Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five sentences

Five sentences

California Gov. Ronald Reagan said: “We are approaching the end of our second century.  It has been pointed out that the days of democracy are numbered once the belly takes command of the head.  When the less affluent feel the urge to break a commandment and begin to covet that which their more affluent neighbors possess, they are tempted to use their votes to obtain instant satisfaction.  Then equal opportunity at the starting line becomes the extended guarantee of at least a tie a the finish of the race.  Under the euphemism ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’, we destroy a system which has accomplished just that and move toward the managed economy which strangles freedom and mortgages generations yet to come.”

Can Obama even form five coherent sentences without direction from his Totus?  Reagan not only formed a cogent argument in 5 sentences, he also presented the essences of 5 truths - free markets, a capitalistic economy, limited government, responsible living and individual freedom.



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