Thursday, August 07, 2008

Moral relativism

Daily living for Oscar W. Firkins at the turn of the 20th century, involved a state of contentment within despair. Sometimes that’s how I approach each successive dawn. Why so? History has been written by the madness of crowds making merry over Messiahs. History has also been replete with analyses and diatribes against the prevailing culture. Could not the abuses of political correctness, the rise of a meritocracy and preservation of privileged elites, the displacement of majority rule by lawyers, judges, experts or ‘loud mouths,’ the retreat from true religious faith, the frenzied pursuit of vacuous pleasure, debasement of language and morals, political extremism and overall coarsening of behavior be applied to any period or age as well as today? We have our shallow Obama supported by at least 25% of the population. We also have complaints from thinkers who decry modern moral relativism. Count me in with George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh who detested moral relativism. The lukewarmness of wishy-washy principles never wins the prize for integrity. Core beliefs upheld would go a long way to re-establish or at least slow the decline of America. Each disturbing condition could be corrected by an adherence to an appropriate commandment carried down the mountain by Moses to the chosen people. Practicing the 10 commandments would do the trick now or anytime even though they require a separation of and commitment to white over black, good over evil, no mushy in between. Individual commitment to them would provide contentment within despair. Triumphing over our sins is as difficult as climbing a mountain; yet no other choice exists than to continue our descent into a pit where the atmosphere will be nothing approximating lukewarm.


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