Friday, September 05, 2008

What is to be done?

1. When - Bill Maher runs a full page age in a national newspaper advertising his "unabridged, uncensored, unfiltered election coverage, live on HBO. A sign reads "Bill Maher will work for change." We who know, know liberals lie.

2. When - Ohio’s Governor and Senator pull a full-time paid sick day benefit proposal from the local November ballot - not because they follow the will of the people opposing it, but because they have cut a deal to put the issue on a national ballot. We know liberal politicians deceive.

3. When - Teen pregnancies are on the upswing. We know parents don’t teach morality.

4. When -Citizens dump their appliances, trash and unwanteds into local Wal-Mart recycling bins.We know our culture encourages irresponsibility.

5. When - A local deputy sheriff deputy, whose brother, a murderer she supports, gets herself arrested for dereliction of duty and criminal misconduct yet she manages to get released from jail and hired elsewhere as a chief of police. We know our justice system reeks.

When - College no longer centers around intellectual pursuits. We know educational institutions forego learning.

What’s to be done when our culture permits, encourages, even accepts lies, deceptions, immorality, irresponsibility, injustice and frivolity? What distinguishes man from the animal might be the complicated businesses of consciousness and conscience, but what is to be done when the organ that demands 20% of our blood supply and determines life and death is wasted? Sure waste is O.K at a political convention. Sure confetti, balloons dropping and a screened fireworks display are excusable. But surely mindless activity is a terrible waste.


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