Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Fall Saturday

Workers and shirkers ply their trades on a typical Fall Saturday. On my lane live 7 separate households with single, double or triple occupancies. Some dwellers take trips here and there in a car or out and about in a truck, trips to town, to restaurants, for visiting, shopping, who knows? (Their trips were uninterrupted even the day of or after hurricane Ike’s tail swept by us.) Some residents pick up sticks and branches, trim, prune or remove trees a week after the big blow and create a blazing, evening bonfire. A carefree youth rides a noisy 4-wheeler back and forth, back and forth on the grass. One dweller walks little but talks a lot a cell phone. Visitors come and go to help some dwellers pass the time. Other dwellers’ weights preclude exercise. Ambition is on display from dwellers who with a log splitter buzzing away hour after hour (actually from morning to dusk ) produce a tall stack of split wood for winter warmth. A dweller traverses a large field behind a DR mower, sun and sweat-drenched. Apples are being assiduously pressed by the muscled arms of another dweller turning a crank again and again and again. Workers wear themselves out on a delicious, fall Saturday. Only four senior citizens take time out to visit God. Shirkers do what they have done best three hundred and sixty four other days of the year. They labor little, conserve less gas and lead the least productive lives on the lane. The workers make good use of their time, attempt to better themselves and their surroundings and sleep best.


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