Thursday, July 10, 2008

More than steam

Barack Obama doesn’t accept an America "that makes women choose between kids and their careers." As a contrarian with common sense, I do. I don’t accept, however, being subjected to an analysis of tea kettles by a newspaper appealing to rich, elitists. Evaluated are: electric tea kettles selling for $349.99 ( stainless steel, holding 32 oz.), $179.95 (stainless, 51 oz.), $60.00 (glass, 48 oz.), or $40.00 ( plastic, 50 oz. )shipping excluded. My recently demised $1.00 ceramic teapot holding 24 oz. gracefully received boiling water and steeped tea for 3 minutes without my complaint. Many celebrities and retail products should not be accepted by Americans, but they are not only accepted but also embraced and excused for their disregard of extravagant cost and genuine value. Obama is an example. He accepts little about America but his nomination for President has occurred because citizens are willing to overlook his socialism, his liberal bias and his blindness to anything bright or right about America. He has sold at least 25% of the public, that is, 50% of voters, the Democrats, a stainless steel, 4-cup, $349,99 electric tea kettle, appealing solely in its uselessness. If a responsible, reasonable adult truly hopes to change his life in daily increments by rational, behavioral choices, Obama will quash his or her dream. 50% of Americans who do not pay taxes, already let the other ½ contribute 97%. The wealthy 1% who pay 40% of the taxes are the targets of Obama’s hope to change the number, by raising taxes, and thus allowing more than 50% to not contribute their fair share to their government. How is it that Obama, the equalizer, intends to further stratify the payers and the non-payers? Why is it that Obama’s fans whistle and scream their support like steam from the elitist tea kettle oblivious to the fact that Obama spouts ideas that represent more than just hot air?


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