Friday, December 06, 2013

Red Cloud

                         Red Cloud

As the tale goes ( from a new book on Red Cloud),  Red Cloud in conversation with a bitter U.S. officer tried to explain the mystical hold that the Paba Sapa  had on his people by saying: “My ancestors’ bones lie in the Black Hills.”

“Horseshit,” the officer replied.  “Your people have been there no more than a couple of generations.  They come from Minnesota, and you were born in Nebraska.  You took that land from the Crows, and do you know why you took that land from the Crows?  Because you could. And do you know why we will take that land from you?  Because we can.”

Before you jump to any conclusion or conviction, read about ponder the savage behavior and uncivilized culture of the American Indian tribes that inhabited America before and during our early years of settlement.  Adhere to history and reality.  Don’t stop until you can’t stop from retching from repulsion and disgust until you  reach the terrifying, ultimate conclusion that “Yes, we can and did,” says it all.


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