Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama - ugh!

The theme song for Obamaistas might be a 70's song repeating: "I’m so excited, "I might loose it, I might like it." Just as these utterances contain no intellectual content, ditto for Obama fans. Trying to break through to them with reason is like shouting at the deaf and pointing things out to the blind. Obama’s socialistic agenda encourages our culture of accusal that allows for government welfare programs to help people with incomes 125% over poverty (the poverty line itself being artificial and over-stated) and for programs to help people fight back against predatory lending( the practice itself hinging upon a false premise and irresponsibility). Also, tax shortfalls occur in mostly liberal states (Democratic) that practice over-spending (with the confidence that when in need of a bailout they will get one). Spending is always on the "up and up," but not always their business practices. As a candidate, the Messiah delivered a 1st Presidential Campaign speech today to non-voters in a foreign country. Speaking as a "citizen of the world," (note not a proud American), his words don’t matter because media and followers only hear and see what they choose. It was not a gaff in his speech, but political calculation when Obama pimped a ride from Ronald Reagan with allusions to tearing down walls. Obama’s gaffs have been dismissed. His mis-speaks, however, cannot be excused by exhaustion; his gaffs can be only be charged to ignorance and pandering and his repeated use of "UH."

Obama’s uncle did not liberate Auschwitz - uh - the Russians did. And did his uncle hide in his attic (if he had one) for 6 months?

Obama was never on the Senate Banking Committee - uh -as he claims

Obama offered to negotiate with anyone, anywhere including Iran - uh - but reversed his position when speaking in Israel to Jews.

Obama visited 57 states - uh - Hawaii’s (where he grew up)and Alaska’s admissions = 50 states.

Obama expects to deal with world leaders for 8 to 10 years - uh - a President can only serve 8.

Obama supposedly is a constitutional law professor - uh - he has never referred to the document.

Obama said that in July 2008 over 10,000 people were killed in a Kansas tornado which "wiped out an entire town.,"and the Governor was unable to cope with it because Bush sent National Guard troops and equipment to Iraq - uh - only 12 died and help for the state wasn’t needed.

Obama referred to an ‘undivided " Jerusalem and - uh - to a separate Palestinian and Jewish state.

Obama says "we are the people we have been waiting for" - uh?

Obama will call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff and give them a new mission, to bring the war in Iraq to a close - uh - the JCS are not part of command structure; they merely advise the President

Obama’s wife Michelle was never proud to be an American until her husband got the nomination for President - uh - Do we want this downer as our First Lady?

Obama says Clinton knows about Kentucky because it’s adjacent to Arkansas - uh - it’s Illinois.

Obama said his values came "straight from Kansas heartland,"- uh - he first learned elitism in private schools in Hawaii, later at an ivy league university and finally in Chicago politics.

Obama wants to increase taxes on the wealthy who make over $200,000 a year when experts say a retiree needs $200,000 for medical purposes - uh - how will or why should anyone save?

Obama says Iran not a threat - uh - within a day Iran is a threat.

Obama says women have abortions because they are "feeling blue." - duh!

Obama says Israel is best friend of Israel - uh - fatigue or what?

Obama says America survived "the bomb" on Pearl Harbour - uh - just one?

On that note, keep in mind that "uhs" substitute for "oohs" and "ahs" when Obama the politician’s brain never engages before his mouth shifts into gear. And away he goes!


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