Sunday, July 20, 2008

Message to Obama

Message to Obama - read "The Message to Garcia" written by Elbert Hubbard about a West Point graduate of 1881 named Andrew Summers Rowan who delivered a message to a Cuban revolutionary and American ally, Garcia, during the Spanish-American War. In spite of numerous and difficult setbacks, Rowan got the job done. This moral lesson of perseverence against any odds hit home with Americans because the story became one of the highest selling books and was given out to all members of the Navy and Marines in World War II. I know, you are saying that you practice perseverance, Barack, in your quest for the White House. The message, however, is not about you. Its about the souls of Americans which you do not understand. Americans’ traditional perseverence and America’s indomitable spirit will be compromised - even lost - if you persist in inflicting your agenda upon this nation. Yours is an agenda driven by a wrong-minded adherence to a liberal, socialist ideology which assumes that citizens are helpless and only government can lend a hand as it levels the playing fields of freedom and hope. Though he tragically went down with the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, Elbert left posterity a wonderful testament to the meaning of character. The soldier Rowan, followed the dictum, "don’t ask; get the job done." Rather than impose your moral, social, economic and politically correct, elitist dictatorship upon my fellow Americans, Obama, you should serve your country by simply believing in its entrepreneurial tradition and its culture of perseverance summarized by "don’t ask; get the job done."


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