Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dynamic trios

Why do we need the dynamic trios of faith, discipline and pride or truth, beauty and spirituality? Either triumvirate proves that a higher power exists, that God is necessary, that the human species triumphs above the animals. Only the dynamic trios lead to the perfection rather than the corruption of mankind. Their opposites can only be evils. Yet in each period in the history of civilizations, doubt, self-indulgence and lack of self-respect have dragged down souls and the souls of societies and cultures. Doom and gloom are the leavings of a civilization without its recognition of the lie, the pleasing, the excellent and the existence of a high Power. There is a "tilt of freedom in the direction of evil," to use the words of the now ( 8/08) deceased writer and Russian Gulag survivor, Alexander Solzhenitzyn. This tilt, he says, is "evidently born primarily out of a humanistic and benevolent concept according to which there is no evil inherent in human nature." Unfortunately, there does exist in each human being the potential to practice evil, especially when it is seen as the good. Furthermore, an "atmosphere of moral mediocrity" ... will paralyze "man’s noblest impulses," adds Solzhenitzyn. The old motto, "Just don’t stand there; do something," offers a solution to this problem of lukewarm living. Yet the media daily presents us with crises that loom. We fall into a state of continual fear. Why would someone then pay attention to the seer who finally spies the real wolf? There are purveyors of falsehoods like the media, liberals and dictators, practitioners of perverted faith, laziness, self-absorption, materialism, greed, indecency, vulgarity and debasement, and embracers of ugliness instead of beauty and balance, lies instead of reality and naturalness and compromise instead of courageous holiness. Good people must continue to fight the good fight for the dynamic trios.


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