Friday, September 12, 2008


Juxtapose the statistic that 340,000 Ohioans last year used a HEAP voucher to provide a "re-connect or continuation service" for an unpaid utility bill with the fact that already 85% of the ads for this year’s Super Bowl have been sold, some costing 3 million dollars for 30 seconds. More money than brains stands side-by-side with less brains than money. Also, committed voters in this year’s election highlight the juxtaposition of Obama supporters seeing the economy like a ½ empty cup with McCain Republicans knowing the mug is ½ full. Liberals who love to gulp down doom and gloom can’t explain away many new athletic fields and new school constructions and so much refurnishing, refurbishing and remolding that has swept across my locale and most of America just this last year. Freeloading - loans, grants, funding and bailouts from government - juxtaposes with thrifty, solid, responsible citizens unwilling to define integrity by handouts. Trouble is, too few like me, the anti-government, optimistic 20%, would look out of place posed in a photo-up beside too many, the 80%, who look for financial help in the wrong places and live in liberal denial.


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