Monday, October 21, 2013


                                 RULE BY IDEOLOGY OVER REASON

After a bloody one-party Communist takeover of Zanzibar in 1964, the New York Herald Tribune observed: “Today any mob, any agitator who wins power can expropriate property, arrest aliens at will, or indulge in outright murder... and if this done in the sacred name of nationalism and popular will ( for the Blacks), there is no redress.”
Have things changed so much in 2103, when in Brooklyn yesterday a ‘gang’ of Blacks dragged whites from their car, terrorized and assaulted them within an ‘inch of their lives,’ calling them “whore” and “crackers?”  What reaction will follow from liberals sympathetic to the ‘black’ cause?
The 1960's were notorious for bloody uprising between blacks and whites not only on the African continent, but also around the world including the U.S.A.  The ‘struggle’ continues today driven by the Obama administration and his minions.
How sad.


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