Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear First Lady Laura

Having heard a book lecture by General Wesley Clark and another by three-time past Presidential candidate Ralph Nader, I think it’s obvious America could stand a renewal. I am a candidate for President simply because I come from that nowhere and represent that ‘anyone’ who may aspire to help revive our country’s greatness. Peggy Noonan calls me a beaconist. Your husband calls me a traditional conservative. But I go far beyond that into a revolutionary mode. Yes, the three tenets of true conservatism are free markets, a strong defense and a call for a culture based on the morality of the 10 commandments, but we need a President who represents political religion - doing what’s right. A President who symbolizes a radical eradication of all modes of dependence, irresponsibility and hopelessness. To most politicians what I believe might be unrealistic, but to the American people, I hope, it will be a call for common sense.

There’s no point focusing on the crazies on the left, the deranged Bushies, the liberal loonies, Hellary or Obama ( is it too late for 2008?), the deluded 60's leftovers whose mindsets are upside down, a Wesley or a Ralph. It’s the future, 2012 that I represent. I need money and a campaign manager. Americans should back a extreme conservative and gutsy Republican like me. We need to eliminate or limit taxes, pork, welfare, subsidies, political correctness, frivolous lawsuits, indecency, terrorist denial and politically driven paranoias - about immigrants, health care, the environment, alternative energy, education, jobs, torture, crime and free speech. Come on, it’s not that bad; it’s that we have it too good until we let government legislate our greatness and freedoms away. You name a program and I probably favor its limitation or elimination.

America’s renewal calls for nothing less than a revolt to do what’s right. Doom and gloom can be chased away by joy; joy is found in doing what’s right. (A radical campaign slogan). I enter a 3rd year blogging in the wilderness at I hope most Americans with facts and common sense in their mental arsenal and basic goodness in their hearts can rise above their assumed status as lemmings in our liberal culture. America’s present tragedy is the rejection of reading. As a librarian you know it as well as I. We are both older woman who were beautiful in youth but wiser now in middle age. What’s most important is sharing the love of a good man. What’s 2nd is the preservation of our beloved country.


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