Monday, August 04, 2008

Ledger balanced?

Has Heath Ledger ironically redeemed himself from the grave? Has his playing the Joker in the Batman flick, "Dark Knight " balanced his ledger sheet of life? Voting with their pocketbooks and propagandizing by word of mouth, millions of Americans who have eyed the film see that it portrays a moral showdown. Against the terrorist villain and the scorn of the public, Batman’s presence symbolizes good fighting evil.

Analogous to fiction is the real life contest being played out on the political scene in which Barack Obama, the ‘dark knight’ has fooled too many Americans who support him in his rise to power. 72% of blacks believe that he cares for them. No way. The devil, of course, is merely up to his old trick of upending truth, justice and the American way. The voters, especially blacks and youth, who ‘see’ Obama as the white knight (even though he’s ½ black), don’t understand that their right to make choices in life and to accumulate wealth will be gradually stripped away under his policies. Instead, victimhood to the state will be encouraged and/or sustained.

The fictional Batman stands up and fights evil. Who inhabits a breathing suit of Batman? Not John McCain. Surely, George W. Bush until he leaves office in 2009. In addition to Christian Bale ( irony noted in his name highlighting the classic tradition of light vs. darkness), I suggest ...


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