wine, women and song as universal trouble spots in flights of emotional fancy. Sanford admits that the "odyssey we’re all on in life is with regard to heart." Of course, Keats, Pan and Sanford deliberately forswear man as a rational animal, most human and most alive when his mind controls his matter. A line from Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning sums up the sex (lust) scandal by referring to Sanford’s "second attempt to refuse the stimulus (which) he failed." Pity Sanford’s 4 sons, named Marshal, London, Bolden and Blake as if they would become men like a manly father whose job has been to set the standard for moral living. Pity the rich, heiress wife who shared multimillions with wealthy Mark but who comes away from Pan’s adventure only knowing the old saw about power ( and money naturally) corrupting and corrupting absolutely. Pan the god of misadventure is alive and well. Isn’t it time for a clean sweep of the Congressional forest?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Human beings are sooooo inhuman (murders), inhumane (animal abusers), subhuman ( terrorists), anti-human ( PETA), proto-human (racists), supra-human (environmentalists) and quasi-human (President Obama). Critics of the 50% beloved, call his foreign policy "weenie diplomacy" because he "mostly deplores violence." Having and saying it both ways as a human art form, qualifies our leader as quasi-human, unable to not equivocate about EVERYTHING.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Temporize ... TWSR

An Obama critic has said that our President "temporizes with steely resolve." I shall now not temporize but with steely resolve speak out about our President. Do 12 limos, a cadre of worshipful reporters and soft serve ice creams prove his highness is a good dad? With steely resolve, I choose not to speak evasively or speak in a spirit of compromise; I speak a resounding no. Mealy-mouthed strategic dithering (to use a writer’s unflattering words) does not a great President nor a great dad make. In the world of declensions, Obama NEVER is, are, was, were, being or (has) been a good father. To be a good father ( and I am married to one) a good man must first have been made!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Risky business

All great movements start as a cause, evolve into a business, and end up a racket." writes Eric Hoffer. At what stage is a movement like common sense today? Certainly it is a risky business, to think logically, ask rational questions or behave responsibly. Such behavior puts one into a risky, lonely, denigrated position on the totem pole of American culture.

Obama’s progressive (socialist) cause couched in the language of hope and change has proven to be a hoax, but not enough citizens see through his deceptions, veiled language, hidden meanings and slight of mouth that make him a charismatic master of misdirection. Following Saul Alinski’s injunctions in "Rules for Radicals", Obama is radically changing the direction of our country and altering the principles on which she was founded. He has expressed the language of hope and change as fear, crisis, greed, global warming, growing income inequality, touch economic times (TET), etc. The et cetera can be filled in with virtually any word from the media to characterize the ‘mess’ Obama inherited and the conditions that must be corrected.

A persistent little phoebe repeatedly delivers his/her feebe, feebe, feebe message day and night within my earshot. I can’t make it stop, just like I can’t slow or curb Obama’s freebie, freebie, freebie message that has so enamoured too many Americans. No freebies for the rich but universal freebies for the poor and middle classes. A little birdie tells me this progressive movement (socialism) has advanced beyond cause, into a risky business and will surely end up as a racket.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Survival of the fittest

How clever! Three young, recently-fledged, drab coated starlings are picking seeds out of maple helicopters lodged in my gutters. Nature’s law of the survival of the fittest surely applies to the prolific starling, so recently introduced into these United States. But our government overseen by Obermensch Obama gives these birds a run for their money. With a tiny percent of possibility of sustainability and huge percentage of uselessness, green energy initiatives forge ahead. Today I hear about millions of dollars from the stimulus program going to BGWS, a bogus, garbage of wasteful spending on Biomass, geothermal, windmills and solar ‘fuels.’ No free market works in America now. Freedom ( AZADI-E ) does not shout for its turn here as it does in Iran today. Since the big bang, creative destruction, in spite of its peaks and valleys, has advanced civilization and its standard of living. But no hope for change lives under the big O’s administration. Consumer prices have shown their steepest decline in 59 years, yet the propaganda from the liberal Democrats working for Obama, leads the public to believe in the TET, touch, economic times. Our GDP has risen 100% since 1995, yet supposed doom and gloom necessitates the government’s takeover of every aspect of our lives. Obama has said the American dream of working hard and living responsibly is dead because of "the irresponsibility of others and by the irresponsibility of their government to provide adequate oversight." The fact that the irresponsibility of governmental blackmail of the banks and the criminals at work behind the scenes contributed to the financial crisis, doesn’t matter. The regulatory and socialistic fix is in. So far our Superman is winning, his approval numbers remain high, he proves that he survives as the fittest to fool enough of the people enough of the time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iranian tea party

Wake up Obama! Inhale the aromatic steam of a Middle East tea brewing and being served at the huge, well-attended Iranian tea party. Protesters for and against the theocratic regime have taken to the streets of Tehran just like thousands of Americans have taken to the streets and parks in hundreds of tea parties to protest your autocratic regime. Heady, isn’t it? Your silence is not golden; your golf game no cover. With many citizens under the age of thirty, Iran is ripe for a replay of the 1979 revolution; welcome back Carter! A version of a democracy in the Middle East would destroy your credibility - just a tad. I’m rooting for the citizens of a repressed nation to unite; they have nothing to loose but their beards and chadors.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A real winner

I heard today the name of a player of the week in a sport. Seems to me a player of the week has morphed into myriad players of the day, hour, month, year, decade, century and millennium. Everyone deserves to share winner status. Because this fantasy is so appealing, it’s tricky for human beings to recognize and acknowledge reality in each of its forms and dimensions. Take love, for example. "At its strongest and wildest and most authentic, love, is a demon. It is a religion, a high-risk adventure, an act of heroism. Love is ecstasy and injury, transcendence and danger, altruism and excess. In my ways, it is divine madness - and was recognized exactly as that as early as the time of Plato." If what author Cristina Nehring writes about love is true, should there not be just one winner, one lifetime, commitment, one and only one love? Just as the difference between platonic and realized love forms a chasm, should not the difference between ‘a’ winner and mere player remain unbreached?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Two by two

All good (and bad) things come in two’s. Some represent opposites, some attractions. Adam and Eve. God versus. Lucifer. Cain v. Abel. Authoritarian hierarchical government v. Republican democracy. How to be happy and how to be thin as best-selling book ideas. Liberals, CBS news and the New Republic magazine compare George W. Bush to Iran’s Amadinejed. The National Review magazine and Rush Limbaugh contrast Ronald Reagan with President Obama.. Two by two of each species filed up the ramp of Noah’s ark. Two barn swallows on an electric wire and two swallows on their nest spend their overnights on my porch. Two’s, some representing a good, others an evil, continue to fill the pages of history.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Semper paratus

Always be prepared, the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard makes partial sense for an entity designed to handle maritime emergencies. But a commercial for a local business ended with the words, ..."be prepared for the unexpected." Is this possible? Does this contain any meaning? How could my daughter and son have prepared for the teen drunk who plunked himself behind the wheel and then careened off the road into their oncoming car whacking off my daughter’s young life and permanently injuring my young son. How could the father of the ‘unexpected’ baby boy born to a dying mother, have been prepared for single parenthood? Today, semper paratus is impossible. Words have no meaning to our new President Obama and standard operating procedure ( SOP) for celebrities, politicians and VIP’s requires that the mouth to be engaged without a brain in gear. An underlying assumption, however, seems to be that talking cures, in spite of the fact that statements contradict themselves from day to day or week to week. For example, a spokesman for the big O ( zero sum gain Obama) said the government did not want to be owners of GM and Chrysler, but " stewards of structural change." Any synonym I choose - on guard, foresighted, forehanded, forewarned, armed, ready, primed, groomed, rehearsed, anticipatory, expectant or unlimbered ( more on this presently) won’t change my preparedness for this contradictory, language masking agenda.. To unlimber, by the way, is to disconnect a gun or caisson from its limber, a two-wheeled detachable vehicle used to transport ammunition. Note: a gun has been the weapon of choice lately for the deranged who murder while under immersed in a delusion. Contemplating the present problem of semper paratus, I have concluded that I will never be prepared for the next dose of insanity, inevitably spawned out of hypocrisy and contradiction, handed out by our liberal, ruling class and acquiesced by sheeple.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Requiescat in pace, common sense

Helmets for bikers. Useless unless racing on the hills in a Tour de France. Free meals for children and handicapped adults over 18 during the summer vacation period. Needless waste of taxpayers monies. Obama paying $200,000 million dollars to Palau to accept 17 Guantanamo prisoners, which amounts to 11 million per detainee. Senseless bribery that amounts to $10,000 per citizen of Palau. Calorie counts required to be posted at selected fast-food restaurants "to help customers make informed decisions" which is a "critical part of reorientation to a society of prevention and health promotion. Baseless logic which is really designed to dictate and control people’s lives. Almost a decade after 9/11, no memorial exists. Brainless squabbling among politically correct politicians and bureaucrat makes reconciliation and agreement impossible.

Requiescat in pace, common sense, no example of you can be found above the ground. Don’t turn around, look back or foolishly look to the future for any hopeful sign to appear. Obama’s cloak over our land prevents any ray of sunshine from penetrating the gloom.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Know it! Like it! Taste it!
Created from fresh honey
Harvested. Butter laved
Layer over layer, layered,
Phyllo thin, walnut crunchy,
Sweet nectar from spring
Hive, baked light, crisp.
Syrupy liberation
Yummy liberation
To satisfy hungry soul.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009




Monday, June 08, 2009


‘Funemployment’ is not what Henry David Thoreau the writer had in mind when he said in WALDEN, "simplify, simplify, simplify." What would qualify as candidates for simplification would be many of Americans’ wants and needs and elitist, academic language. For example, Obama thinks his citizens need more control and oversight so he has recently appointed his 19th Czar, the salary Czar. A nearby city wants more money from taxpayers "neighborhood stability grant funds." A pointy crowned professor says that even if Pauline thinking (Christianity) had failed, a version would have prevailed "featuring the doctrine of interethnic externalities offered by the open platform of the Roman empire." Each need, want and obfuscation here needs simplification and/or elimination. What would not qualify for a slim shake would be the ability to appreciate the ‘simple’ pleasures in life. For example, my goldfish (for the 1st time observed) has spent today doing torpedo laps around his pond. Equally simple and enjoyable were both of our temporary diversions.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Omana’s siren song is luring America Onto the rocks. Its core narcissism swamps the possibility of serious thought and common sense. How can any person today distinguish truth from distortion or a political agenda? Peggy Noonan observed that "without her ( Nancy) there was no him" (Ronald Reagan). What was specific to their loving relationship could be extrapolated as the secret to Reagan’s success. How do I arrive at this possible conclusion? Noonan is an honest admirer of conservative Reagan. Tom Brokaw, on the other hand, observed that World War II taught Americans to "work together around what we need not what we want." He implies that this lesson can now be applied to the current the economic crisis in which our wants must be curtailed as government determines our needs. How do I arrive at Brokaw’s underlying message? Brokaw is a liberal Democrat, a supporter of the socialist Obama. Know thy enemy.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


A golden pallor of voluptuous light
Filled the warm southern night:
The moon, clear orbed, above the sylvan scene
Moved like a stately queen,
So rife with conscious beauty all the while,
What could she do but smile
At her own perfect loveliness below,
Glassed in the tranquil flow
Of crystal fountains and unruffled streams?
Half lost in waking dreams,
As down the loneliest forest dell I strayed,
Lo! From a neighboring glade,
Flashed though the drifts of moonshine, swiftly came
A fairy shape of flame.
It rose in dazzling spirals overhead,
Whence to wild sweetness wed,
Poured marvelous melodies, silvery trill on trill;
On the charmed trees to hearken; while for me,
Heart-trilled to ecstasy,
I followed - followed the bright shape that flew,
Still circling up the blue,
till as a fountain that has reached its height,
Falls back in sprays of light
Slowly dissolved, so that enrapturing lay,
Divinely melts away
Through tremulous spaces to a music-mist,
Soon by the fitful breeze
How gently kissed
Into remote and tender silences.

My blog’s recent poems come from a treasure-like collection called "Poems of Creatures Large and Small," 1991, by Avenel Books (div. of Random House), printed in Singapore. Better to ‘read’ nature than hear the big O’s words today in Normandy on the commemoration of D-day. Rudyard Kipling wrote in "The Ballad of the King’s Jest," that "Four things greater than all things are,- Women and Horses and Power and War." Kipling forgot to include the King, Obama.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Like toadstools popping up after a rain, little outrages pop up frequently on our political and cultural landscape. As George Orwell, the author of 1984 said, "We have sunk to such a depth that the restatement of the obvious has become the first duty of intelligent men." What’s obviously outrageous is the death of common sense. Plastic grocery bags are banned while plastic water bottles, uncool and more destructive to the health of the planet, proliferate. Smoking is banned as unhealthy but explicit sex education in public grammar schools is required. America’s parents put so little emphasis on education that only children of Indian immigrants willingly study to win the National Spelling Bee. I am bombarded by outrageous contradictions at every turn of the radio dial (yes I have an old portable) and every flick of the TV remote. 60% of Americans disapprove of the President Obama’s policies , yet he still holds a 60% personal approval rating. His oratorical contradictions are ignored because charisma trumps reality. Even his liberal, inner, political circle expresses approval of his lies and misdirections because they "can count on them." On the campaign trail, Obama disavowed his father’s Muslim roots but on his trip to Saudi Arabia, he trumpeted his father’s Muslin faith. By seeking the "counsel" of a Muslim king of a theocracy, our President bows to an ‘other’ religion, synonymous with the state while deploring any relationship here in America between the religion and the state.

It’s also outrageous that 53% of voters signed up this man-god to be their leader down the path to socialism. His narcissism echoes that of his supporters ("I love him, I love him" still reverberates on Internet postings). Yet Obama offers little hope for change when he punishes achievers, those who aspire to work and create wealth and encourages citizens to depend upon government. He has borrowed more money in the past few months than our country has borrowed over the last 30 years. Why have so many Americans allowed themselves to become sheeple, annually fleeced by the over-reaching government?

Obama is engineering an outrageous way of doing business, nationalizing GM, for example. 60% of GM, owned by the government, is seen as a ‘good thing’ by the sheeple who remain uninformed of the causes of the crisis. Government interference and regulations combined with union domination that obtained exorbitant salaries, health benefits and retirement packages for the workers led to GM’s bankruptcy. Ad infinitum, however, workers’ pensions will be funded by hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars. Obama mandates smaller, more fuel efficient, American-made cars even though GM already manufactures and sells these vehicles abroad. If we have an obesity epidemic why does he want to see our oversized drivers scrunch into mini-mobiles? Of course, Obama’s universal health care will cover the costs of those crippled by riding around in vehicles, "unsafe at any speed."

Another outrage in these Tough Economic Times is Obama’s promise kept of a ‘date night’ with wife Michele. On the previous day to this date, he told this generation (you and me, dear readers ) that we have been called upon to volunteer to sacrifice the remainder of our lives to improve the future for our children and grandchildren. I thought a sacrifice was a voluntary act not a fiat. As usual our President ignored the opportunity to set an example of common sense to the ‘suffering’ common people. The ‘date night’ required 3 airplanes and 2 helicopters, attending reporters and secret service protection, exceeding $28,000 for his evening trip to New York. I suggest that it would have been as romantic and less extravagant for Obama to have spent a few moments with his beloved holding hands under Washington’s starry skies with a backdrop of the historic White House, after a ‘home-cooked’ meal. Not a chance!

The big outrage - that which compels me to speak out against the absence of sufficient numbers of intelligent men and women - is our President’s planned visitation on June 6th, D-day to the memorial cemetery in Normandy, France. This photo op will culminate his trip to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany and France. By the way, Michelle and his daughters flew to Paris on a separate plane to join him later. Obama has the audacity to stand in Normandy (like an Overlord) near the graves of men and women who sacrificed their lives in the service of their countries as he attempts to put America into its grave with his creeping socialism. He dares to appear side by side with the Prime Minister of France and Prince Charles of Britain as the third party in the symbolic triumvirate that liberated Europe and the world from Fascism and totalitarianism in World War II. Obama embodies goals, sincerely fleshed out by his philosophy, designed to kill America as we have known her. Cry beloved country! What an outrage!

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet someone like the young poet, Lord Byron who was described as "mad, bad and dangerous to know." Now I know.