Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Too bad Obama and his patronizing media procession could not visit the Ishtar Gate. Iraq’s antiquities department reconstructed it at one of its higher levels. I don’t know if it was lost in the capture of Baghdad, but the ironies of a stop-over would be chilling. Ishtar was Mesopotamia’s goddess of war and sexual love. The Ishtar Gate 12 feet high in the ancient city of Babylon, now Iraq, was built in 575 B.C. Through its gatehouse ran an avenue called the Processional Way. It has been estimated there were 120 lions along the street and 575 dragons and bulls in 13 rows on the gate. What a photo op - the object of the liberal media’s desire walking a path dedicated to the patron of war. I envision lions, dragons and bulls looking down upon the pacifist stranger with haughty disdain. Obama’s low, controlled roars into a mike would frighten no one; his ignorance of history would be out of place. A politician like Obama is known by his lies, his non sequiturs, his inability to command language without a teleprompter and thus his banal, extemporaneous speaking. He reminds me of a local mayor whose pronouncements and analyses usually typify mushy logic and confused expressions. Habitually his comments resemble this one: "We meet the circumstances of staying in budget." His lies are typified by his saying the "speculators continue to drive up the price of oil." His fellow liberal Democrat, the socialist Messiah, Obama, offers no hope for change.


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