Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Ideaological privatization"

Who would suggest is the "we" who must stop ideological privatization of critical governmental functions?" The "we" is the liberals who have made "ideological privatization" their stock and trade. This euphemistic phrase for crony capitalism or in more understandable wording, virtual nepotism, could only be used by a liberal woman with three names, Hellary Rodham Clinton. Three names are a hallmark of a liberal and/or feminist. Yes, any idea or appreciation of the world and politics held by a liberal, per se, upends reality; a heap of hypocrisy and the guarantee of a lie are usually thrown into the mix. How do I know? An historical study of liberal behavior tells me so. ‘We’ in the above quote refers to the Democrats, who would only know "ideological privatization" by their practice of it. Unfortunately, the person who stops to think an assertion through (and this also applies to Barack Obama’s protestations, gaffs and prognostications ) will agree with me. Sadly, too many citizens can’t see through the verbiage and admit that human nature calls for patronizing ideological. Both Democrats and Republicans practice patronizing political friends and avoiding enemies who, because they are enemies, could not be trusted to do unto you as they would do unto others.


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