Monday, July 07, 2008

Better than....

To commiserate with one’s self beats listening to Senator John Kerry whose utterances haughtily travel 360 degrees in repeated convolutions. He exhibits liberalism at its rapier best. After 400 years of continuous advancement, how have we managed to arrive in an America that propels a John Kerry and now a Barack Obama to the Democrat candidacy for President? He who has served less than 200 days in the Senate purports to tell us ‘real’ Americans he’s our Messiah who will change our country. As a counterbalance, a Senator who has served 26 years in the Senate, John McCain, falls for the phoney religious belief in global warming and purports to take my country down a dead end lane trying to save the environment. Earth can take care of herself, just ask Gaea, her oldest mother. Democrats continue to escalate the war of hypocrisy as they re-fit a building for their convention in Denver in August. I should change my cheap 60 watt light bulbs to save energy when they plan to install 300,000 pounds of lights in the ceiling of the convention center (which must be reinforced to accommodate them). More money than brains; brains without common sense. Common sense has been jettisoned over the side of our Ship of State. Taxpayers fund programs for "drug abuse resistance education" in our public schools. Has any pig sucking at the government’s oversized teat ever reasoned that D.A.R.E. and "Just Say No" programs do not - cannot - penetrate adolescent hormones? Youthful exuberance, daring and perseverance helped to create this great United States of America. Today, unfortunately, youth and the delusional aged are being exploited by Obama to vote for meaningless hope and change.


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