Monday, July 21, 2008

Burnish what credentials?

To burnish credentials he never possessed, B.O., Barack Obama tours the Middle East and Europe. Whoopee-io and the little doggies from the liberal media tagged along. Back here on the working range, Americans managed in this poor economy to spend 155 million dollars in one weekend, setting a box office record for tickets to the latest Batman movie. Take that Bruski Obama. As president, Obama promises to further tax the wealthy, those with incomes over $200,000. Holy data, Batman! 50% of Americans make 88% of the income and pay 97% of taxes. The rest - 50% - pay no taxes and account for little, if any income. But B.O. wants to raise taxes on those who already bear the burden - like Atlas - of supporting this great country. While the burden is no doubt heavy; the candidate is no doubt light. And these the times are no doubt troubling. Less than 50% of Americans could elect Obama. It merely takes a numeral or two above his opponent when the electoral votes are counted. The popular vote is dismissive. Only half of citizens care to choose between the Democrat socialist and the liberal Republican and approximately 25% of Americans would be necessary to elect B.O. in spite of the odour wafting from his policies. In this fragile economy, citizens who cannot afford gas, food or utilities keep spending beyond their means, keeping up the tradition of ‘working class’ vs. ‘elites’ something that a power-driven, utilitarian, populist socialist named Obama understands well. Would that there were another ‘dark knight’ like Joker in the 2008 election rather than the villain being the candidate himself burnishing his image.


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