Monday, September 08, 2008

Best of times, worst of t.....

It’s the best of times when every time Barack Obama opens his mouth and speaks he reveals himself as an idiot. But it’s the worst of times when his fans don’t hear what he says - or care. Furthermore, when Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth at once, his supporters synthesize his words into pablum they can swallow with ease. Thus their consciences remain clear. Obama’s Church, for example, preaches that no middle class should exist; yet Obama campaigns as a savior of the middle class. The best sentiments like hope and change under an Obama mandate, will represent the worst of results for Americans and America’s economy. Under Obama, the ‘rich’ will pay more taxes. But who are the ‘rich?’ Those whose incomes are determined by Obama to represent wealth. No longer will middle class workers aspire to greater wealth, no longer should lower income workers try to improve their financial situation, no longer could the super rich spread their bounteous wings.


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