Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A take on evolution vs. creationism

A take on evolution vs. creationism

What about the creation story at the very core of the Judeo-Christian narrative being in conflict with evolution, the story of our origins?  One view confirms the story detailing our species and all others brought abruptly into existence by the direct action of the Creator.  Another view, the great legacy of the scientific age understands that neither evolution nor Biblical creation is scientifically correct.
Originally, the answer was found not in religion itself, but in the customs, traditions and even social views of a past age.  When the view of the heavens was disturbed by the new technology of astronomy, however, it was easy to see threats to the very idea of God.  Four centuries later, theologians found their God and his domain enhanced by scientific discoveries.  Natural selection, variation and mutation entered the scientific picture of our origins.
It’s high time we grew up and left the Garden. We are indeed Eden’s children, yet it is time to place Genesis alongside the geocentric myth in the basket of stories that once, in a world of intellectual naivete, made helpful sense. As we walk through the gates, aware of the dazzling richness of the genuine biological world, there might even be a smile on the Creator’s face - that at long last His creatures have learned enough to understand His world as it truly is.


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