Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whenever I can borrow a brilliant phrase, I’m proud to do so. "Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin." This quote is from the Cato Institute’s Gerry O’Driscoll. Unfortunately, both capitalism in a free market economy and religion in America have been watered down to the lowest common denominator. This along with the fact that recognition of free explains virtually all flaws in judgment and freedom of choice accounts for gains and losses in both the accumulation of wealth and the spiritual pursuit of Heaven. I must be a simpleton to wish that capitalism and religion were pursued as they were originally intended. America needs to practice "voluntary simplicity,"a borrowed BIZZ term. It’s too bad Americans don’t abandon some chosen, unnecessary, material possessions and sacrifice some present pleasures for the sake of higher values. It’s too sad that data proves consumer spending is bolstered by false standards of self-esteem. Laziness and lack of discipline are excused and compromised when it comes to religious dogma and fervor. The move is on in this country but we do not need to allow the trend to become our manifest destiny. Homo sapiens will always be destined to intermittent failures in order to achieve successes. Descendants of Adam and Eve must not forget their roots. Our original sin of disobedience due to weakness and pride affords us the opportunity to choose wisely again and again, day by day. As Dr. Laura Schlessinger repeated advises, "Go do the right thing."


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