Friday, July 18, 2008

More grants....

The words "more grants" rank as my #1 push button for rage. I am enraged when the words "more grants" spew from administrators of social welfare or community service organizations. Grants translates as more money from taxpayers funding useless "programs," but the boondogglers who administer them talk as if the ‘giveaways’ are morally and financially defensible. "Program" is on my #2 button for rage. #3 reads "obesity." Reading that obesity is more prevalent in the states with higher poverty rates breaks me up because the balance of nature has been upended. Thin people choose not to eat; the obese enjoy overfeeding. Go figure! Data shows that 1/4 of Americans are obese but statistics don’t explain why, just how, overweight affects longevity or intelligence. (Yet Americans are living longer). But doesn’t abundance make us the richest, most prosperous and most highly civilized nation on earth? Each of my push buttons represents an irrational liberal agenda. The war in Afghanistan might be called "An armed popularity contest," but politics played by the left amounts to "political correctness armed against personal freedom." Modern Afghanistan might carry with it 2000 years of negative baggage, but America, only 400 years young, has been packing patriotic negativity and anti-conservative values into the liberal suitcase for far too long. When did this begin? You tell me. We have ended up being subjected to health experts advising fellow citizens to eat healthier. "Have a salad, but not too much dressing," a food policewoman says. The word "argula" is printed on my rage button #4.


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