Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's lesson

The lesson of the day: Virtually all politicians are corrupt. Greed drives too many political beasts especially at the national and state levels. Nevertheless, a choice must be made for President. Character, vision and competence ought to be brought to the office of President of the United States, according to an analyst of past Presidents. When this analyst assessed Heads of State over our history by a 30 point scale based upon how he conducts foreign affairs, pursues an economic policy and preserves the liberty of all citizens - Abraham Lincoln comes out on top. Many long revered leaders fall down a few notches from grace. What do we know about the two Oval Office aspirants today, Barack Obama and John McCain? Character, vision and competence? The former has none; the latter much. But when his policies are implemented, will Obama or McCain stand for proper pursuits in foreign affairs, in an economic policy of free markets and in the just preservation of free choice for citizens? Again, Obama no; McCain yes. McCain’s flawed thinking on some issues like global warming will, unfortunately, out of necessity, need to be overlooked when it comes to November. Presented with the choice of an empty suit topped by a head that speaks for a purely socialistic, liberal party or a well-traveled politician, Americans will need to trust that McCain can remain uncorrupted.


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