Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Count me out...

50% of the items on each plate served must be fruits and vegetables. Count me out, This is the mandate from the food police at the Democrat Presidential convention in Denver this August. Nothing approaching august represents their party planned to celebrate Barack Obama’s nomination. No, liberals and conservatives cannot get long. Yes, we conservatives ( Republicans) are judgmental and uncompromising on issues important to America’s future survival as a nation . Government expenditures have risen 60% in the last 8 years, the fault, shameful, a bi-partisan one. A citizen fed up with ever-increasing taxes and restrictions upon her innate freedoms, recently voiced her dissatisfaction with great emotion to John McCain. She speaks for me and millions of my fellow Americans. Millions of Americans, however, also dissatisfied, think dissimilarly from us. They think that Barack Obama can better address the election issues of energy, the economy, health care and social issues. How upsetting that socialism, an expanded welfare state and governmental intervention as solutions to problems lead with a margin of 15 - 20% for Obama over McCain. Half of this country perceives McCain better on the issues of Iraq, taxes and immigration than Obama, but what does this portend for the November election? Those Americans wrong in their understanding of leadership on the 4 issues of energy, the economy, health care and social issues remain uneducated. Those Americans right in their understanding of leadership on the war issue, taxes and immigration remain uneducated on the other 4 issues.

Robert Louis Stevenson made a wise but vague statement that each person should "be what we are, and ... become what we are capable of becoming. " This is "the only end in life." Sadly, many Americans don’t realize what they are and what they are capable of becoming if liberals rule.


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