Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The slangy aggression of his paragraphs and the shifting perspectives of his canvases were attempts to keep alive the fast, sidewalk style of heated argument in which they were conceived." An art critic reminisces about the "maddening original" American movie critic and painter, Manny Farber.

"Particularly impressive were ...(her) deeply expressive phrasing; beautifully balanced, contrapuntal lines (two or more independent melodic parts, played simultaneously) ; and evenly articulated trills - though her fluid, Romantically inclined, interpretive sensibility was not to all tastes." A classical music critic reviews a performance of classical pianist, Simone Dinnerstein.

I can neither write like a master or master the keys like a Van Cliburn, but I know phoney erudition when I read it. I also know phoniness by the hairpieces and hair plugs worn respectively by Democrats Michael Bechloss and Joe Biden last night at the Democrat Convention in Denver.

Furthermore, I’m clued in to Michele Obama’s phoney demeanor by her inadvertent slips into ungrammatical ta, ta’s as she delivered her speech. For example, she said her husband wants "ta end the war responsibly." No Teleprompter can pronounce prepositions for her. Verbal slippages as well as her attractive Hollywood starlit makeup and straightened hair, unveiled Michele’s Stepford wife artificiality. Oh that I ever could hope to reform my naturally curly, undisciplined mane into one that would undulate as I turn my head by side to side.

The evening of liberal deception was marked by appealing but loaded, liberal statements and placards reading, "change, we can believe in." The capstone was the metaphor delivered by Michele via her speechwriter about the Obama phenomenon:

"The current of history meets the new tide of hope."

This set the Olympic standard for phoniness, but it did not prevent women in the audience who bought into her load of offal from being moved to tears. And there were many. Whoever is able to identify phoniness, wave you placard reading, "Not me, not me, thank God not me."


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