Wednesday, August 21, 2013

America has succumbed

To conclude my posthumous visit with Gen. Douglas MacArthur, ponder his words 1949:
“Happily there appears to be a growing consciousness ... and a growing tendency for men of all races and creeds to unite in defense against the common peril of a hypocrisy, which while giving lip service to the democratic form, seeks through falsehood, stealth, and violence to destroy its substance.”

Well, only 64 years later, leadership in America has succumbed to the peril of a ‘hypocrisy’ as self-serving and devious as the old soldier feared.  Welcome to life unfree in Russia, China, Indochina, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia, Venezuela, Germany. Cuba,  Italy, Spain and Africa  - past or present - but now in the land of the free and brave. ?


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