Tuesday, October 07, 2014

“We can’t have schools in this disarray.”

“We can’t have schools in this disarray.”  Why not?  The very teachers who have caused this disarray in Reynoldsburg scream that “we can’t have this disarray.”  Typical of greedy liberals demanding more money and smaller class sizes ( which will also require more money).  Contradicton and hypocrisy – never-ending.

As an edifying aside, consider what 2 pioneers of the Northwest accomplished about 1850 near Puget Sound. They “felled a medium sized cedar, bucked it into 16-foor lengths, split out boards, and built a cabin 16 feet square, roofed, walled, and puncheon floored from a single tree.  They fenced 2 acres and planted a garden…”  No obesity in this early America!


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