Monday, June 17, 2013

For Fathers’ Day

For Fathers’ Day

Slave and then ex-slave John S. Jacobs begins “some account of my early life” in 1861 this way:

“To be a man, and not to be a man - a father without authority - a husband and no protector - is the darkest of fates. “ Belatedly, his message still rings true for fathers on Father’s Day.  Is it too late to heed the warning?

A man is not a man if an absent man, absent from his role in his children’s upbringing, without authority to lead and guide a shared life with his wife and no protector of his family’s human God-given right to travel a free life up or down a road open to opportunity.  A man is not a man who chooses to not be man to his wife and children.

YEP!  It’s too late for many men now.  No men. Marriage, wife, husband, children - how many of these do not go together?  


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