Friday, October 24, 2014

Guess what?

   Guess what?
…”a sensational discovery for the bourgeois reactionary press. …taken up by the most inveterate enemies of the Soviet Union, obscurantists of various shades, incendiaries of the new world war, provacateurs… they seek to make a political scandal… those who serve the man-hating forces of the cold war, who are organizing crusades against progress and humanism…therefore if we compare Pasternak with a pig, then we must say that pig will never do what he has done…this man who considers himself among the best representatives of society, has fouled the spot where he ate and cast filth on those by who labor he lives and breathes…every flock has its mangy sheep. We have such a mangy sheep in our socialist society in the person of Pasternak, who appeared with his slanderous ‘work.’
   We could think we conservatives are being targeted here.  But in reality it is was Boris Pasternak had done.  He wrote Doctor Zhivago, a novel for which he received the Nobel Prize in literature.      

     Give me a break
A spokesperson for the White House -  after another fence climber incident - tells us ( we the people) that there will be a review of the  “security posture” at the White House.  What could give me a break from the lunacy of this administration?  Happy Halloween!


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