Thursday, September 18, 2008

We, they are s.....

From the Commander in Chief idiot on down, we, they are s....... When President Bush thinks the government bailouts and buyouts are "not warranted but essential," I know we the scrimpers and savers - as opposed to the profligate, greedy, unprincipled movers and shakers - are s....... A blogger expressed my sentiments exactly by describing Washington and its minions as "hordes of fanged cockroaches." Now having been there, done that and seen many of them, I can verify the tenacious and indiscriminate pursuits of the fittest, brown, buggy survivors. Rather than work nocturnally like honest cockroaches, the politicians, CEO’s, managers and fellow travelers have worked behind the scenes to cause the present financial crises. Savers, investors, stockholders, shareholders, responsible homeowners and borrowers - we all are s....... We, they, will lose big time; the futures we, they planned for will be compromised. Rest assured, however, we, they will seek no salvation from Big Brother who always is the problem not the solution.


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