Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No power

After 3 days without electrical power or fresh water, I’m back! Damn tail end of hurricane Ike blew through with high winds, junk and debris which seems to mimic the last minute tactics of politicians - both Republicans and Democrats - during the close of this election season. It forced me to pick up (and chop up) woody debris, 360 degrees, some of which I burned. Too bad the same cannot be done with the detritus of politicians’ actions. I am hearing no conservative lingo at this time; only liberal mania and absurd promises from both camps. How can any citizen pay for anything if politicians take money away from us to pay for everything? I’m reminded of the plaque titled "Footsteps" on one of my kitchen’s walls. When the burden of life is too heavy, its poem suggests that we let the Lord carry us. Therefore, two, not four footprints in the photo, depress the sand. Not so when McCain or Obama takes brush to canvas. The government, not Jesus will carry us over any and all rough spots whether or not they are of our own making. A bailout, a voucher, a leg up, a grant, a subsidy, a loan, a handout - each giveaway provides a lift up on the shoulders of government who will shoulder each citizen’s (and non-citizen’s) burdens. Even though one must be poor or middle class to get carried, rest assured, the poor, the middle class, the aspirational and the wealthy (no matter how difficult their road to riches) - all will not be "saved" by government after the empty shoulders give out.


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