Wednesday, June 12, 2013

God through basketball

Should we teach God through basketball?  Does basketball camp inculcate the Ten Commandments?  Evangelism’s apparently OK as long as it related to sports. Can we build  character through dribbling and hoop play?  ( Oh Lord, let’s not use Barack Obama as the poster child). Basketball camps for kids as young as THREE pop up now but how much good can they do when D.A.R.E. later, for example, fails miserably. Do preachers not know that the strength of testosterone and estrogen far exceeds the power of God in adolescence?  Ignorance underscores virtually every program or project or philanthropy in our culture.  Words have become doublespeak.  I was informed this morning that I am experiencing “life in later years”; thus “memory care” is critical.  Oh well, as long as I remember that ignorance and misinformation do not equate with truth, I’ll be OK.  I hope, secure that I have never, every experienced a second of first-hand or second-hand basketball.            


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