Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potemkin villages

The 2008 Games at the Potemkin village called Bejing have ended; the game of Democrat politics is about to begin in Denver, Colorado. Which will turn out to be the more colorful, disingenuous show? Which indeed! With Nancy Pelosi at the fore and speeches scheduled from old, fellow travelers like Carter, Clinton, Clinton and Gore, the fireworks should be spectacular, if not as unreal as computer generated special affects in films. The mantra for the convention as well as the campaign henceforth is "Give us Obama, give us Obama." Nancy speaks to the guiding spirit of this invocation when she reminds fans that "God has blessed us with a leader at this time,"... because liberal Democrats have a "planet to save." Such misguided inspiration defines the liberal Democrat party. Its misguided ideology jeopardizes America’s foundation of freedom and self-interest. Its inspired rhetoric empty of content threatens America’s traditions of moral clarity and common sense. At Denver, the Democrats aim for the gold - the White House. I surely hope they come away from the Colosseum without a medal.


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