Friday, October 31, 2014

“ humble and proud”

            St James Cancer Hospital opens

Did you know that you can be humble and proud at the same time? An ad for the opening of the St. James Cancer Hospital in Cols. OH., claims that after years in the making, it now opens “ humble and proud” to be the best cancer hospital in the country.  Not to disparage cancer diagnosis and treatment ( oh, well,why not?) the pervasive sickness in America today nears epidemic proportions of misuse and misunderstanding of language.  Capture the language, however, (why said that?) and you capture the imagination of the masses, win the propaganda game and spread the cancer of contradiction.   

Thursday, October 30, 2014


If Ebola becomes rampant in the United States  will it be called Obola?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

smarter than some politicians

“The archers shot so marvelously that when the horses felt the barbed arrows some would not go forwards.  Some would leap into the air as if maddened, some bucked horribly, and others turned their rumps towards the enemy, regardless of their masters, because of the arrows they felt.”  Written in about 1352, we can conclude from this painful account,  that even horses, turning their asses to the enemy as an intelligent tactic, are smarter than some politicians today who cannot figure out what to do when the slings and arrows of misfortune continuously fly from liberals at us – the enemy.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Auberon Herbert’s remarkable essays, The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State; specifically, it’s from Herbert’s 1906 lecture “Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine”:
Does it mend matters to say that under our system we choose the best man available, and leave the hundred questions for him to deal with?  That is only our old friend, the autocrat, come back once more, with a democratic polish rubbed over his face to disguise and, as far as may be, to beautify his appearance.  Our sin consists in the suppression of our own selves and our own opinions; and in one sense we fall lower than the slaves of the autocrat, for they are simply sinned against, but we take an active part in the sin against ourselves.

It seems to be implicitly assumed that the imperfections that exist in markets do not exist among those who might seek to  intervene in markets.  Yet it is clear from the crash that regulators suffered from the same herding tendencies as market participants, suffered from lack of perfect knowledge and that there were lags before regulators acted, and so on.  Any rounded theory must make realistic assumptions about market participants and those operating outside the market who seek to regulate it.
Yes.  Turning matters over to government does not render reality optional or transform humans into super-humans.  Turning matters over to government does not make miracles occur.


He has contempt for the electorate. And, considering that it elected him, he has reason.

Friday, October 24, 2014


  • “There Are 850 164-Year-Old Voters in New York City. Yes, You Read That Right.”—headline, Washington Post website, Oct. 23

Okay, no more Mr. Nice Blogger. Anyone who doesn’t realize our country is being governed by incompetents somewhere between Caligula and Nero (with golf replacing the violin) hasn’t been paying the slightest attention.

Guess what?

   Guess what?
…”a sensational discovery for the bourgeois reactionary press. …taken up by the most inveterate enemies of the Soviet Union, obscurantists of various shades, incendiaries of the new world war, provacateurs… they seek to make a political scandal… those who serve the man-hating forces of the cold war, who are organizing crusades against progress and humanism…therefore if we compare Pasternak with a pig, then we must say that pig will never do what he has done…this man who considers himself among the best representatives of society, has fouled the spot where he ate and cast filth on those by who labor he lives and breathes…every flock has its mangy sheep. We have such a mangy sheep in our socialist society in the person of Pasternak, who appeared with his slanderous ‘work.’
   We could think we conservatives are being targeted here.  But in reality it is was Boris Pasternak had done.  He wrote Doctor Zhivago, a novel for which he received the Nobel Prize in literature.      

     Give me a break
A spokesperson for the White House -  after another fence climber incident - tells us ( we the people) that there will be a review of the  “security posture” at the White House.  What could give me a break from the lunacy of this administration?  Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Currently  538 members of Congress are worth  $2.1 billion (according to Roll Call).
“Our analysis also found at least 188 millionaires — about a third of Congress — up from 185 the previous year.  …. The median lawmaker on our ranking has a minimum net worth of $456,522 — not too shabby.”
While net worth of U.S. households the, median net worth — the folks in the middle — has generally lagged.  The latest figures from the Census Bureau — from 2011 — show a median net worth of $68,828 per household.  Compare that to ‘your servant’ in government worth $456,522.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What’s wrong with America?

            What’s wrong with America?

“Is your business income reduction keeping you up at night?” Why can’t we speak clearly anymore? “Business income reduction” simply means you are losing money in your business but according to the ad from which I took these words, you then need to borrow money.  No. No customers, no profit, no niche – yes negatives say something positive. There is no need (supply/demand) for your product.  But rather than state the obvious, what’s wrong with America is the use of obfuscation.  Try listening to the mush mouthed from this administration and gushed from advertising and the public airways.  


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Monday, October 20, 2014


New York City “has shelled out more than $200,000 to store a homeless woman’s belongings,” the New York Post reports:
Andrea Logan’s possessions have been locked up—at taxpayer expense—since she lost her Upper East Side apartment in 2006 after a debilitating stroke, court records reveal.
And the city has picked up the tab, following a state law that requires it to cover storage expenses for homeless people.
Logan, 54, had jammed 11 storage units full of belongings in the years after her stroke, and officials didn’t notice the huge tab until it reached $3,585 a month last year. . . .
Even Logan’s storage units—some as large as 10 by 16 feet—cover well over 1,000 square feet of space, way more than offered by most Manhattan homes.
It was unclear exactly how the city learned of Logan’s sprawling storage empire. But officials finally refused to pay for all of her units last year, prompting her to sue in Manhattan Supreme Court.
Under a deal this year with the city Human Resources Administration and the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Logan agreed to whittle down her belongings to fit into only three units at a Storage Post facility in The Bronx, at a total monthly rate of $1,297.

Our President Prince

            Our President Prince
   The press did full justice too to the Prince’s decidedly lax church attendance; journalists wagged their heads sadly over this delinquency.  “The whole visit, has been characterized as one continuous form of recreation and amusement, not altogether devoid of frivolity and with a certain lack of dignity.” 
   Yes, this reference to the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne and eventual Edward VIII ( who abdicated remember) could also apply to our President Prince Barack Obama. He has outstayed his visitation to our American enterprise

Sunday, October 19, 2014


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Barack's End of Days


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

operation inherent resolve

Did you know that the latest ISIS degradation is named “operation inherent resolve?”  Sounds military doesn’t it?  As referenced by General Sherman, war is surely hell.

Too bad President Obama has no clue what he is talking about.


Houston's embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in an unusual step, subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists that have sued the city.
Opponents of the equal rights ordinance are hoping to force a repeal referendum when they get their day in court in January, claiming City Attorney David Feldman wrongly determined they had not gathered enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. City attorneys issued subpoenas last month during the case's discovery phase, seeking, among other communications, "all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession."
The subpoenas were issued to several high-profile pastors and religious leaders who have been vocal in opposing the ordinance. The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a motion on behalf of the pastors seeking to quash the subpoenas.
Plaintiff Jared Woodfill said the subpoena impinges on protected religious freedoms.
"This is the city trampling on the First Amendment rights of pastors in their churches," Woodfill said.

The city attorney's office has not responded to requests for comment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“encouraged by the unanimity of viewpoints,”

To paraphrase famous literary lines: We are now engaged in a time of the “best of hands and the worst of hands.”  The worst of hands is represented by doublespeak from our Democrat, liberal establishment in Washington.  Obama is “encouraged by the unanimity of viewpoints,” regarding ISIS.  A spokesperson discusses “confirmatory tests” for Ebola. The best of hands is represented by the doctors, nurses and caregivers (not just from the U.S. but from around the world) who are contracting and dying from the Ebola virus.   

National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations

National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations

National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations
The Director has just recommended that because American citizens  “distrust of government is pervasive.” Census forms should have at the top:
“ in bold, capital letters, ‘YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW.’”
The American people need the lash applied to them if they become to independent.

Can you define “ Other Populations”?

Monday, October 13, 2014

200,000 horses were lost

            Is war Hell?

Any doubts that war is hell?  At the battle of Moscow, 1812, about 200,000 horses were lost.  Translation for lost – killed. What can an admirer of the horse say?  

Corrupting the military to spout Obama party line

Corrupting the military to spout Obama party line.  Do you really believe the military believes the ‘national debt’ trumps ISIS. Iraq, Afghanistan or Russia as the greatest ‘threat to national security?  

Transcript of Chairman of the JCS Adm. Mike Mullen’s Speech at the Wilson Center

Posted by Alyssa Warren on June 3, 2011

At home, the U.S. and our military continue to come to grips with a new austerity due to the current economic environment and growing demands for debt servicing and repayment.  I’ve been very honest about my concerns over the national debt.  And I really do believe it is the greatest threat to our national security.  My bet is that the defense budget will at best be flat over the next few years.  That’s a marked change from the previous decade where our defense budget nearly doubled.  That will drive – or should drive – some very tough decisions about what kind of military we will build.  Unfortunately, our platforms are much older than the last time we faced a difficult budget environment, so we will have to build down from a much more strained base.
Also corrupted to spout the Obama party line:


Facts - What Facts?

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Buying Votes in Brazil:

Friday, October 10, 2014



A 1% story? An employment story?

Allen Chase Mason was from Illinois. With $2.85 he arrived in Tacoma, Wash. In 1884.  A decade later he ran his meager money up to $10 million dollars via hard work and investment projects.  An American success story?  A 1% story? An employment story?  Take your pick but marvel…

Thursday, October 09, 2014

“cultus wah wah”

Certain speech for white men was called “cultus wah wah” by the Chinook Indians. Roughly translated it means “worthless, good-for-nothing talk.”  What have we heard from the CDC and our Obama administration about the ebola crisis spreading outward from Africa?  Yep!  “Cultus wah wah.”   

Unlike fiction, reality doesn’t have to be plausible

Unlike fiction, reality doesn’t have to be plausible
TRUMAN Doctrine:  The Buck Stop Here.

OBAMA Doctrine:     The Buck Stops With You.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

“We can’t have schools in this disarray.”

“We can’t have schools in this disarray.”  Why not?  The very teachers who have caused this disarray in Reynoldsburg scream that “we can’t have this disarray.”  Typical of greedy liberals demanding more money and smaller class sizes ( which will also require more money).  Contradicton and hypocrisy – never-ending.

As an edifying aside, consider what 2 pioneers of the Northwest accomplished about 1850 near Puget Sound. They “felled a medium sized cedar, bucked it into 16-foor lengths, split out boards, and built a cabin 16 feet square, roofed, walled, and puncheon floored from a single tree.  They fenced 2 acres and planted a garden…”  No obesity in this early America!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Obama has a bad habit

Victor Davis Hanson

" Obama has a bad habit of claiming credit for good things that he opposed, and for blaming others for the bad things for which he was responsible."

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

In Praise Of Benjamin Netanyahu.

This man, whatever his failings, is better able to articulate the global situation than any political leader currently in a position of power in any country by yards. In fact, virtually no one else is even attempting to do it. (Tony Blair did for a while before he turned, but he’s not in Bibi’s league.) Netanyahu may not be Churchill when it comes to courage, but he is Churchill, or close, when it comes to a precise mastery of the English language, ironic since he is the prime minister of a Hebrew-speaking nation. He is able to tell the truth about the important issues, when all others, including, notably, our president and secretary of State, are prevaricating or spinning, trying desperately not to offend the reprehensible, and he did it again the other day at the United Nations. (Full text here.) He told the truth about radical Islam to a half empty house whose Moslem delegates had left and whose remaining attendees sat there terrified of agreeing publicly with the Israeli prime minister lest some imam or dopey liberal NGO accuse of them of Islamophobia. He made that speech at an institution that has institutionalized anti-Semitism, not world peace or even basic common sense, as its modus operandi, as its very raison d’être.
What would the UN do if it were unable to bash Israel? How would it spend its time?
Who cares? Would the world be worse if the UN ceased to exist? I’m not sure it would even be much better. The UN is a fundamentally trivial body, staffed, and admired, by fundamentally trivial people.


our insane planet.

News flash!  Earth has lost half its wildlife in the past 40 years according to a new study.  Since this is a total lie, a flawed study, let’s hope that the scientific evidence of life on other planets is NOT incorrect and aliens come here ( thank Gaea) to take possession of our insane planet.