Saturday, August 17, 2013

The country was not ready for MacArthur

   He said the Japanese  will never, never, never, revert to a life deprived of freedom, because they have tasted that most immeasurably precious of all human attributes, the right of the free man to stay free.
   He said he was certain that unless this New Deal can be stopped this time or our American way of life is forever doomed.
   He said the days of used-to-be ... seem singularly carefree and happy compared to the sinister drama of our present chaos and confusion.
   He was a firm believer in the people, and , if given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises.
   He was someone who would make order, reduce taxes, sweep out the left, crack down on labor, make America “strong,” and ensure profits for big business.
   He said he was absolutely convinced that  true democracy can exist only on a spiritual foundation. It will endure when it rests firmly on the Christian conception of the individual and Society.  Through daily contact with our men and women ... there is penetrating ... the noble influences which find their origin and their inspiration in the American home.
   Guess who?  Guess who aspired to the Presidency twice but was virtually totally rejected in spite of praise for his democratic mission in Japan. The country was not ready for MacArthur then - after World War II during the New Deal.  Today America still resists a genuine Patriot, a staunch conservative and proponent of smaller government, the free market, fiscal responsibility and Christian values.
   We could have done worse than a Douglas MacArthur, that noble optimistic, egoist.  We could now use a benevolent authoritarian, not a malevolent dictator.    


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