Friday, August 15, 2008

What writer apres Clive Staples Lewis will offer a better explanation of Christianity and inspiration for belief? Christianity continues to be merely the only answer to any and all questions asked about this world and beyond. C. S. Lewis summed up his argument for God’s church merely by posing the dilemma: What Jesus said and did made him either a madman or the son of God. Take your pick. Billions of followers picked Christ as the Redeemer of mankind. What apologist or thinker will posit better explanations for Faith, Hope and Love than C.S.Lewis in his small book Mere Christianity?

Lewis wanted the world to remember him as a greatest English poet. That spot was already inhabited by William Shakespeare. Did Lewis expect that his tales of Narnia would become classics? Lewis must have known that his religious treatise would become a masterpiece of elegant, populist writing about the true religion, Christianity. Lewis, unfortunately never made the leap of Faith to convert to Catholicism which carries on the mission of Jesus on Earth.

Contrary to popular inclination, walking in the footsteps of God’s son requires first an intellectual understanding and commitment. Wrestling with the Devil for the truth is a passionate struggle in which Lewis triumphed. He knew, just as any true disciple of Jesus knows, that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Satan’s job description is mind control and seduction a person’s free will. Today’s Christians and Catholics too often put the cart before the horse. Emotions as a component of religious fervor, do not take second place; rather Mr. Touchy and Ms. Feely play dominant roles in the practice of a religion.

Without an initial intellectual surrender, however, the thrill of mere Christianty is soon gone.


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