Saturday, June 08, 2013

We wallow in ease and political correctness

We wallow in  ease and political correctness

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day looms.  How far have we come in tributes and awareness? As far from toughness as a private in WWII telling Americans at home that war is “tough as hell.  Tell ‘em it’s rough. Tell ‘em it’s tough, serious business. That’s all. That’s all.”

A GI assigned to monitor corpses from the battlefield tells us:   “Everywhere we searched we found bodies, floating in the rivers, trampled on the roads, boated in the ditches, rotting in the bunkers, pretzeled into foxholes, burned in the tanks, buried in the snow, sprawled in doorways, splattered in gutters, dismembered in minefields, and even literally blown up into tree.”

Yes, abuse hath no name other than war; we war not here at home in America.  We wallow in  ease and political correctness.  Even our President is a narcissist. 


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