Thursday, October 01, 2009

If Ralph Nader can dare

If Ralph Nader can dare to run for President several times and write a current novel based upon his ultra-liberal principles that won’t die - and lose elections repeatedly as he will surely lose the agreement of most of Americans with his book today - I can dare to run for President. Fellow conservative Sarah Palin’s as yet unpublished memoir is already # 2 on Amazon, so truth is on my side. Conservativism, truth, justice and the American way will triumph. Now we need two examples of our opposition.

The upside down world of liberals calls for community living, for neighbor helping neighbor, for sharing the wealth and home-baked pies. Really? NO. Liberalism is about hypocrisy. When a mother volunteers to watch her 2 neighbors’ children at a bus stop for about 1 hr. a day, the scolds, the state-controlled nanny of freedom watch, says no. The mother is violating child care rules and requires a license. The contradiction between freedom and personal responsibility on the one hand and regulations that sacrifice freedom and money to the state on the other hand is what liberals live and love. Hypocrisy and contradiction. Communities should organize but only organize within liberal, politically correct rules that prevent self-determination.

A second example of hypocrisy and contradiction involves the liberal idea that the super rich (multi-millionaires and billionaires) who have made their money in international business and finance be forced to bailout the ‘poor’ and ‘less fortunate.’ NOTE, that super rich sports and entertainment figures are not included. NOTE, none of the above liberals support private, charitable causes to the degree that conservatives contribute to them. NOTE, super rich liberal politicians and CEO’s always conveniently exempt themselves by loopholes and exceptions from the mandates they demand. NOTE, the very idea that a citizen would aspire to become super rich is anathema. Enter Ralph Nader’s dream again.

Communism, not capitalism is the goal. Get it? Well the American people won’t. Elect me, Sarah and our kith and kin.


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